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Ashy Bines Abs Challenge

Ashy Bines Abs Challenge

2.2 from 14 reviews

Stole money from me & customer service was terrible

Don't not sign up for this!!! I understand you have to read terms and conditions but still absolutely appalled that it is not said more clearly that it is not just the one off payment. Also the customer service was terrible and made me out to sound like an idiot. It seems a lot of other people had the same problem too! This program is a scam and I wouldn't recommend to anybody!

Great program and support

Inclusions: 28 day exercise program, questionnaire to recognise your habits/ body type, meal plans, videos to ensure you have good form when performing certain exercises.

Decent app, there is also a Facebook group you can get involved in. This program is all about encouraging you to make your own decisions and to get educated about healthy living (eating/ exercise/ mentally). The forums are super supportive and positive which helps through the process.

Downfall - a lot of people don't read terms and conditions when purchasing online and can leave negative comments. This does not happen that often, but I do recommend upon purchase, read carefully and ensure you're signing up to the program you want to avoid upsetting yourself.


This company is disgusting, don't ever sign.
Try the ONCE OFF PAYMENT that continues to take payments. No terms and conditions to specify until you apparently click on some separate link that signs you up for life! Bull !!
Girls are rude, argumentative and extremely unhelpful, provide incorrect information and send snips of the incorrect terms and conditions to try and catch you out, they have no interest in helping their customers! No wonder they are making there money, they are lining their pockets with false advertising!

I don't even want to give them a star, I am someone who works in customer service and this service is appalling!

Stay away from them!! Worse experience of my life!

Very disappointed, stealing money out my account

I signed up with Ashley Bines for the "once off" payment Abb Challenge but have a larger amount debited from my account on a monthly basis form them. Have sent emails and messages and have no response. This is illegal and very frustrating. Can't believe someone who promotes such a huge business world wide would steal from people looking to join up her challenges and programs, I am very upset and would like this to be rectified ASAP...

Awesome program! SO Easy!

Fantastic plan for such a cheap price! Honestly can not complain at all. The support team are amazing and quick to respond. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to drop body fat!

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Thank you for taking the time to review Hanna. We are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying the program. Cait - Ashy Bines Team

Complete scam!!

Do not sign up. Complete scam , taking money, sneakily as they do not send an invoice or receipt.
Signed for a $7 trial and got $80 out of my account. Sent multiple emails no answers. program is crap, you are best to do something that works and completely legit like Michelle bridges.

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Hi and thank you for taking the time to review. Please refer back to your Abs challenge confirmation email for your confirmation of purchase of The Life subscription. The confirmation is sent for both purchases in one email. For any unanswered emails please forward these to myself and I will follow this up for you immediately as it is not common practice for our support team to simply ignore correspondence from clients. cait@abbbc.com.au Cait - Ashy Bines Team

Scam. Steer cleer!!!

Read the fine print very carefully.

Signed up for a one off $7.00 28 day program. I was sneakily signed me up for ongoing $30/month membership (as a "free gift". The membership is little more than access to a facebook group.

Refused to refund me when I asked, just sent me a copy and paste reply within a minute, obviously a common issue!

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Thank you for taking the time to review. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the sign up process for you. Directly below the offer for free access to The Life for a month (free gift) is the information outlining the ongoing costs after the first free month. Whilst I understand the excitement of starting something new, there is nothing 'sneaky' about the offer that you, yourself agreed to accept. The information is provided for you and it is your responsibility to read at the time of purchase. We have hundreds of ladies signing to The Life program every day, we have no reason to believe that your registration was a mistake and without reading the supplied information. The abs challenge is yours to enjoy for life and we hope that when you have had the chance to enjoy it you will return to review the program itself. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey. Cait - Ashy Bines Team

Great challenge!

The app is amazing and easy to follow! Have found the workouts very challenging for a beginner and cannot complete the whole workout. However love the variety in the workouts and the great support :)

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Thank you Abby for taking the time to review. I hope that a couple of months on you are now able to complete more of the sessions and are seeing amazing results. Cait - Ashy Bines Team


The app is super easy to use. Love the workout videos and the food plans. Lots of information and support! I have been recommending to all my friends I love it!

now I see what everyone is complaining about

I followed Ashy Bines on instagram and snapchat for a while, thought she was a really positive and inspiring person, liked her advice etc. I never bought any of her plans or spent any money on her until yesterday when I decided to get the $7 abs program (I thought that if it was no good at least I only spent $7)
Now I see what all the complaints on her Instagram are about, multiple a day!
The website and sign up process is very confusing, the website stopped working half way through sign up (conveniently after i entered my card details) so now I don't know if it worked or not. I have contacted the facebook page and just got a scripted response that didn't answer my question and then told to email their support team.
I was able to log in to the members site and under 'my programs' it lists every single program of hers so it looks like I've been signed up to all of them! I will now have to wait the '4-5 days' for a response to see if they have overcharged me or not and if I have will need to go through the painful refund process which by the looks of the other reviews I'll be lucky to get any money back.

I was able to have a brief look at the abs program itself and my god does it look confusing, I haven't had a proper look as yet but I've seen many other eating and exercise programs and they were all much simpler to follow. She has had hundreds of complaints about how confusing the plan is to follow and sign up for but obviously doesn't think that she should perhaps look at re-structuring the website to make it more user friendly.

2 stars as I think the plan contains some good information but could be simplified and customer service and the website need huge improvement.
So disappointing and now feeling like kind of an idiot for getting sucked in.

Update on this review. I heard from customer support within the 4-5 day time limit (it was 3 days actually) and they confirmed that I had only signed up for the Abs Challenge and nothing more but you do get a 1 month trial of all the programs for free. I got an email once the month was up to say that the trial had ended and that if I wanted to sign up to let them know. I didn't sign up for any further programs and have not been charged for anything else except the initial $7 fee so no complaints there. When I first looked at the program I though it looked very confusing and hard to follow and so I never started it. When the app was released I got that and have found that the app has simplified everything so much and I find it so much easier and more convenient and am now doing the workouts. So I recommend that anyone with the same problem should get the app. You do need some equipment when doing it from home but I think that's to be expected, the program is $7 and you can buy the equipment very cheap from kmart, target etc. or just substitute things for house hold items. Most other programs are at least $60 or more plus the equipment you have to buy. This one is $7 and maybe $40 for equipment so I think it really is good value. I joined the facebook forum as well which is really good to answer all your questions. I still think the website is a bit confusing and could be improved. They make it hard to just buy one program and you have keep clicking the tiny 'no thanks' button which is hard to spot next to the huge 'yes please' button. If I could rate with stars again I would give 2 stars for the website, 3 for customer service and 4 for the program now that I can use it with the app.Hi and thank you for taking the time to review and also to follow up with your comments. We appreciate all feedback especially feedback that is well researched and when the time has been taken to enjoy the program. We hope that you are still enjoying the app and seeing results. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey. Cait - Ashy Bines Team


I signed up for challenge and before the month subscription expired I emailed to cancel. They are still taking my money and won't cancel my membership.
The actual challenge is a joke....


I thought this was a one time thing but they were taking monthly charges out of my bank account. I have had to get my bank to cancel this payment. NEVER BUY.

It's Lazy, Complicated And Unfinished

I purchased the Ab Challenge and it has some positive's but mainly I just find it complicated and difficult to follow.

There are a number typing and grammar errors in the guides and sections missing or cut/overlapping and unable to be read. Often what is in the guide doesn't match the video for the day. Or it says refer to video for more explanation which the video does NOT provide. It's complicated with the different nutrition guides and exercise programs and the instruction manual doesn't really explain which goes with what.

For some of the home workout days you required to have a chin up bar or a sled machine or kettlebell - for a home workout I would expect dumbbells or step to be the required equipment.

All the home workouts are filmed in her gym using gym equipment and not showing you how to do it using home equipment or what to do if you don't have access to that equipment. I don't have a sled machine or a chin up just sitting in my house.

She doesn't offer any low impact options for people just starting out and she really doesn't go into technique very clearly or very well or at all. Leaves people open to injury. There is no advice on how to manage muscle soreness.

A couple of the days it says do a yoga workout "you can do any yoga program you find, online or dvd, etc." I think that is just lazy, she should be providing a yoga program.

I have requested access to the 'forum' 3 times over a 4 week period and I am still waiting. I also emailed the support team about it and still nothing.

The website has an option to choose Home or Gym programs but then both links take you to the same spot and you just scroll down the page to find the Home or Gym video. It's sloppy work. The web page name is Day 20 from Day 20 onwards so they obviously didn't edit that after Day 20 - so it's hard to be sure you are on the right workout day.

You are expected to do a 60 minute walk and a approximately 60 minute workout each day - most people don't have 2 hours to dedicate to exercise each day. It's just not practical for everyday life, especially if you are working and have a family.

I paid $7 for it on one of her specials - I would be annoyed if I have paid the normal full price for it. It's not worth it and it seems unfinished to me.

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Abs Challenge
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