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AstralPool RT/RTX

AstralPool RT/RTX

RT and RTX
2.3 from 19 reviews

Terrible service and a terrible product. DO NOT BUY from this company

The pump broke down after 3 months and they took another 3 months to fix it, even when they did fix the pump it was still crap. I will be replacing this pump with another reliable product. The customer service with company is a total joke, they do not even pick up their phone and are so backed up with fixing everyone's pumps that it takes them months to come fix the problem. Save yourself money, time and patience and go with another company, this company has no right to even be operating.

Purchased in September 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Pool Size Small

Overpriced piece of plastic

Am on my 3rd RTX pool cleaner and if I could get my money back I would. They continually break down, are not reliable and very inconsistent in cleaning. Was recommended through the pool cleaning service.

Purchased in January 2016 for $1,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Pool Size Large
Small Debris Cleaning
Large Debris Cleaning
Wall and Step Cleaning

Rubbish for the money

Purchased an RB cleaner . I know you can pull off the number of cleans and mine would be below a 100 cleans . So far replaced chord and now has stopped working and received a quote for $700 to repair a unit that cost $1100 new . Out of warranty do no help either . When it worked it was great but obviously cheap. Save your money and get something more reliable. Scrap heap not even bothering having it returned.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

An Absolute Lemon

This unit is just unreliable and so far mine has broken down three times. The first time it was fixed under warranty and it required an extensive range of parts. The last time the parts list was not as extensive and I had to pay to get it fixed. Now three months later its failed again.
This unit is a money pit and I'm certain much better alternatives are available because its hard to imagine anything less reliable.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Waste of money

Pool pump cost near three thousand dollars and only lasted two years. Was fobbed off by the manufacturer and aquatecniks with total disregard . I ended up buying an ONGA pump for $300 delivered and have been happy since. I would not recommend doing business with either companies as I feel l have been ripped off by both. Absolute rubbish.

Date PurchasedMar 2012


Worked great initially however the quality of these products is terrible. My issues are consistent with other owner's feedback Cord tangles WHEN it works. Lasted about 9months. Would never buy this product again. For the price you would expect a longer life. Poor service, sub quality product. Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


Three years and two months ago I purchased this pool cleaner. After only one year it was back to the manufacturers to be repaired. I struggled for the next two years with tangled cords and poor cleaning which meant I had to manually clean each week as well as using the robot. The final straw came when it recently stopped working just two months after the warranty finished and the quote came back ( after them having it for more than a week ) at $900 just $400 short of the original purchase price. Please save your money and never buy from this company. I would have given a no star rating if I was able.

UPDATE : The company has now agreed to repair my pool cleaner under warranty, although the broken part will only carry a one month warranty. Thank you to Poolside North East in Adelaide for going into bat for me.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Disappointing for the price

Bought a Astral Pool cleaner (forgot the name), and it stopped working after 2 months (used 4 times). Brought it away to get repaired and was promised for 12 weeks that it would be ready any time. Then finally they admitted that they had lost it. Got this RT instead (different model, as the former one had a bag, and this one has 2 top load cartirdges that hold the filteres leaves etc. It does only a very moderate job, leaving most debris on the bottom of the pool and makes funny jumps all the time. It is not easy to clean the cartridges and in the cartridge there is a box and leaves stick behind it and push it from the rest of the cartridge with the risk of breaking it.
Would definitely buy a whole different brand as warranty was most horrible, they lost my repair item and replaced it with an inferior one.
Next time buy a good brand, never had good experiences with Astral.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Very poor service

Our Robic pool cleaner stopped working for the second time in two years and so far has been away for six weeks. When I phoned today I received a very unhelpful response, not even an effort to track down our pool cleaner after waiting on hold, they just did not want to know. Parts and servicing are a problem, their system is not customer friendly.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Control Box Problems

The control box indicator lights stopped working and it was not possible to tell what settings were selected. It was replaced under warranty but now some two months later the new control box has developed the same problem. I also have the unit set to clean only the bottom of the pool as when set to clean walls as well it frequently breaks the surface and sucks in air. Often times it fails to expel the air and floats around uselessly until the control box senses something is wrong and switches the unit off. I would not buy this product again.

Date PurchasedMay 2015
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Here's an update and all credit to Astral. The control box was again replaced under warranty some 6 months before the end of the 3 year warranty period. This failed to get the robot going so Astral have now replaced both drive motors and the propellor drive motor within the robot itself (the 'smarts' are apparently inside the robot propellor drive unit not within the so-called Control unit). So I now have a practically new set up and I am happy to report that the new propellor drive motor is more powerful than the original one which has cured the breaking surface and injesting air problem. Interestingly, the technician who performed the work says Astral have now reduced the warranty period on new machines to 2 years.

OK but floats around sometimes

When cleaning walls the cleaner occasionally breaks surface and sucks in air. This can cause it to float with the motor whizzing until the control unit detects something is wrong and switches the unit off. The robot is then left inactive and floating in the pool dong nothing until I turn it over to allow the air to escape and restart the unit. very annoying and should not happen.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Warranty concerns

Before purchasing an Astral Pool RT or RTX, make sure that you are aware of the various complaints about warranty claims. I had to take my RT to Astral Pool warehouse (they don't come and pick it up) and have been waiting for 6 weeks for them to fix it (still waiting). Apparently, they don't keep spare parts in Australia and therefore everything has to be shipped from overseas. There is no updates whatsoever and I need to ring every couple of weeks to get an update. This is extremely frustrating to say the least.
Edit: it has now been 9 weeks since I took the RT for servicing. I am still waiting...

Date PurchasedJun 2015


I have a resurfaced 35 year old 70,000 lt inground pool which has seen numerous pool cleaners
This time I decded to spend the money & go rebotic - after hours of deliberation I chose the RTX - I have used it 4 times - i am blown away with it's performance - it does a fantastic job of picking up leaves & dirt - easy to place in the pool - easy to remove from the pool - sooo easy to remove & hose the 2 filters

May 6th 2018 Update: Money well spent

Using the RTX pool cleaner is a dream - The filter canisters pick up dirt & leaves - easy to clean - make sure the canister fabric is occasionally cleaned with an old tooth brush - normally it takes no more than 5 minutes to get the cleaner in the pool & started - it takes about 10 /12 minutes to remove from the pool wash the canisters with a hose / fold up the lead & put the RTX back in the garden shed - I cant remember when I purchased the RTX ( over 18 months ago - I originally wrote a review after 4 weeks of use - The unit has never let me down (I look after it like a baby!!)

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Fantastic product - Highly recommended

Not sure what all the complaints are about, it's a great product granted I only had mine for 1 month in our newly constructed concrete pool and I am under no illusion that it will last forever, nor does a vacuum cleaner, or the pool pump for that matter. It picks up leaves and clears the water great and I can focus on cleaning the pool filter, backwash and rinse and pickup floating leaves, it will save you hours every week. If (other) peoples pools are constantly full of sand and dirt, hose of your feet before you enter the pool. If your expectations are too high, get a pool boy but even if I had a pool boy, I would still get one of these.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Couldn't live without this pool cleaner.

It has been fantastic for collecting debris and leaf matter from the bottom of our pebblecrete pool. The RT robotic cleaner is definitely best thing we have bought and I would highly recommend this model pool cleaner. It is easy to use and light weight. Best of all, has saved us hours of cleaning time.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Probably wouldn't buy this one again.

Cleans the majority of the leaves off the bottom of the pool. only seems to filter out about half of the dirt/ sand that is on the bottom of the pool floor- the dirt settles back down later somewhere else. Doesn't clean the radius between the wall and the floor or the corners of the pool and you need to brush them before you put the cleaner in. A filter screen hinge broke and astral rejected the warranty claim - the hinge is a small plastic loop about 1mm thick. Disappointing as one of the reasons I chose astral was because of the 3 year warranty. It's easier than cleaning the pool yourself just don't expect it to be really clean. You would still have to manually clean the pool every now and then. Might be better off to buy the cheaper model.

Doesn't Clean

The Astral RT Pool Cleaner is not cheap, but I purchased at a good price from Oz Pool Supplies. It claims to filter down to 2 microns. It does not. Don't bother with this product unless you need a robotic pool cleaner to clean leaves from the bottom of your pool. Astral Pools won't help with a refund and have told me to go back to Oz Pool Supplies. Oz Pool Supplies have told me to go to the ACCC and lodged a claim against Astral Pools. Disgraceful!

RPX version

Had it for 8 months and works well. gets all areas and is pretty easy to clean and store.
Only bad thing is the filter bag has lost its elasticity and new one is $90!! What a joke. This needs to be looked at.
I have always removed and cleaned it after use and been careful as well.
30-35 uses only.


It's so easy to clean plus its like super light weight compared to my kreepy krawly. Love it to bitz! Would 100% recommend to everyone with a pool!!!! It has timers in it so I just leave it in the water and it makes the pool look better than it did before, don't know why just looks like it shimmers. Great cleaner!

Questions & Answers

When using the rxt cleaner today dirt started coming out the top of the machine? Any ideas?
1 answer
You mean past te spinning rotor ? That would mean that the particles are so small that they pass the filter. That is easily possible as the filter has very large pores and is really only meant for leaves. Also, the 2 cartridges (I assume you have the model with the 2 cartridges) are very hard to clean and there is a little plastic box in the cartridge where the dirt will always accumulate behind. Forget it. The whole design of this model was a failure, they abandoned the production after a small time. People sometimes have to cut their losses and buy a decent, I mean non Astral Pool product, or start a fight with this company who will not answer you anyway.

I have had the RTX & RPX recommended by a dealer but after owning an Astral Max5 and having such a bad experience with the product, I am very wary of this manufacturers products. They are charging a premium price but I would like to know from anyone who has had one of these for a while to see if the have had any issues. Anyone?
3 answers
Mine is like THE BEST! I got a demo before as I saw the max reviews and I swear my 90 thousand ltr pool has never looked so good. Would demo if not sold if that helps I have an RT which worked well until the engine died. Problem is, there is no spare parts in Australia and therefore I've now been waiting for 6 weeks for spare parts to be shipped over from overseas. I rang a few times and each time I'm told that everything will be fixed in 2 weeks. So, it might work well but make sure you are aware of all the warranty issues if you have a problem with it.Yes, issues and issues and issues. Shortly after I wrote my review up here, the robot stopped working as it should, and now only takes in an odd number of leaves. Expensive and useless, just like the Astral pumps and chlorinators.

How much did you pay for your RTX?
5 answers
Heeey! I payed $2200 and never regretted anything!!Thanks. Is it worth going to the rtx as opposed to the rt ???It's worth it. Trust me !

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