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Asko D5436WH (White)

Asko D5436WH (White)

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4.1 from 33 reviews

Simply the best brand dishwasher!

I've always wanted to rate this dishwasher brand. Finally got the chance to do it. Talking about the features, controls, performance. It runs well. Although I still scrape and rinse a bit of the dishes before I put in. It is perfectly clean. It is my forever best friend in the kitchen. The only brand I buy.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Love my dishwasher

Cleans dishes really well, sometimes have to open door a bit to get them to dry but not always. Really quiet. I have the extra heat option so that means it takes a bit longer but that’s fine. Arms are metal not plastic, which is better than most other brands. Has a handy knife drawer. I really love my dishwasher. Third Asko machine, they have all been good.
Metal arms
Easy to clean filters
Can move the spindles down for large pots
Knife drawer
Big compartment for rinse aid.. no need to refill very often takes a whole bottle
Cycle takes long time with extra drying option

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Swedish, well built dishwasher

I deliberately bought this Asko white dishwasher to match the white cupboards. The dishwasher has a nice flat white frontage, not cheap looking like other brands. It is a built-in model, not freestanding, so looks like it is meant to be there. Inside you’ll find high quality components and a deep top tray that ensures bowls don’t scrape across the top. The door opens smoothly and is not heavy to handle like other brands. It just glides open beautifully. Every wash Is great, but like others have said, the cycles are really long - even the Eco wash. The machine is relatively quiet. Asko is not a cheap Dishwasher, but you pay for quality. I recommend this dishwasher despite the long cycles. Depending on your point of view, long cycles mean better washes.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Quiet, Quiet, Quiet.

Excellent Swedish quality. Matches all their product range. Very quiet machine. Stainless steel. Good place settings and will accept all our cutlery and crockery with plenty of room. The machine is inbuilt and is very quiet which is the reason we bought it. It’s wuiet function is an advertised option and it is true. Highly recommend.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Neat looking and effective

This dishwasher cleans and dries the dishes very effectively, with he exception of a few droplets of water left in deeper pots at the end of the cycle. Dishes come out free from smears. It is not loud but not particularly quiet either - kind of in the middle. I love how sleek and neat it looks with the flat front. One annoying thing is how long the cycle takes - three hours is pretty long.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Fantastic dishwasher

I love how well this machine cleans and dries the dishes. Several cycles to select from. The pots and really dirty dishes cycle takes a while but does a brilliant job. It's a quiet machine and i really love the extra dryer feature it comes with. Highly recommend this Asko dishwasher.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good dishwasher

Good quality dishwasher. Purchased this to replace our old Asko and I can see the subtle changes in this newer model. Buttons are sensitive but otherwise very happy with purchase. Unable to negiogiate price as we were told Asko control this. Asko also control the delivery and installation of the dishwasher as well as removal of the old one.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Exactly what I researched it to be. Perfect

I read this dishwasher was super quiet. It is exceptionally quiet. I don’t even notice it’s on. I also read it’s parts were strong and European made not like some that are flimsy. I opened a few brands in the store including Askos other models. This was exactly that, very strong and the durable and the compartments perfect. Very deep at the top so big pots can go in . Dishes come out sparkling clean and dry. The white blends perfectly with my cabinetry . I got the fitted option not freestanding . I must have spent hours researching Asko versus Miele . Love it. Great purchase .

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Overall very happy - just a couple of little things

OK - so I really do love my ASKO dishwasher and it is only a few little things which stop me giving it 5 stars.
I would recommend it, and I would buy another.

The Good:

1. It is pretty quiet

2. It actually dries my plastics for the most part!! The old Bosch never came close.

3. It fits large wine glasses in nicely and I think it is designed well to accommodate most types of household
dishes. Glasses come out nice and dry.

4. I can stack plates in every slot and it still cleans (with my old Bosch I had to leave a gap between plates to let
them get washed properly)

5. It has a cutlery basket - not a tray. Because my dishwasher is in the butlers pantry, it is important I have a
basket I can just carry out into the kitchen and put the cutlery away.

6. I haven't had to use the 'pot wash' cycle yet. I give my pots a rinse and put them in the normal "ECO" cycle and they clean up well. I once put a very dirty pot (unrinsed with dried up left over fettuccine in it) on the normal cycle - It did not come out perfect, but it was 99% clean. It just had a few pin size spots on the bottom that needed cleaning off.

The Bad.

1. The little pull out knife rack is pretty useless. It doesn't clean unless you have actually washed the knife before
putting it in there. I am not so worried about this as we aren't 'supposed' to put knifes in the dishwasher
anyway. There are some little slots up near where the glasses go which you can put 2 or 3 knifes in - these
perform better than the knife tray if I do not have too many glasses. I think I would rather these little slots also
be put down the middle of the top rack rather than where the glasses go.

2. The height of the top rack is not adjustable - I actually do NOT find this a problem as I have found the design of
the dishwasher really good for all my needs - just thought I would note it here as that may be an issue for some

3. Long cycles - the ECO wash I use takes a couple of hours. Because it is quite quiet, I just put it on at night so it isn't a big issue for me.

4. Cutlery basket - it will clean most cutlery ok, but if you have a knife or fork that has something tough and dried on it, it will not always get this off. I have not yet seen a dishwasher that does, so I think this is just a fact of life rather than a design flaw on the part of Asko.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

A quality machine

We now have two of these machine one in our house and now one in our holiday home, we have been so impressed by both units. A great range of settings, very quiet. Only tip is not to put cups near detergent dispenser as this can stop the jets dispersing it.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

good product

It does a good clean job. The dishes, plates, woks, cultery are cleaned thoroughly. It takes quite a long time, approx forty minutes. It seems used a lot of water. I am not sure about energy efficiency. We use once in two days. For first day with fewer dishes, we use prewash function to rinse it.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

So Pleased - Brilliant machine

WOW - so quiet and great features like child lock and so many wash cycles to choose from. I am really happy with this machine - it is worth every cent. The shelves slide out so smoothly too, and the large knife area keeps my sharp knives in place during the cycle.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

sleek white and smart

we have tank water, and it is pumped into the house. Our old dishlex never washed dishes properly. When it died we found out through Harvey Norman that only ASK is suited to running on tank water that has to be pumped.
Asko delivered and installed the dishwasher, and we are really please with the results. Dishes are clean and dry. machine is simple to use. ( although the child-lock sometimes tricks us adults).
My only gripe is that we are limited to using only Finish or Fairy tablets, as the cheaper ones dont work. but that may eb because of our water, not the dishwasher

Date PurchasedFeb 2016


Purchased from The Good Guys.
Order goes through to ASKO who arrange delivery day & time with you - ie: stock not on site at The Good Guys.
Fantastic product.
Cleans really well, super quiet.
The 6 min rinse cycle is handy.
Recommend you spend the extra cost to have this installed by ASKO - takes about 20-30mins to install.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


Purchased in may. Rang asko complaining it didn't work. Staff not helpful. Told they would send someone out. Waited 4 weeks rang again to be told the person they hired doesn't work for them anymore. In September dishwasher returned. Told this model doesn't like solar panels.
So much for the environment. Dishwasher still not doing good job. Would advise do not buy this model.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Fantastic (apart from payinpressing start)

Fantastic dishwasher. It's pretty quite and washes the dishes really well and fits into my white kitchen really well. The only problem with this dishwasher is trying to actually press start. As it is a sensor button as opposed to an actual button I have to run my fingers over it a few times before it starts. Apart from this I have no other issues and really love it. Really recommended

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Best dishwasher I've owned and ever used.

As advised by the installation man (don't be a greenie), for my extra dirty dishes I use the hottest wash and longest drying setting (about 3 1/2 hours). But lower temps, etc still work well.
It is very quiet but there is a second spray arm in the bottom which is for washing saucepans and that makes a slight noise, but it's not a problem though This dishwasher can fit sooo much in it. The shelving is versatile. There is so much height space in the top shelf as well as the bottom shelf. There is a pull out tray under the cup/glasses shelf specifically for large flat utensils/knives. The bottom shelves can fold down so big pots fit in. I cannot recommend this dishwasher highly enough.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Had better !

Was looking to change our old bosch dishwasher as it was getting on in age, and started to look dated.

I was told Asko was the best on the market when i went in to by a new bosch and that they are very quite and cleaned magnificently. I actually had the complete opposite experience. I found the Asko to be much louder and didnt clean as well as my old bosch.
I feel like Asko is overrated and over priced. needless to say i exchange the Asko for a new Bosch.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

great clean, sleek design

Worth the little extra money. It cleans very well, it is easy to use and very big inside with a very logical design. The ONLY 3 small faults-its a little noisy and I find it cleans much better with a liquid detergent which is more expensive than the powder. A minor issue is I find if you lean on it (even slightly), the dishwasher starts itself

Date PurchasedOct 2016

All that you want

Purchased this on a factory special and had Mr Dishwasher from Payneham Road, St Peter's, Adelaide install it. All was done on schedule.

The Asko is very quiet and washed our stuff really well on the normal wash. Our last Asko was still washing perfectly after 19 years so I hope this one will be too!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Questions & Answers

Can you please tell me when this model dishwasher was released specially the asks face lift?
1 answer
Hi Nick, The D5436WH was released early last year (2015). If you have any further questions about this model, please email us at feedback@asko.com.au and I would be happy to assist. Kind Regards, ASKO Customer Service


D5436WH (White)
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Water Rating4.5stars
Energy Rating4.5stars
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