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Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Ultimate Body

Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Ultimate Body

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Changed my life!

When I signed up, I wasn't expecting much. I was obese, and scared that everyone would be fit and skinny. What I found was some people were in the same body as me. I did 3 rounds, I started at 120kgs and got down to 65kg by following the clean eat guide and going to her boot camps. No starving myself. It was a bit expensive. If I lost motivation I could see why people would be angry having their money direct debited.
But I pushed through the Doms and was transformed and can life my life feeling confident. (I didn't even get saggy skin of anything because you tone!) those 36weeks changed my life.

MASSIVE scam!!!

Just a money hungry business. All they care about is putting money in their pockets and finding ways to do so that are shady! Kept charging me well after I discontinued the plan!

Even your bank can not stop them accessing your money!!

I am totally disgusted by how this company operates. I did the program for a year and it was great and suited my lifestyle - until my lifestyle changed and I had 6 months left in my contract for sessions I could not attend. I then went in to pay nearly an extra $1000 for a program i could not attend. Then.... when my contract ended they kept charging me $32 a week for a month! Apparently it my responsibility to contact them to tell them after my contract ends I want out - despite over 20 emails and messages going there way for me wanting out. I even contacted my bank to block them ( when the were not contactable) and the bank informed me the way it is set up they can not stop Ashy Bines taking money from my account unless I shut the whole account down!

I would text them and they replied it in Facebook messenger?You email and ask for a contact number they Refer you to use an APP to lodge questions.... but my log in details does not work.
Call the text number - they tell you there is a tech error and you have come through to Gym in the other side of Australia. Ask for a contact number to call for help to stop them accessing your account. They give you an email address....

Don't go with Ashy bines! Go with a company that is contactable and professional and not using smoke and mirrors.

Disappointed by the level of service

I am extremely disappointed in my experience with Ashy Bines - Castle Hill Body Challenge. The PT trainers didn't seem to care about my concerns, always too busy... It was carried out in a backyard workshop, but I didn't want to judge the premises & concentrated on results. Not at all inspiring, the trainer seemed too interested in the hot girls & even decided to cancel a session 15mins early, because they had to leave... Upon cancellation I was ripped off & the support team I contacted took forever to respond to my emails. No concern was shown, I was brushed off from one manager to another. They all told me they'd be happy to talk to the Fair Trading Office, yet failed to do so & I will now be taking them to the tribunal. It's not about the money for me now, but about the principles of conducting a business in a professional manner. I am sure ASHY BINES is a NICE PERSON, but my experience was horrible!

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Hi Ania, Thank you for taking the time to review. I have reviewed your correspondence with our team and also the findings of the independent review through fair trading. Whilst I understand that you have become frustrated that the result of the investigation did not go your way, please remember that an independent third party has found that there was no fault on our part and that our reasons for not providing you with a refund were valid. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey and sincerely hope that you find a program that suits your needs and circumstance. Cait - ABBBC Team

Amazing and a beautiful woman xxx

Ashy Bines herself is amazing don't ever change and the programs are amazing I have met so many amazing people through doing the programs. I love you ashy cxxx coxo

Newcastle & Warners Bay - AWESOME program!

Personally I've thrown myself into the program for over a year now and have seen great results. I'm doing life with a great bunch of girls, I'm the healthiest and fittest I've ever been, I know how to eat well and nourish my body thanks to my trainers, and I have gained enough knowledge to know how to continue my own training once I decide to leave the program. I love going to bootcamp - I just have to get myself there and be pushed.

The problem with their advertising is that the perfect body appears to be attainable with a 'quick fix' - that's why I initially signed up. It doesn't happen that way. You don't tone up for summer when summer is around the corner - the hard work happens in winter. They also have an extremely high turn over of participants which makes it difficult to get to know people on a personal level - those who stay usually make a connection with a few girls and they support each other through the journey. Girls leave otherwise once their minimal/trial time is up because there's less accountability and they don't feel like they belong.

Sure it's not cheap - but you're paying for PERSONAL TRAINING. You get support of a fit family and trainers who genuinely care and will help you when you ask for it. But you can't expect them to do all of the work for you. The only person who will get your bum to training is you. You are responsible for what you put in your mouth and how hard you work - just like any program. Life is what you make it - if people are disappointed with results within a short timeframe they really shouldn't blame it on the trainers or the program.

I've only had good experience with my area and the admin team - but I think the misunderstanding occurs with the misinterpretation of the marketed program that one signs up for. We all need to read the fine print when it comes to that sort of stuff and understand that fitness and health is a lifestyle change, not a fad that can be changed in '21 days' or a '6 week shred' - which is how they get girls to sign up.

Two years and still going strong. Love this!

Such an easy program to follow and the challenges have been amazing. You've got to put in the hard yards to make it work for you. It's been two years since I've joined and I love it!

Love this package but won't resign now has discontinued.

Great trainers, fun and exciting sessions, very educational. Love every session. Overall 10/10 experience. Great forum full of supportive girls sharing ideas, experiences and recipes. Has made such a difference to my life.


Advertising clearly designed to get customers to unknowingly agree to the monthly fee of $30 (which is wildly overpriced to begin with) and then the customer service team is unwilling to issue a refund. Everything found through this app/subscription can be found online for FREE. Do not support this scam.

Misleading advertising and a reoccurring fee

I have contacted the "support team" and commented on the Facebook page which only resulted in them deleting my comments and blocking my ability to leave anymore..

You WILL be charged a reoccurring few of $29.95 if you tick the terms and conditions so the "once off fee" is completely misleading.

Your information is poorly relayed to your customers and a downright disappointment.

As I have paid in advance ( 25 Aug- Sep 25) I request a refund for the days in advance of my cancellation request today, i.e Aug 31st-Sep 25 and this I am entitled to as you are not providing me with the service any longer as I am cancelling today yet I am being told from their email "oh we know you must have been excited to start your fitness journey but you ticked the terms and conditions"...

I have reported this to my bank already and they are taking fraudulent action against misleading advert of a "once off fee" and have contacted the communications regulator of Ireland to lodge a formal complaint against your misleading advertising to which they are conducting a review.

This is a shameful experience, I was truly happy with my AshyBines app and 7.70 "once off" fee for the booty challenge access and felt she was a genuine person from following her on social media but I will never support her services again due to this shady conduct of business.

Nothing aggravates me more than being sent email templates and this is exactly what they are doing.

One day later I asked for a refund and never got yet they kept charging my account

I don't have time to work out and didn't like the online set up so I asked for a refund and never received my money. I emailed the support team they said they would issue a refund but I never received it.


I paid for the free trial and now money comes out of my account monthly. Not happy. Ashy bines truly is a scam. All you need to do is google her name and so many negative things come up about her. I wish I did that before wasting my money on a sub par plan.

Great environment to keep you motivated.

Fantastic opportunity being surrounded by a variety of women with strengths that inspire each other every session. I love the trainer and how i can ask anything and everything without the feeling of being judged.
A great opportunity to get fit weather you have had an athletic past or your first session since year 10 pe!

Great program!

The bikini body challenge is a great program! Have met some lovely girls, the trainers are so supportive and motivative! There is so much variety in the workouts, definitely worth it!

Changed my life!

I signed up for the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge, which was 6 training sessions a week, plus Ashy Bines online. With this membership you get access to so many resources, and diet plan, plus the booty challenge, and so so much more. I lost 10kgs in 12 weeks. training sessions are varied and I have met some amazing friends. Our trainer keeps us accountable if we have missed some sessions. Honestly cannot recommend this programme enough. Sign up now!!

Welcoming fitness family

I started this program over 12 months ago and I haven't looked back. There are a variety of classes and the trainers are friendly, strict and supportive. I recommend ashy bines bikini body challenge to everyone, this has not just become a challenge it has become a lifestyle!!

Group Sessions- Great! Online support-Terrible.

Love my group/trainer but the website has never worked. Customer service won't address the issues. A lot of money for no support. Online program needs an App so it's easier to follow.

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Hi Jillian. If you could please email cait@abbbc.com.au I will happily look at members area issues for you.

Game changer!!!

I am in my fourth week of the ABBBC and am absolutely loving every minute of it! I was very nervous before beginning as my fitness was dismal at best and I had low self-confidence. In this short space of time I have learnt a huge amount about my body and health. I am really beginning to notice results, and nothing is more motivating than seeing progress and hearing positive comments from friends and colleagues. I have Ashy Bines and my incredible trainer to thank!!! Would highly recommend this program to any gal wanting to change her life for the better :)

Game changer!

I couldn't wait to join ABBBC when I arrived in Sydney, and it definitely didn't disappoint! Fantastic varied and challenging sessions, awesome support and motivation and a wonderful group of girls to train with.

Changed my life

This program has been fantastic. I seriously didn't know what to expect and thought it would be difficult going from not training to training 6 days a week but its been amazing. Our trainer and the other girls have been the best support and for once I don't want to give up, ill do anything to get back to where I was when I was dancing. The best bit is being able to beat my self and make new PB's.

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How do I cancel my account they said to login to my account to cancel but did not give me any instructions on how to...
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I contacted them via email to cancel it. Make sure they process it as I had to request twice for this to be done.I sent them an email aswell, be careful, even after they said i wouldn't be charged anymore - they charged me two more weeks. They are so bad.Lol change your credit card info


Bikini Body Challenge Ultimate Body
Program TypeExercise
Price (RRP)49.95
Duration12 Weeks
SupportOnline, In-Person and Group
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