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Asko D5436SSXXL (XXL Stainless Steel)

Asko D5436SSXXL (XXL Stainless Steel)

MPN: 35903217
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The salesperson sold this dishwasher saying that it is the only dishwasher that dries plastics. Wrong! It does not dry plastics properly. The machine has a 2.45 hour ECO cycle - not certain whether the electricity being used for 2.45 hours could be considered ECO!!! The start switch is also very temperamental. I cannot switch it on 99% of the time so have to wait until it decides to work. A very expensive machine with poor results. On the plus side, it does wash clean but we rinse all dishes prior to dishwashing so a less expensive machine would probably do the same. Very disappointed and frustrated ASKO.

Date PurchasedApr 2018


I have used ASKO dishwashers for approximately the last ten years, we have just finished building and I insisted that we have the XXL Stainless Steel ASKO Dishwasher installed. The machine is quiet, efficient, good looking and fabulous. I would recommend ASKO to anyone looking for quality kitchen fittings that will give you peace of mind.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Quiet and cleans perfectly

This is the best dishwasher I've ever had. By far the quietest and cleans so well. My glasses come out spotless and shiny. The dishwasher looks great in my kitchen. Very happy with my purchase. It cost more than many of the machines I looked at but so far so good and I haven't had any problems with it at all.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

The gift that keeps on giving...IT IS A BUCKET OF BOLTS.

Well I am back with another review on this bucket of bolts. We bought this machine back in March 2014 to replace an Asko we had for 10 years that never missed a beat. Oh well that was then.... this clunker has had 3 service calls and now that it is 6 months out of warranty I have just booked another, $99 for a call out and $35 every15 minutes, plus parts. Given the LED screen is not working and it goes into a wonderful gurgling sound when you open it to empty, I am assuming there will be no good news. So what to d0?.. if it costs more than the $99 call our fee its going to council clean up. I KNOW WHY THEY HAVE DISCONTINUED THIS MODEL!

Date PurchasedMar 2014

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D5436SSXXL (XXL Stainless Steel)
Water Rating4.5stars
Energy Rating3.5stars
Price (RRP) $1799
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  • MPN: 35903217

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