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Asko T784CHP

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Typical Asko Rubbish

Purchased dryer in June 2013. I am having major issues with the dryer not drying and also bearing noises which are very loud. I thought this would last. I also purchased an Asko washing machine after this and thought it would be fine but after 2.5 years it broke down and the technician said this model had major known issues. I was told when purchasing that these were great reliable products. Rubbish!!!! The washing machine still has issues leaking and making noises and the drying does not dry and has bearing noises. I spent around $5000 on these two items and would never purchase Asko again. DO NOT BUY THE ASKO BRAND EVER !!!!!! I am about to buy some replacement products which will not be ASKO.

Be Warned!!!

Date PurchasedJun 2013

ASKO Dryer

I am at my wits end with my ASKO dryer, its not even 3 years old and I have always had a problem with it! I have had it fixed multiple times and the last time I got it fixed for a consistent squeaking noise I was told by the Technician that the noise is something I would just have to deal with! What the...I paid over $2500 for this dryer. I emailed ASKO and was told there is nothing they can do as its out of warranty. It takes forever to dry clothes and I have to use the extra dry setting all the time. I am ready to take it to the dump and buy a new one...but why should I! I am going to go to consumer affairs this is getting beyond a joke.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

total junk

We purchased the dryer in late 2012. It broke down with in a few months. It was repaired. It broke down twice more so the company replaced it with a new one. After two years the replacement machine had a loud baring noise. the water extraction pump had failed. while it was with the repairer he tested it and found the heat pump was failing , that explained why it took so long to dry the clothes. They want another $900 for the part and labour on top of that to fix it. This product it just junk. It was sold to us that it would last twenty years but it was scrapped after two . do not waste your money on this over priced rubbish.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Don't buy Asko.

I have an ASKO heat pump. After 2.5 years it has failed due to a problem with some float switch. ASKO claim that given it is outside the 2 year manufacturer's warranty I need to pay for the repair. The customer service staff in Melbourne are incredibly rude and have actually hung up on me. If you are looking for any appliance, save your money and Don't buy ASKO.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Great Product, new technology, requires a bit of regular maintenance and good ventillation

I have not experienced any of the problems that other reviewers have experienced. I have opted to have the water not go into the overflow tank, but instead go into the sink drain, I would recommend having it this way as it's one less thing to think about. This unit works well, but we have found you have to do the following to keep it working well. Regularly clean the filters, there are several not just the lint filter at the front of the machine, read the messages on the display sometimes it tells you to clean the auto filter. We always leave the laundry door open when running this machine as it requires good ventilation to work well.
Drying time cycles are 3+ hours so keep this in mind if you want 100% dry clothes, you can set it to run shorter, if you are happy to air dry them from damp.
I really like the fact this machine is very energy efficient, and it works well sitting on top of our existing Asko washing machine.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

I have only had the dryer for 3 weeks and not happy at all the dryer steamers up the room and makes

I have only had my dryer for about 3 weeks the only reason I brought Asko I have had to Asko washing machines in the 30 years and they are brilliant but I have made a mistake by buying the Asko clothes dryer it's steams up the laundry and makes the house hot extremely disappointed and not going to keep it I will buy something different

Date PurchasedSep 2017


We have a T784HP. We had the overflow warning and the machine would shutdown. We were not aware of an overflow filter which is located left top corner just under the water collection tank. Pull tank out. The filter is underneath. Twist left and pull out. Ours was completely full of wet lint compacted which was restricting flow. With tweezers we removed all debri and then flushed it under cold water. Place it back and the machine should work.

November 24th 2018 Update: Maintenance is the key

We continued to have problems with the overflow warning. Since then we have discovered that lint was passing into the return tank. There is a float inside the return tank that turns the pump on to evacuate water. Given that the lint is there the float will not activate the switch which turns the pump on. Then the overflow sign will come on.
A couple of times we had water coming out from the condenser filter. If you have the overflow sign and the machine won’t start, you must tilt the machine several times for the float to sink to the bottom and activate the switch. If the machine works then the most likely cause is that the return tank is full of lint. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to open the machine, take the drum out, open the tank compartment and have all the water and lint sucked out. We did this recently and now the machine works well. To prevent lint from going into the return tank, make sure that the lint seal on the door is correctly placed and regularly clean all 3 filters.

Now that we have fixed the overflow issue, we are reasonably happy with the machine.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Squeaky dryer

My dryer squeaks and it has since I purchased it nearly three years ago. Within the first 6 months the entire guts of the machine were replaced and the warranty extended. Squeaking did not stop. Most recently the technician took it to the service shop for diagnosis. I'm told that it's a lint issue. I keep the lint filter clean, very clean. Now I have a problem getting the filter to snap shut which is dangerous. When I open the door of the dryer, the filter unsnaps and because my machines are stacked, I've been hit in the face. I also have a problem getting the dryer door to stay shut. It can pop open during the cycle. I'm at my wits end with this machine! I think I've got a lemon and feel that unless I'm consistently, persistently complaining I will never have an Asko dryer that works properly. I'm very disappointed.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Asko serviceman talked me into purchasing this dryer, but...

After enjoying using ASKO washing machine and dryer for years, the dryer started having many issues. An ASKO serviceman said it would be very expensive to replace and suggested the new model heat pump dryer. I have been very happy with it; it's quiet and dries evenly, until recently. It keeps stopping and displaying "overflow". I don't know what that means, or how to fix it. After keeping the filter meticulously clean, and not to mention spending over $2000 on the dryer, I am very disappointed to have to go through this process again after only six months of using it. Any suggestions would be very helpful, thanks!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Very disappointed with the product and the customer service

After being convinced to purchase Asko over Miele, I'm regretting my decision. The dryer only dries when on extra dry. One replacement dryer under warranty but now this one is packing up. Despite following the care instructions lint blocks the filter at the back which isn't accessible except by a tech. Very disappointed

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Water leaks. Doesn't go down pipe to sink or into tank.

Water does not run down external pipe, just pours down front of dryer onto floor. I rerouted the pipe to go to the internal tank and it still ran down the front onto the floor. The flooding water has now ruined my laundry cabinet. Who knows what electrical hazard it has created in the washing machine on which it sits.

I've had it only a week and it's never worked properly. Normal dry cycle doesn't dry clothes at all, it gets clothes dry only when I use the Extra Dry setting.

Despite what the salesman at Good Guys said the "butterfly drum" that rotates in one direction just ties sheets in a knot, leaving a warm, wet bundle. It takes hours to dry a small load.

$2,250 for this? I've been had.

I will be asking Good Guys for a refund.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Asko technician came, an hour later than arranged, told me he'd fixed it (after just tilting it backwards). Guess what? Water still spurts out the front. This thing is $2,250 worth of junk. He even admitted that his own dryer of the same model won't dry clothes unless it's on Extra Dry. Just don't buy one.

Excellent and quiet dryer

I don't know why everyone's reviews are bad. I must say it took a few times to get use to it, (as first time using a heat pump dryer). If you follow the instructions well, you shouldn't have any problems. I am very happy with mine. So far, so fingers crossed :)

Don't buy Asko

I bought an Asko dryer in 2013. Just before the 2 year warranty ran out it broke down. After 2 months and 5 visits from the service technician it could not be fixed and they gave me a brand new dryer (same model as original T784HP). Now one year later that has broken down. I've been without a dryer for more than a month (I rely on it to use everyday) The situation is almost identical, both times the pump was replaced and the error message was "overflow". Original cost was close to $2000. Again they have promised a new dryer and I expected a call about delivery in 24-48 hours after my call 10 days ago, more phone calls and today they told me there was a mistake and they have to sort it out and again someone will get back to me. Attitude of the person on the phone was "not my problem, I'm in a rush, go away and stop complaining" not in those exact words of course but in tone and manner definitely. Bottom line, I would never buy Asko again and would not recommend. I am building a new house and was planning all Asko appliances but not any more.

Absolute worst

Can't dry anything properly unless using "extra dry", which could over heat your clothings, such as woollens and baby clothes. Managed to shrink some baby clothes from size 1 to 0. Would love to get a refund, it can't even compete with machine which cost less than 1/5 of it's price.

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Hi Sal, Before we can come to any conclusions to this matter, We will need to send a tech to inspect the machine. Kindly call our after sales service team on 1300 002 756 to book a tech and we will take it from their. Regards Vani- Team Leader - After Sales Service

Clothes won't dry. Service takes weeks to appear and cannot fix

I bought a T784CHP from Winnings in October 2013, with extended warranty for a total cost of $2,378 - so not a cheap piece of kit.
Up until February, I have loved this machine. It's gentle on fabrics and doesn't pump condensation and fluff all over the laundry.
In January it started making a loud squeak on every rotation of the drum and in February, the drum stopped rotating.
It took approximately two weeks to get a service guy on 4 March. He got it going again but since then the machine doesn't dry properly - it takes about 2.15 hours to get a single load of sheets to damp - not at all dry - and about 1.5 hours to get six T-shirts damp. He said he needed to come back to fit replacement parts.
A second repair guy came on 16 March to fit the parts and told me all should now work fine. That was not the case -still won't dry so back to Asko service.
Because of the Easter holidays, they can't send a repairer until 18 April!
He runs diagnostics and says everything is fine. He can only think the lint filter needs a thorough wash to remove fine lint. I do that and it still won't dry properly.
For close on 10 weeks now I have had a dryer that won't dry. It takes from 2 to 4 weeks to get a service guy here and they keep telling me the machine is fine.
Asko need to do one of two things: Either replace the machine, or send a someone out here to put a load of wet washing in the machine and wait several hours to see for themselves that it is not functioning properly.
This was an expensive purchase. It is under warranty and Asko need to resolve this as a matter of urgency.

Hi James, Sorry to hear about your experience, I can certainly look into the matter for you. kindly provide me with your contact no. so I can contact you. Regards Vani - Team Leader -After Sales ServiceVani at Asko was very efficient at sorting out this problem and a replacement dryer was delivered within a week. Thanks Asko.Hi James, Thank you for appreciating. Regards Vani - Team Leader -After Sales Service

Very poor after sales support

Our dryer has not been working since December 2015. It was starting to say 'overflow' months prior to this as well- so I was constantly cleaning out all the filters and emptying the condenser etc. Eventually it completely stopped and no matter what I did there was some other issue going on. Service man came out after waiting 2 weeks for a time, a part was needed so we made another time for the following week for him to come with the part and repair it. Service man never returned on the agreed date. I left for overseas the next day very early and sent an email to Asko explaining that service man had not turned up today and I would be back in 2 weeks and want this resolved the next business day after my return. No response to email and no messages on my phone regarding the repair. Called first thing today and was told the part had not arrived and this is why he did not turn up on the 11th of January. Customer Care was going to call service department and get back to me with when my part would arrive and the service man could attend again. I have heard nothing and had to pay $55 for the laundry service to dry all our gear from the overseas trip. I have had ASKO for 16 years prior to these new appliances- but this is really starting to annoy me- it's just over one year old.
Customer service is really very simple do what you say, attend promptly to customers needs.
Asko is abusing the trust and needs to seriously and promptly review their corporate culture.
It is nonsense to suggest that in a major capital city as Melbourne your service department does not have in stock basic spare parts.
Your company has shown complete disregard for your most important asset your customers which is eroding your brand,

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Hi Judith, Sorry to hear about your experience and I would like to help resolve the issue. If you could kindly email your details to feedback@asko.com.au I will be sure to look into it. Kind Regards, Vani - Team Leader - After Sales Service

Less than a year old - had two serious problems

The dryer cost over $2000 and it has had problems since very early on. They sent out one service guy who didn't know what the problem was. They sent out a second guy who came out and made the problem worse to the point where the dryer is unusable, with long wait times on a serviceman to install the new parts. wouldn't buy ASKO again.

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Hi, Sorry to hear about your experience and I would like to help resolve the issue. If you could kindly email your contact details to feedback@asko.com.au I would be happy to look into it. Kind Regards, Kylie - Customer Service Team Leader

Love it!

My old dryer died last year so I thought I'd splurge and buy the Asko heat pump dryer to go with my 4 year old front load Asko washer (6883 eco)

It's fabulous! No lint or fluffy dust on the walls, which I always got even though the old dryer was vented out the wall...and the Asko doesn't leave any condensation in the laundry either. A real bonus seeing my laundry is more the size of a large cupboard than a full laundry room.
This machine is fabulous. It's quiet and easy to use and has quite a few programs for drying various garments.
Really reliable and quiet

I wish I had gone with Meile

I purchased this beauty with the W6884EC washer and wish I'd gone with my gut instinct and bought the Meile products. The main issue with the washer is NONE of the times listed against the washing cycles are adhered to. This can be most frustrating if you are doing a 30min wash and it takes 50mins to complete.

The dryer - the only cycle that dries clothes is the Extra Dry and then the clothes come out super heated. The compressor is also very noisy.

The aftersales service is also frustrating. You can log a call but can't request AM or PM you just have to get what you get.

I' have also logged 4 service calls for the machines within first 6 months.
Digital display and stacking.
Washer timer is inaccurate. Dryer only fully dries on one cycle. Dryer compressor is noisy.

Hi Brett, Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your machines. I would like to help you resolve these issues. ASKO washing machines are designed to determine the weight of your wash load and adjust the amount of water and time needed accordingly. The times may also vary if you select a higher temperature since the water may need extra time to heat up. In regards to your dryer, if you could please email me your details at feedback@asko.com.au I would be happy to look into it for you and give you a call to resolve this. Kind Regards, Kylie – Customer Service Team LeaderThanks Kylie I will pass you my email address via that link. In reference to the washing machine I select a quick wash, on 20 degrees and the machine displays on the digital timer that it will take 35 minutes. I can be still sitting waiting for it to finish 50 minutes later. Very frustrating. If the machine can't accurately predict the time upon setting then don't display the time.After 5 or 6 service calls for my dryer Asko replaced it. The noisy compressor is not actually the issue its in fact something to do with another part in the machine that loudly squeaks on every single rotation of the drum. Asko replaced it and now 6 months in to the new machine it's intermittingly started again! If it gets worse I'll be simply going to fair trading this time. Sigh.

After sale service

The water is leaking after each cycle potentially going into the electrical parts of the dryer. The after sale service I was directed to by Asko took it for 3 Months and still didn't fix it. It has been sent there again and they won't get back to me when I call and I have had to go to consumer affairs.

Water leaking and extremely bad after sales service

How are you going with consumer affairs? I'm having nothing but trouble with my Asko washer and dryer and fair I will need to take the same approach :(Ann! After many many emails and follow ups I got a refund from ASKO! Good luck with yours :)

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Questions & Answers

I have the T408HD...I bought it mid 2018 to go with the new washing machine. It runs really well, BUT...I have a question about the new so-called "Butterfly Drying". If I put a couple of sheets in, they ALWAYS end up in a rolled up ball. Same with towels. It happens whether I dry straight out of the washing machine, or am just finishing them off after they've been on the line for a while. What is going on with that? Am I doing something wrong? I bought this dryer for the holiday house because my other one (T784HP) is really terrific and doesn't cause the sheets etc to roll up into a bal
No answers

I am so nervous, I purchased the ASKO washing machine and dryer today total outlay $3300 dollars. After reading the reviews I am so worried, have I done the right thing? should I have gone with Miele for the money I have just forked out? :(
2 answers
Since my review I had the technician out again. He put in a 5 cent o-ring and solved the problem. It will never do a good job on a queen sized doona cover (tangles) but overall I am happy with it now. Brook: I was just like you... I read the reviews after buying. I was so worried that I'd lost my money especially when their phone service was so abysmal. I'm not so troubled now.This is my second ASKO, I purchased the washing machine and dryer in 2003. They both still work, the dryer barely and the washing machine just doesn't wash 'clean' any more. I have been so very happy with these products that is why I bought the same again. I did a lot of research into Bosch, Miele and the ASKO. I have always been so happy with the metal seal on the ASKO and my machines were made in Sweden. Since reading the reviews of the new models that have since been made in Slovenia I am concerned. Hopefully I won't have any issues, especially for the cost.

Have an asko T784HP dryer would like to know if it is ok (and if so which cycle) to dry cotton t -shirts without risking shrinkage? Thank you Marea
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HI Marea, We cannot guarantee whether the t-shirts will shrink or not as it totally depends on the material, whether they are meant to be tumble dried or not. What we can recommend you try, will be to set it on auto dry with minimum temperature and spin speed and see if that helps. Kindly also make sure all the filters are clean as if they are not clean then that can create excess heat as well. Regards Vani - Team Leader - After Sales Service


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