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Terrible do not do it.

I pay for this then she just goes and gives it out for free to bloody everyone. So unfair! the app crashes all the time and they have taken around $200 all up despite emailing them that I didn't even officially sign anything. They like to ignore, honestly don't trust her guys. Definitely go with Kayla"s Sweat. A lot more professional!

I gave it a star cause I had too

This is rubbish. Don't sign up! They take more money then meant too and then claim it was in the small print... such a scam. Used to love Ashy and now I'm left frustrated and don't even want to use it

Beware will charge your account after cancellation

If I could give zero stars I would. If you are thinking of doing any of her workouts please look up ashybinesscam.com After signing up I found the website so hard to use that I ended up just going back to my old workout routines. I cancelled within the time period and was still charged $40. I contacted them and the refused to give me the money back. I then found the website listed above which I wish I found earlier. Please please do yourself a favour and choose Emily Skye or any other PT out there.

Disappointing, will continue to make money after cancellation

Look up ashybinesscam.com before trying. I wish i had seen it earlier. I wish i could give 0 stars. If you are thinking about doing any of Ashy Bines programs please choose someone else. Its supposed to be 7.70 for a one month trial, then you have to tell them you want to cancel which I did and they still charged me $40 which they refuse to give back. Not even the bank can help you because you gave them your bank account details to begin with so its not classed as fraudulent.

Extremely disappointed.

Extremely disappointed in the booty tour event in Auckland this morning. The workout that we did was ridiculously crappy and I could have found a better one on youtube for free. Such a waste of money and honestly just one big scam!

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Hi Jamaica, Thank you for your review, I am very sorry to hear that. We have had nothing but great feedback for the booty tour. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey, and hope that you find the booty app more suited to you. Cait - AB Team


I bought the booty challenge on sale for $7usd and thought this was really good, then it gives you an option to sign up to the life so I ticket yes, it does NOT say anything about an ongoing monthly payment of 42usd and when I asked they said they saw that I hadn't used it but nothing about refunding the money. I have asked to cancel and will annoyed if they don't by the next payment.

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Hi Mads, Thank you for taking the time to review. I am sorry to hear that you were unaware of further charges, however it does in fact highlight the ongoing costs on the offer to upsell page as well as in your confirmation email. We have provided you with all of the information and cannot be responsible for you not reading the details of your purchase properly. You can cancel your subscription at any time and so long as you emailed the support team before the next scheduled payment it will be cancelled for you. Cait - AB Team

Rip offs

I signed my daugter for a 12 weeks program. Since then they took 15 weekly payments from my account. next week it will be16th payment. I emailed and received no response. I texted on facebook they tried to say it was her 9th week. I sent them my bank statement showing first few payments from beginning of July as a proof of more than 12 weeks and contract time end. Then again no response

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Hello Mai, Thank you for taking the time to review. The booty challenge is a 28 day program so if you have signed up to a 12 week program it is different to this program that you have reviewed. If you could please forward any correspondence that you have had with our support team to cait@abbbc.com.au and I can happily look into this for you. Cait - AB Team


What an absolutely disgusting company! Impossible to get a hold of. You pay $7-$10 to sign up but they take $40 unknowingly out of your account every month!!! I will be making sure I get every cent back from this disgraceful company. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!

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Hi Madeleine and thank you for taking the time to review. From what you have described it sounds like you are referring to The Life. This is an option that you have opted in to after your purchase of the booty app. In order for your subscription to be set up you must have clicked the "yes please" button and ticked "agree to the terms and conditions." The site would not even have loaded onto the next page if you did not click both of these options. Please email cancel@ashybines.life and the support team will be able to assist you. No email is left unanswered and our standard reply time is 48 hours. I am wondering if you have not been contacting the correct address? Thank you. Cait

Buyer beware of trick clicks!

Beware! Signing up if you accidentally click a wrong box you WILL be charged $30 fee! No refunds! Difficult to find contact info, and If you contact someone they will not work with you! However, the workouts were well done but repetative. The phone App easy and convenient. Biggest concern was the charge to my account without any notice or heads up. Very disappointed!!!!

Hello and Thank you for taking the time to review. We appreciate all reviews as they help us to grow as a company. Please refer back to your welcome email from when you first purchased the booty program. This will have all of the information for you regarding The Life and your purchase. Whilst we appreciate that your click to purchase may have been an accident you must also agree to the terms and conditions for this purchase before the screen will continue to the next page. We have hundreds of ladies signing up to this program daily and for this reason we would never expect your purchase to be a mistake until you inform us and the subscription is always cancelled on request. I am happy to read that you are enjoying the app and I wish you all the best on your health and fitness journey from here. Cait - AB TeamThank you for your response, and yes, I have read and reread everything carefully...now, my mistake was to be so trusting. Your company's email response and sent links showed I have no coarse of action I can take and it was made clear to me you have "covered" yourselves in every way. Obviously, from the many other responses and reviews I am now reading, something I should have done BEFORE handing over my information, I am clearly seeing a trend of this same complaint. Disappointed it has not been fixed. Very confusing, perhaps on purpose, and Obviously a problem. But, I doubt that there is anything anyone can say on here that will encourage the correct course of action. Thank you for your time Cait, the job you do is not an easy one. I have nothing personal against you, but the company you work for. Please understand our frustration and feeling of betrayal as well.


Stealing is a great word to use. They failed to inform me of what I was being charged of and didn't even email me any sort of receipt for the charge. Very unimpressed.

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to review. The subscription to The Life can only be added to your account if you click on both the "yes I accept" and "agree to the terms and conditions" and then it is highlighted for you in your confirmation email. If you could please refer back to your confirmation email of the booty challenge you will see that your subscription to The Life is outlined here. All of the information is provided for you both in that email and at the time of purchase. The onus of reading this information is on the purchaser. Cait - AB Team

Waste of money. Who has time for this?!

I thought this was going to be a step in the right direction to eating and exercising better. Instead, it is a "Change every minute of your day, whilst still working and going to school" Nobody should have this much time to implement this much less actually read this guide. TOTAL waste of money!!!!!

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Hi Jess and thank you for taking the time to review. We appreciate all feedback as it helps us to grow as a company. With our programs we believe in giving you all of the information so that you can tackle the challenge head on. There is no need to feel overwhelmed. We all have different levels of what we can invest into a change of lifestyle and there is always room for moulding it to suit your lifestyle. Make what you can work for you and you can always go back to the other things once you have mastered a few small changes. Have you asked some questions on the forum as to how the other ladies are making it work in with their lifestyle. Have you also downloaded the app. It has helped a lot of ladies with feeling less overwhelmed. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness journey. Cait - AB Team

Fantastic, easy to follow

I found the program easy to understand and follow. Definitely got the results I was after. The only thing that would make it better is a timer in the app.

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Thank you for taking the time to review. We are glad to hear that you are loving the program. Cait - Ashy Bines Team

SCAM, Rip off and horrible business practices

DO NOT PURCHASE HER PROGRAMS. I normally don't write reviews on such things but I feel the need to advise everyone out there who might be thinking of joining up or purchasing one of Ashy Bines programs. DO NOT! I got scammed by her when I signed up for the well advertised "One off payment"of $7.00 U.S for her Booty Challange. Little did i know by signing up to this program it automatically signs you up for a $30.00 U.S per month membership with no information given to you. I received a tax invoice for the $7.00 payment but no Tax Invoices for the monthly payments nor any correspondence and notifications to advise me that i signed up for such program. I was shocked to find that she had been taking money from my account every month. If a business needs to trick their clients into signing up for products without their knowledge it clearly is a scam and a horrible way to treat your customers. With no infirmation on the member login page as to what program you're signed up for, no payment details and no phone number to call it just gets worse and worse. I received a response via email from Ashy Bines with a well rehearsed "maybe i forgot i signed up" which i now see a lot of women that have gotten that same reply. I have had to cancel my bank as i see they still continue to take money from you after you cancel it. Scamming clients into programs, incorrect fitness and eating programs by a uncertified "trainer", the plagiarism of recipes, horrible customer service and the all-round bad business practices of the Ashy Bines brand i wish i could give this a 0 rating. Please don't waste your time and money on these products, hire a certified personal trainer and life coach instead, it will cost you the same and you will actually get something for it.

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Hi Ashley, Thank you for taking the time to review. All reviews are monitored by our company and both positive and negative reviews help us to grow as a business. Firstly with your review I feel it is necessary to address a couple of mistruths. Ashy is a qualified personal trainer, as is her husband and also her business partner. All of our meal plans and nutritional information is written by her business partner who is also a qualified nutritionist and natropath. When you sign up to any of our programs you are offered 'The Life' sign up after your purchase. The ONLY way that you sign up to this is if you choose to accept. If you click the 'no thanks' button or if you just close the page down you are not signed up to the program. There is no reason to cancel your bank account. All that is required to cancel is an email to our team. It is not a lock in commitment, we do not request that you give us notice to cancel either. Your access will be cancelled immediately upon us receiving your email. Whist I appreciate that perhaps you were not able to find a specific email address for 'The Life' you did receive the email address for our support team for both the booty and the abs challenge when you purchased in your confirmation emails. If you can please provide me with copies of your correspondence with these email addresses in an attempt to cancel your subscription to 'The Life" unsuccessfully I will happily look into this for you and investigate why there may have been a delay in response to you. You can forward this to cait@abbbc.com.au and I will investigate. Also please provide any correspondence with our social media pages. Thank you in advance. Cait - Ashy Bines Team

peach perfect love it

Everything is just so easy to understand and follow it's not a diet it's a way of life it's so delicious and easy that beginners and fitness lovers will enjoy all the excerises to the meal plans the recipes are quick and easy and are full of nutrition.. That's what I look for quick and easy when I'm juggling between work,study and my husband and 3 boys.. So I couldn't express to everybody how amazing Ashy's programs really are if you want to change your life style change happens with Ashy and the support we all get from each other it's a community of ladies impowering each other to teach their goals what a better way to stay focused

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Thank you Di.Di

I still enjoy it & receive results!

I purchased the Ashy Bines booty challenge last year and only ever paid a one time fee of around $14! I still have it on my phone and do the workouts every week. It's definitely a challenge and I would recommend to anyone as long as they wouldn't have the money problems that everyone else is talking about


Waste of money - after purchasing found out that everything's plagiarised :( Save your money and just go to the gym instead! Eating well isn't something you need to obsess over. X

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Hi Lau, Thank you for taking the time to review. We value all reviews both positive and negative. I am sorry to hear that you not taken the time to enjoy and explore the program for yourself. When you can please take the time one day to sit down and look over the program. :) You will see that Ashy herself has videoed every one of the work out videos. Our meal plans have been created by her business partner who is a natropath and nutritionist. None of the program is the work of anyone other than our team. There was a recipe book released years ago, that we created with the help of outside nutritionists. This book has since been removed and replaced when it came to our attention that this outsourced company did not work ethically when creating it. We have, since this day, not outsourced work for our programs again. Whilst we appreciate all feedback on the program, it can feel a little frustrating when a negative review is posted without you doing your own due diligence with the program. We welcome a future review from you when you have been able to enjoy the program and make a judgement based on your own experiences. Thank you again Cait - Ashy Bines Team

Just not for me.

I bought this product yesterday after a lot of research about it. However I'm now regretting this purchase. From the moment I paid, I felt like I was being pressured into a Life program. I just wanted the product for the once off US$ 7 payment. I always read the terms and conditions so I didn't click yes to the life program. However at the end it said 'I'm going to go ahead and sign you up for a one month free trial' (Paraphrased). Hmm 100% sure I said no. This made me immediately regret my purchase. If I wanted it I would get it, I shouldn't feel pressured into it.
I really wanted to try this program but all the extras after paying annoyed me. Just want it to be simple not complicated.

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Hi Mrs H. Thank you for taking the time to review. I do appreciate that you have taken the time to understand the product before reviewing. :) In order for me to investigate your experience would you mind please emailing me the details of your purchase? I will happily look into it for you. cait@abbbc.com.au Cait - Ashy Bines Team


ABSOLUTE SCAM. Signed up for the $10 booty challenge and they had in the fine print pre ticked to withdraw $30 each month from my account. When I contacted them for help they refused to help! Absolute SCAMMERS!

Hi Cassandra, Thank you taking the time to review. We appreciate all reviews both positive and negative as these provide us with insight into areas in which we can grow as a company. I have reviewed your correspondence with our support team and whilst I understand your frustration that you did not get a final response from them, they had explained your situation to you twice before ceasing communication. Just to clarify for you once more, 'The Life' is not an automatic add on to your purchase. It must be accepted by you at the time of purchase. You must click the 'Yes please' options for you to be charged for this service. This is why a refund of purchase is not granted. If you had clicked 'no thanks' or even closed the page down you would not have been charged for this service. We wish you all the best with your health and fitness goals and the booty program is yours for life, it is not linked to 'The Life' and you have access to it irrespective of your cancellation to 'The Life' program. We hope that you continue to get use out of the booty challenge program. Cait - Ashy Bines TeamPathetic. Thanks.


I bought the Booty Challenge which was advertised as one time product - and still is. I never even really used it, and then I noticed in my bank they had taken £20 out as well as international charges. I looked on the website, couldn't find any way to take my card details of there or anything like that. There was also no UK number. So I sent them an email and they replied saying I should get a reply in 48 hours. I never heard anything, and the following happened a month later. I have emailed again, and I am looking into how to take this further. I have no idea what I am even paying for and money is being taken out without my consent.
Stay well clear, especially if you're from the UK getting in contact with them seems to be like getting blood out of a stone!

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Hi Lucy, Thank you for taking the time to review. As this review site does not allow me access to your personal details I am currently not able to investigate this for you without further information. If you could please email myself at cait@abbbc.com.au I will happily look into any delays in response to your request. We are an Australian based company please understand that this is why we would not have a UK based number. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. Cait - Ashy Bines Team

Too good to be true.

Once paying $10 for the booty program they then continue to take a monthly payment of $40 for the life membership. No where did it state that you would be charged a montly payment when setting up the account. They don't even send you monthly confirmation of payment emails. The money just silently comes out until you notice three months and $123 later down the track that you've been had. Such a disappointment as I was a supporter of ashys until now.

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Hi Ruth, Thank you for taking the time to review. We appreciate all feed back, both positive and negative. The only way to sign up to 'The Life' is to accept it as an upgrade after the purchase of another one of our programs. If you do not accept and click the 'no thanks' button you will not be charged. Our support team will happily cancel you immediately from your subscription once they receive correspondence from you to do so. I ask you to please understand that with thousands of ladies happily signing up to this subscription monthly we have no reason to believe that yours was done so by mistake until we hear from you. Kind regards Cait - ABBBC Team

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Questions & Answers

How do you unsubscribe from the booty challenge ap? I don't want to pay for this for the rest of my life is possible? No hate to ashy - I just don't use it!
2 answers
Hi! You need to email the support team and request a cancellation. I'm not 100% sure of the email address but it's on her website. :)GET A NEW BANK ACCOUNT as she will keep taking money out to fund her lavish lifestyle with trips overseas, trips interstate, lavish restaurants and cars and clothes and makeup Thats what she spends ‘your’ hard earned money on.

If i buy this is it one off or will i have to pay extra monthly fees?
4 answers
They take money out of your account unauthorised amounts from multiple companies. Dont do itIt is one off, as long as you read what you are clicking yes to!Even after cancelling they continued to take money out of my account

Good evening,  I purchased the Ashy bines booty challenge on  5/6/16 and am unsatisfied. I am requesting a refund. My username is dmarie14@live.com.  Respectfully,  Deanna Martinez  702-521-7093
1 answer
Hi Deeanna, I have just reviewed the correspondence between you and our support team. I can see that they have responded to you on 14/05/16. Please check both your inbox and junk mail folders for the email from our team detailing this.


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