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Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge

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21 Day Shred, Empower Me Pack, Transform Me Pack, Kick Start, Lite Pack and Ultimate Body
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Disappointed by the level of service

I am extremely disappointed in my experience with Ashy Bines - Castle Hill Body Challenge. The PT trainers didn't seem to care about my concerns, always too busy... It was carried out in a backyard workshop, but I didn't want to judge the premises & concentrated on results. Not at all inspiring, the trainer seemed too interested in the hot girls & even decided to cancel a session 15mins early, because they had to leave... Upon cancellation I was ripped off & the support team I contacted took forever to respond to my emails. No concern was shown, I was brushed off from one manager to another. They all told me they'd be happy to talk to the Fair Trading Office, yet failed to do so & I will now be taking them to the tribunal. It's not about the money for me now, but about the principles of conducting a business in a professional manner. I am sure ASHY BINES is a NICE PERSON, but my experience was horrible!

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Hi Ania, Thank you for taking the time to review. I have reviewed your correspondence with our team and also the findings of the independent review through fair trading. Whilst I understand that you have become frustrated that the result of the investigation did not go your way, please remember that an independent third party has found that there was no fault on our part and that our reasons for not providing you with a refund were valid. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey and sincerely hope that you find a program that suits your needs and circumstance. Cait - ABBBC Team

it is really inspiring.

my results would be a lot better if I stay focused. I fall off the wagon too often. the program is pretty easy to follow once I knew exactly what I was looking for. meal plans, online support and online exercise was all available


- your admin staff - this leaves something to be desired. It is hard to contact anyone when there is a problem, emails dont get answered, there is no phone number.
- why cant dedicated people on the platinum pack, be given some sort of loyalty discount? we are the ones who sign up for long periods and are continuously loyal be given something extra?
- i want to do my prac for my cert iii and iv but apparently ABBBC doesnt support this. Why so?
- we have amazing sessions. But it would be good to have one session a week/fortnight thats running. i know a lot of us want to improve our running, so maybe a 5km track, 8km track, 10km etc and we do it at our pace
- why is there now continuous 21 day free trials? this was never offered back in our time.
- more sessions between local groups, meeting each other, new training?
- we are VERY LUCKY to have Shae and Shaun. Shae goes well and truly above her call of duty

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Hi Bron, Thank you for taking the time to review. We appreciate all reviews positive, negative or in between as they help us to grow as a business, and it also gives us the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings for you. :) We have many points of contact for any queries whilst you are with us, Facebook, Email, Phone and your training manager. I can see from your correspondence with us that every email has been relied to by a member of our team and all questions answered. If you have emails that have not been responded too please forward them to myself and I will happily see to it that all of your enquiries are answered in a timely fashion. cait@abbbc.com.au However currently I am unable to see any in our system that are pending. The reason that the platinum package is not discounted is because it is already at our minimum weekly price. I do believe that Clive, our regional manager, has already explained this to you. There is not a cheaper option available and this pack is already so discounted due to the fact that you are committing to long periods with the program. In regards to the practical aspects of your personal training course, whilst we have no obligation to take on students we also only run 6 sessions a week in a group style environment we, don't believe that PT's training with us would get the well-rounded variety of training styles and experiences that we believe they should. All of the planning of sessions is completely up to Shae and her team. If you wish to express an interest in other options, ie running, for your weekly schedule please pass these on to her. Every company has a sale, or offers a discount from time to time. These promos will come and go and chances are yourself or some of the other ladies at your location came into the program on a different promotion. It is no different to buying a dress and then seeing it on sale the following month. I understand this can be disappointing, but you have still bought an awesome dress that you love. :) With other ABBBC locations meeting up. To be very honest there are few locations who are close enough to each other that this would be viable regularly and this is why we don’t have events regularly in place. Once again however you are welcome to make this suggestion to Shae as she can look to organise something with other locations near to Maitland. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey with us and I am pleased to read that you are loving your sessions with Shaun and Shae. Cait - ABBBC Team

Just what I needed

It was everything i expected. Plenty of support from trainer and online in the forum. Good range of meal plan suggestions. Will be back once I'm able to get there. Family circumstances have come between my training.

Women's group training at its best.

Trainers are supportive and informative, adapt to personal requirements I.e. Injuries or requested home workouts if you miss a session. If you follow the program you see the results. Builds body confidence.

Not enough flexible classes

I'm a nurse therefore work shift work and can barely make it to many of the sessions. However the sessions I've been to have been fantastic and the trainers are really motivating and have a lot of knowledge to share. This program would be perfect if it had morning and afternoon sessions daily to make it work for me. However there probably isn't the customer base for that so I will have to go elsewhere.


SCAM SCAM SCAM! Run while you can! They will lure you into agreeing to terms and conditions which include useless hidden subscriptions by offering 'free goodies' which of course end up costing you over $39 per month without your knowledge. Run run run!

Perfect. Love it love my trainer, Erin Rose I think.

I didn't have any expectations, have been following Ashy for years and decided to jump into it. I am able to follow the program and being with other girls is a great motivator.

Love the abbbc family

Loved it all from the recipes to the PT group sessions to the support Luke gives us. My results were more than I ever anticipated. I could follow the booty challenge really easily at home and even got my son and niece doing it to.

Great workouts and friendly faces!

Loving ashy bines bootcamps and already feeling fitter after only one week! The trainers are experienced and super friendly. All the girls are very supportive and encourage me to push myself to my limits!

Found a new love for exercise!

I have only just started my journey with ABBBC and so far am loving it, the online support and personal support from my trainer has been really great to keep me motivated and on track. Great group of girls. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with ABBBC and the Quakers Hill team.

I love asky!!! But the bootcamp is okay.

My experience has been okay. At sometime has been hard to make it to bootcamp and keep motivated. Not much has been provided that i could really do myself. Which sadden me to say coz I love and believe in what ashy bines stay for.

Amazing and a beautiful woman xxx

Ashy Bines herself is amazing don't ever change and the programs are amazing I have met so many amazing people through doing the programs. I love you ashy cxxx coxo

Having so much fun!!

Very happy with all aspects of the training and program. The support and how to videos are exemplary. The variety of recipies that are available are awesome and so thorough. Well done team!!

It's part of my life now! To sum it up its life changing...

Our trainer is so so great she genuinely takes interest in all of the girls and not only focus only on pure fitness but nutrition and wellbeing. This program is so different to anything else I've tried before! And the facebook forum has SO much interesting information. I love the random but important information that Erica puts on every day it's so useful and the reminders to keep in line to get our goals are great. The girls are all encouraged to be so supportive and I love it!


Love the trainers and their support. Able to follow the program reasonably well, loved what it had to offer including food options. My results personally are quite slow in regards to actual weight loss however measurements is where it is all at for me and even bad weeks i still have some loss :) xo

ABBBC your are amazing!

This program is amazing. It not only has helped me physically but mentally aswell. The trainers are so imformative and supportive and make following the program so easy. Whenever i need help they are happy to provide me with all the information i need including nutritional info, recipe ideas and home workouts incase you cant make it to the session. Thank you Ashy and all the girls and trainers! ABBBC has changed my life for the better!

Just what i needed

Better then what I thought . worked hard but still able to follow program. Great support from our team in darwin. Used online program for meal plan ideas and recipes. Feel so comfortable to push my self knowing my wonderful instructors all of them are there for support and will correct techniques if needed . you have a great team here.

I find it great, motivating and the exercises challenging which is great!!

- Good, I think if you put the effort in at home the combination does get results
- Yes however I would like some more ideas for lunch meals on the move as im always out and about which make some lunches more difficult to stay healthy and on top. Some easy ideas would be handy :)
- All :)

Love our trainer

Love our trainer! She is excellent and I wouldn't want anyone else. I am worried about the amount of "21 day people coming and going and not committing to join up after that. It seems to be turning other people away, especially our regular and more long term people. I would like to see less freebies being handed out as I think alot more people would be attending and a lot less people will be dropping out. I think rewarding long term clients would also be a major incentive. I know that after a period of time a discount is applied, but I think more could be done to show your clients that they are valued.
Thank you.

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Questions & Answers

Have people ever actually gotten refunded or Had their subscription cancelled? Seeing so many where people have had to cancel their whole bank account. I just want ashy to cance my subscription and get refunded as I didn't even know I had signed up!
2 answers
Unlikely, with that one, If i didn't pick up on them taking money from my account this would still be going on.I launch a dispute with my bank and got my money back. Just mention that this is an obvious scam and a simple Google search will review it.

Has anyone ever gotten a subscription fee refund? Considering I have not gotten a further reply from their "support team" and all my comments on the Facebook page have been deleted and my ability to leave comments disabled I will vent my anger here too. The information is poorly relayed to customers and a downright disappointment. As I have paid in advance ( 25 Aug- Sep25) I request a refund for the days in advance of my cancellation request today, i.e Aug 31st-Sep25 and this I am entitled to as I am not being provided with the service any longer as I am cancelling today.
5 answers
Their customer service is terrible!!! Absolutely terrible I have also been trying to get some sort of refund and have them stop taking money from my visa for a very long time It's shockingHello and thank you for your question. Our support team request that all correspondence be made through email, as this way both our team and yourself are able to see a clear trail of all correspondence. I can see that your last email was yesterday, please allow a reasonable amount of time for them to respond. I have escalated your email and asked them to respond to you as soon as possible. Cait - Ashy Bines TeamI never got a refund they apparently send all information via email regarding terms and conditions never got them so after weeks of waiting for a reply she finally sent me some which I couldn't locate anywhere on the website and I never recieved receipts for payments or knowledge my account was debited! They advertise free trials and then hope that people forgot and about it and never advertise it has to be cancelled so they get all this money for nothing and then they say in good faith waive the cancellation fee ! Pathetic if she had good policies and procedures she would actually have the terms and conditions laid out and an electronic signature required at the end of them! And also an email that we acknowledge them and a receipt of payments

Hi i have split stomick mucels after having my second baby 2 years ago and wondered if doing some of the exercise would do more damage ?like burpies or sit ups
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Hi Rosie. We would always recommend that you seek the advise of a medical professional who knows your unique situation before starting anything new. :) We wish you all the best and hope to have you join us when you are given the all clear. :) Cait - ABBBC Team


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