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Good morning, I went to clean the fine filter this morning and there was water sitting in the tub under it. Can you please advise what I should do? It is about 4 mths old. Thanks
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Hello Asko. I want to buy a new dishwasher. I own a D3120 and have had it 14yrs. Can you compare the difference between the D5436 and the D5456 for me please. They both seem similar in function and price. Which model is the most recent? Thank you
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Don't do it. We made the same mistake. The new asko's are terrible. We just got burned on a circuit board and now they won't even repair it.

I’ve had this model for around 6 months Just now it won’t cycle properly It’s staying on rinse and will keep going for hours on the Eco and normal function I tried unplugging it but nothing seems to work Now I’m stuck with stale dirty water that won’t drain! What should I do?
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I am sorry but I personally have no idea, why this is happening. Have you checked the filters at the bottom. If it's only 6 months old then it should still be under warranty and you could call a technician

I note another owner has electrical problems with the d5456ss. Our dishwasher is near new and we have had the electric board replaced. The dishwasher still will not always start a cycle, intermittent problem. Is this a known problem with thus model - frustrated owner......
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Hi RJC, I've had no problems whatsoever with my D5436. MWMate same story, even when the dishwasher is not been used the cycle button runs around and around the dial, beeping, Asko came out replaced the whole inner elec board, low and behold it's back to the same old tricks ?? very peed off !!

Had this dishwasher about 6 months and found that every so often it stops after 15 to 20 minutes. Does not happen every time we use it. I have finally worked out that it only stops when we are using the microwave at the same time. Plugged other appliances into the same power point as the microwave with a greater wattage and that does not affect it. Soon as I turn on the microwave the dishwasher stops. Has anyone else found this?
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sorry have never had this happen (wierd) the only thing i can think off is that may be the m/wave is sending out a pulse that the d/washer is picking upI've read another post with someone saying the same thing. In their post (See reviews). They say it is apparently a known problem as they have seen others with the same issue. If this is the case, under Australian consumer law you are entitled to a repair, refund, replacement.......your choice. Call Asko and ask for you option. If it is that obvious, take a video of the issue and send it to them to prove your case. If not use the video in the consumer tribunal to prove your case.ASKO were very helpful. It is an issue with the microwave sending out a pulse wave. ASKO assisted without any fuss Very happy with their response

I have just bought the Asko D5436 and I want to know why there is no medium length cycle. The choice is 20 minutes or a minimum 2 hours????
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Seriously I gave a review on my experience of the ASKO dishwasher I am NOTa dishwasher designer !! Nor to I know the reasoning behind what programs are on dishwashers

ASKO 5436 Dishwasher The electronics seem to have a mind of their own. Lights up as usual but the dishwasher will not start when "start/stop" button touched. Sometimes it does start, other times it doesn't. Occasionally it start but stops after about a half hour not completing its cycle. Now what????
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Well as I am not a dishwasher technician I cannot advise you

I just got a new D5436. I noticed that when the dishwashing cycle is finished, the dishes are cold to touch. Is this normal? Most dishwasher I know are steaming hot when cycle is finished. I also checked the air coming out from the vents on the door and they were room temperature.
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It depends on whether you have set the high temperature button on. See page 2 of the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. They call this the LONG DRY. See page 7. It probably uses more electricity, but with solar panels and running it during the day, we don't mind.

Can you please tell me when this model dishwasher was released specially the asks face lift?
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Hi Nick, The D5436WH was released early last year (2015). If you have any further questions about this model, please email us at feedback@asko.com.au and I would be happy to assist. Kind Regards, ASKO Customer Service

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