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Thank You for all your time and trouble

I assure you my plan was not to get free credit but I do appreciate the gesture. I see you put much effort into trying to give your customers the best service. Hopefully I can get my desktop back in service soon and avoid further problems on my part. Thank You for all your explanation. I apologize for my tempriment I admit I felt a little hurt with the situation and let my feelings get in the way. You have gone very far to help my bruised ego. I thank you for your patience and big effort.

So much frustration and confusion

Just decide to stop and quit, then I received an email from the lady that I answered a few moments ago and I hope to recover our relationship. Just thankful for the attention, patience and for the prudence of customer service recommendations, which have made real the possibility of reconciling us.

To Customer Support Team

Thank you very much for your very nice complements and for your keen and kind intention of continuing doing your best to help us. I am serious and looking for a lady to help me to make life good like a valley of beauty full of peace, happiness and love.

You don't talk to the actual women

After spending a few hundred dollars on Qpid/Asiame/Chnlove (all the same site) I found out you do NOT actually talk to the women who posed for the lovely studio photos.
1. I chatted with woman X and called her by her family name (listed in her own profile) and the response was "who is she, I'm woman X"
2. In my profile I left easy clues for my phone number and yet no one called even though I received mail stating they wanted to know me more and start a relationship.
3. I deliberately started chatting with 2 women who stated they had "little English skills and their responses were perfectly spelt and perfectly worded.
Do NOT pay for any service provided by Asiame as you are pouring your money down the drain.

Enjoying the online experience

The women you meet on Asiame have more to offer you than companionship. You’ll certainly develop friendship, but throw in a lot of thrill and excitement in there too! Am liking the online experience so far, especially because the response is quick!

Asiame not good as the ads claim but can try

Not as good as the ads claim because you need to pay, I date a woman on the site now and it really cost a lot, but it does help singles like me find the match.

AsiaMe should make the bonus points available to use on intended lady!

I had 100 bonus points given to me as credit for been a loyal member, but these points or voucher can only be used to communicate with total strangers, I feel strongly our rewards should be used towards the relationship we have already established. The whole purpose of this site is to meet someone of your dreams and have an everlasting romantic life together. Frankly speaking most of the problems I've had or having was caused by some of the programs this site are using. Why would anyone work so hard on a long term relationship to start all over again with a complete stranger. It's a great thing to receive rewards for been a loyal member. However, these rewards are been used in the most inappropriate manner. Since I've been a member, my experience has taught me that there will always be another woman even beautiful than the one before, but will that person be a better fit than the one you spent so much time learning and developing such a strong bond... For me, I got my last pick, and I will marry her. It should let us use the rewards to further our current relationship!


This site is crap, don’t use it. It’s a rip-off it doesn’t let you write what you want in personal emails and sending pictures it blocks or blurs them out everything that you want like personal email address, Facebook name, phone numbers apps or anything else that is free I know it is to do with safety and to keep you on there site so you can spend more money. I say if you’re spending money you are paying for the other person information so come on if the people want to give their information out let them don’t block it it’s crap!!!!

Very expensive scam, fake profiles and weird chatbot

I tried that site one month long, intensively. I tried to do the good things with 5 girls. Everything on that site is done to prevent people to meet ! Censorship of everything you transmit by EMF mail, private information forbidden, and so on. You have to pay to write and pay to read, spend credits during 90 days, to obtain the right of buying a personal information about the girl : mail address or phone. I dont know what happen at this stage…

And above all, there is a lot of fake profiles, maybe all of them ! I’ve done enough tests now to be on. the Chat is weird, there is only chatbots, what does whatever, very often with implicit sexual content… Not very wise ; I saw quickly that Chat is stupid and useless. Even by EMF Mail, you can see that they never talk about the content of your profile and often dont respond to some questions. I believe that people are paid to answer to “customers”.

Very often, some girls have weird conversations and start to use dirty talking very quickly, and at least too soon ! It is whatever, and a good sign to know it is scam. Everything is done for you to spend more and more “credits”, just to receive… nothing ; only words gone with the wind.

And if you succeed to have a conversation by the phone directly with a woman, you will find that curiously nothing never works when you share phone numbers or email address, regardless of the person you have a call with, regardless the level of English they have. After your call, neither phone or mail does work, even only once. The phone number does not work at all, even if you have a second call with her to try again and check the information shared. Your mails return with error 550 (rejected by provider, for content denied) each time. I tried with 5 different email addresses, sometimes without any content, but I received always the same error. Strange, isnt it ? ;-D

I have spend an average of 250 euros (300 USD) for each girl. I can highly say that nothing can work here.

I clearly think now that absolutely nothing is real on this site ; it is a cash-machine totally and exclusively scam. By that way, China can have a lot of foreign currency ! But nobody can meet nobody.

Tip for consumers: No tip at all. Quickly find the way to convince a girl to have a call, then share anything personal to have direct contact to keep in touch, and above all, ask for (not only) one picture. If nothing works, run away !!!

July 2018 : after complaint with Paypal, I discover how it is weird !! Finally Paypal refund 5 little amounts (for 71 euros) on 29 payments (maybe 1.500 euros) I have done. Why only 5 ? All the 29 payments are ALL for the SAME "service" ! Maybe because Paypal let AsiaMe talk with their boring double language with absolutely not fact...

Why dont Paypal refund all, when they have receive more than only a few complaint against that site ? What is the destination of all that money they earn in scam : give China Government currencies ? helping North Korea ? Make chinese Mafia growing ? Why Paypal continue to help that scamming machine ?

A fool and his money

Well i guess is the same as most other dodgy sites. Fake profiles that contact you to con you in to paying money. Extremely expensive to contact and read letters but the worst thing is if you pay the money it is still up to the "management" to decide when you can send or receive contact information. So basically they can suck you dry (financially) then in the end the profile may be fake anyway! I'm going back to pof.

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