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Asko D5896SSXXL

Asko D5896SSXXL

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ASKO D5896XXL - Terrible Machine Don’t waste your money

This machine worked well right up until manufacturers warranty expired. Was grateful I had purchased extended warranty, this machine no longer dries dishes, does not break down food and leaks - does not do what it is suppose to. Less than 3 years old and am waiting for 3rd tech visit in about 5 months, techs cant even fix the issues they keep re-occurring and getting worse. This is the first Asko I have ever owned and I am so disappointed with it. I wish I had spent my money on 3 cheap dishwashers, they would have done a better job and at least I would still have warranty, and not have had to use extended warranty. Tech’s they send out can’t even fix the machine, the issues are still there after they leave and apparently these Techs come from Asko. So disappointed, most expensive dishwasher I have ever purchased that simply does not do what it is suppose to. Save your money and buy 3 cheaper ones instead, I’ve always had cheaper dishwashers and they do a better job than this one.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016


We replaced a 12 year old Asko because it was malfunctioning and we couldn’t wait until the repair man returned from holidays. In hindsight, we should’ve. He fixed the old one and that is still working perfectly for our tenants, this brand new one however caused us so much grief. Not a single wash was acceptable. The cutlery drawer on top was useless. I had to rewash at least 25% of items. Glasses often had a milky looking residue on them. We had repair men come out four times which is annoying in itself, having to be at or near home all day. After two replaced parts and apparently ‘nothing wrong’, we demanded a refund. Asko took a couple of months to even respond despite several emails and calls. We are so disappointed because our old one was amazing and we spent top dollar to avoid anything like this happening. Now we need to go dishwasher shopping again...

Date PurchasedJun 2017

They replaced it thank god

It's big. This is great. Smaller ones annoying to stack.

Arms didn't turn. They came out next day and fixed it.

I had a run in myself with it. And they replaced it. Was such a relief. Was my fault.

Rang to get a copy of receipt for tax. They were like ring your store. Had to push to get them to do it! They did though and emailed it.

Washes fine.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Save your money!

Two Asko dishwashers in the space of 12 months. First dishwasher was a D5646SS. Failed terribly. Asko agreed to replace D5896SSXXL (we had to pay the difference). We agreed to upgrade with the hopes this machine would be a bit better than the absolutely awful experience with the first one. Within 4 weeks of installation the diverted valve had snapped (this is what also happened in the last machine). 4 months in (with the whiz bang fanagle expensive machine) and it has stopped washing properly again. We have tried different tablets, we have loaded less into the machine, we have cleaned all the arms, and I'm virtually scrubbing my dishes clean before I load them into the dishwasher. Now it's given up the ghost totally again and won't dissolve the dishwasher tablet. I have a 4 month old $2800 dishwasher sitting there and I'm once again washing my dishes by hand. And don't even get me started on Asko customer service (so rude!). Now have to take another day off work yet again for the Repair man to come and "test the machine". Will never buy another Asko product for as long as I live.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Finally, One that Works!

I must preface this review with the fact that this unit was a replacement for a failed D5894SSXXL unit. You can see my review of it elsewhere on this site.

This unit suffers no issues. Nothing. It does exactly what you expect an ASKO product to do.

As stated earlier, I had an issue with another model and this unit was offered as a replacement as the other model had been discontinued.

It was installed by an ASKO technician.
It is very quiet.
Each of the washing cycle variants is actually useful.
Dishes and cutlery are DRY at the end of the cycle, if you follow the instructions in the manual. (RTFM ! it's mandatory)

This unit has been operational for over 6 months and without issue. Still super quiet and efficient.

It has many packing / stacking / basket/tray options. Almost too many. the middle cutlery tray and the top cutlery drawer are more than sufficient for an entire families mess. In fact, you can fit an entire 8 pc setting and have room for the pots & pans if you want.

Despite the horrendous problems I had with the other model, this unit has been absolutely everything I expected for the money.
This is just like the 'old made in sweeden' ASKO of years past. I look forward to many years of reliable service.

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Hi Joe, Thank you for taking the time to review this product and we are pleased to hear you are happy with this new model. Apologies for your experience with the previous one, but it's great to hear you love all the features of the D5896. If you need any assistance in the future, please feel free to contact me directly at feedback@asko.com.au Kind Regards, Vani - Team Leader - After Sales Service

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Price (RRP) $2899
Water Rating5stars
Energy Rating3.5stars
Release dateAug 2015

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  • MPN: 35903202
  • GTIN13: 3838942045028

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