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139 reviews
139 reviews
LJGSouth-Eastern Region, NSW57 posts

Love it, Best Home Router I have owned

ASUS have a good reputation for high quality hardware and this router lives up to expectation, I'm a network engineer and work with high end equipment on a daily basis, this router has a lot of features I wouldn't expect at this price point and has not let me down

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PaulRochedale South8 posts
MichPerth, WA16 posts

Like our own 'mini' robot!

This router is unbelievable. Is easy to interpret, covers the range of our large home and works well with an extender. Certainly worth its $$$. We are yet to explore all the parent controls, but the kids won't give away with a thing. The information the router provides is fantastic in stats. Really happy with this purchase.

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actualfredSouthwest, VIC40 posts

Best Router I've ever used

I've owned and used half a dozen routers over the years and the ASUS is the best performing one of all. It was a little tricky for me to setup becuase the interface is quite unique but after playing around with it, I quickly learned how intuitive and easy it actually is. The wi-fi speeds I get are around 300-350Mbs copying large files and that's through five walls. So far seems incrediblly reliable too. Great buy.

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Daz10 posts

Most reliable router I've ever had

I've had many routers over the years... Netgear, Apple, D-Link, you name it.

But after much research and contemplation, I decided to pay a bit more and get the ASUS RT-AC68U back in 2014.

At this point, it was nearly a $400 router.

It's now been 4 years, and it performs just as well, if not better, then it did back then.

It may now only be a $200 router, but IMO it still performs as the $400 I paid.

With regular updates with ASUS, it's functionality has expanded significantly over that time, with features of the latest routers (eg: AI-NODE).

Highly recommend if you want a router that will keep you up to date now, and in the years ahead.

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Dom S
Dom SAU6 posts

Excellent product

This modem/router produces reliable service, as well as providing a suite of useful tools to monitor your line quality and internet usage. The webpage that the router serves has the best interface I have seen from any modem/router I have ever owned. The router handles ~20 clients for majority of the day without overheating. The router does not have any fans, so it can struggle sometimes on >30 degree days under load. That being said, it is a great product, would recommend.

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DanNortheast, VIC5 posts

Excellent performance, very reliable router

Bought this as we were moving into a new house with FTTP NBN, did a fair bit of research before choosing this model and bought it online on sale (this seems to happen a lot with this model). So far it has been impressive- live in a double brick terrace, originally had the router in the front room (where the NBN was) and it worked fine through the 3 bedrooms, bathroom and lounge room (all laid out in a line, long narrow house) but got a little inconsistent in the lounge and kitchen (5ghz). Then we moved it to the middle bedroom with a LAN cable back to the NBN box and its absolutely perfect. Haven't needed to touch the settings or reset since plugging it (back) in.

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Nate W.
Nate W.Melbourne4 posts
Jarrod S
Jarrod S7 posts

Strong Router Performance

By far the strongest router I have had. Easy setup and easy to update. Most of my other routers had weak WiFi signals and would drop out constantly. This however reaches around our 3 bedroom townhouse very easily. Would recommend anyone that wants to strengthen their home wifi significantly over the supplier modem from your RSP then this is a good unit. Worth noting that this model doesn't include a modem. There is a DSL spec one that does and will work with the NBN. This may work with NBN HFC or fibre as that is marinated with a NBN supplied device inside. I run a TP Link modem on bridge mode into the wan port. The Asus then does the dialing for the internet.

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Maximo101Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC12 posts

Best WIFI Router at its price

I have had quite a few wifi routers. I was running a main router with a couple of access points but having dropouts. I bought the ASUS and set it as the main router and now run 4 access points from it. It has been flawless for years.

It has great base range, plenty of functionality and it is easy to update the firmware.

The companion app also integrates easily and makes monitoring traffic a breeze.

Easily the best wifi router at its price.

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SolomonPerth12 posts

Powerful router with heaps of features

A very handy and capable router. There's also the Merlin firmware for the advanced user that wants to get even more functionality out of it. Fast wifi and great coverage throughout the house. It performed so well I purchased another for the parents. Definitely recommend it for others as well.

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craynerHobart4 posts

Best router that I've owned

While I've flashed my RT-AC68U with Merlin, it was still great router out of the box with the supplied firmware.

I've never had to reboot my router in order to resolve an issue, only for firmware updates and external power failures and have managed record uptime with the RT-AC68U thanks in part to the consistency of FTTP.

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CirahPerth4 posts

Good Router

It's more than 3 years old model but fast and powerful router you can find. I bought this router couple of months ago for my HFC nbn connection and found it fast and easy to set up. It got all the features like firewall and vpn that's needed for home router.

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AllenMelbourne4 posts

Excellent range

This is an excellent modem. A bit more expensive compared to other modem but totally worth the price. The coverage is excellent. And once setup then just forget about it. Never need to do the "modem reboot" thing. Smart traffic control (QoS) is great. But you can't limit the individual speed with the QoS on at the same time. Overall good modem never go back.

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worth every dollar you spent


i can receive a good signal on both 1st and 2nd floor in my house also in my garage and back yard


I know this is personal preference but I prefer the Asus, followed by the D-link The D-link does seem like the nicest quality. If it were black it would probably win in my book, I keep it in my living room and it is bright red. The vertical stand of ac68u really saves a lot of space

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herbo4 posts

High powered home router

After much research I decided to grab one of these Asus routers. It has increased the wifi availability throughout my whole home can stream music throughout the backyard now. The interface is really is to use and the Asus phone app makes everything like wifi passwords, security and firmware updates really easy to manage. An all round great package. An excellent choice for NBN FTTP.

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C Pham
C Pham4 posts

If you have internet problems, throw out your stock router

The stock routers from your isps are not good at all, buy one like this and never look back, has both 2.4ghz and 5ghz, plenty of coverage, sturdy and looks nice, i bought mine eofy for only 170$, well worth the price and has increased my stability. Keep in mind that i have cable so i had to use my stock router as a modem , and connect this to my modem.great interface, Works great no issues whatsoeber

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MarkSouth East Queensland, QLD11 posts
Jeromechippendale5 posts


Been using it for almost one year now and it's perfect.

I was using previously a TP-Link Router and almost once a week I was having trouble with wifi that was randomly dropped. Changed my router to this ASUS RT-AC68U and didn't have any issue so far.

Not using a custom firmware but don't have any complain with the original firmware.

The router admin webpage is really good and easy to use to configure.

I was also having trouble to get WIFI connection in some part of my home with my previous router, but this one is good 100% of the time, 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz

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ChrisPerth3 posts

Great router

Great router. Replaced the inbuilt wifi in my modem (via bridge mode - easy to setup) and hugely increased stability and speed. The web interface is great, never had any issues with it (have had it more than six months). Would highly recommend this router over any others - cant fault it.

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jacknomizSouth Australia15 posts

Great router

This is a great router with many features.

Very stable with good distance range easily covering whole house.

Slower to start than rt-n66u but still pretty quick.

Best thing is its build in VPN client or you can easily upgrade to Merlin if you are after more features.

There are 4 or 5 versions around, they vary with amount of RAM on board and CPU speed.

Good and stable distribution of network traffic between wifi ac and n protocols.

Another convenient feature is that you can control it using your phone.

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PascalPerth, WA14 posts

a few years old but still rocks

This is an excellent modem and will service near all consumers - beginner and advance. Some of the features are quite hard to access but the most important factor is speed. It's fast and it has great range. I highly recommend buying this but not at the full price. See if you can get it as a second.

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AshSydney9 posts

Great buy, cant go wrong!

Stablized my wifi and boosted its strength. Mobile app is also very informative. Great Qos capabilities. I have optimised my connection for Netflix streaming. Very easy to setup and I highly recommend this router for small and medium houses.There were some issues with my wife's VPN and that still needs to be resolved.

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sween64Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC13 posts

Flawless and Fast. The Perfect Router

5Ghz and 2Ghz are both fast and the range is quite decent. It looks pretty good and is easy to set up even with NBN HFC requiring PPPoE credentials. I recommend this to anyone who needs a router and not a modem or VOIP. I hope it lasts me awhile.

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Justin A
Justin A8 posts

Superb NBN router. Throw out the ISPs provided rubbish

We purchased the Asus router to replace the so called “free” router supplied by our new ISP. The Asus router has excellent range coverage, great speed and ease of setup. It has many advanced settings you can access with the Asus portal. We have never looked back and Highly recommend this router.

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James4 posts

Best range router I could find

Did some research before purchasing this router about a month ago. The only factor I had in mind was greatest range. This seems to be the best router for range on the market (for both network bands), yet much cheaper the top of the line routers that do a lot useless fancy stuff. If you're looking for a router with the best range for both bands, this is it. If you're looking for the router with the best 5G range, my research seemed to indicate the Linksys WRT1900ACS.

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Mike E
Mike EMelbourne8 posts

Great router with many capabilities

Bought this router to use with my home broadband. You can have fail over internet (so if one goes down, the other connection kicks in), connect tethered phones and 4G USB modems, as well as set up load balancing when using 2 connections. I've been using these options with my 4G Optus modem (as speeds on my home connection have been getting worse recently) and it works great. Router speed is good, however it does seem to lose connection upstairs sometimes. When changing settings, the router can be a bit slow while applying the changes. Still, this is a great,inexpensive router, that easily outperforms my previous router.

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Ramamelbourne4 posts

Amazing value and fully customisable

Performs at a level similar to models several times the cost. I live in a 4Br double storey house and the range easily reaches all rooms with high quality signal. Already very customisable with the original firmware but even better if replaced with the Merlin firmware. Signal has never dropped out in the time i've owned the router

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Matt G
Matt GRockhampton10 posts

Best value for money router you can get

I upgraded to this router from an old Belkin and the difference is night and day. Speeds improved dramatically on my FTTP connection. The setup was very straightforward and the web interface is easy to use.

The wifi signal strength has been very good and can easily cover our house. The router is situated in our garage but you still get full signal even through multiple walls and out in the garden as well.

The router is left on 24/7 and since I bought it in November 2017 I have not had any problems or dropouts with it, even with multiple wifi connections, Netflix, Plex and a host of other bits and pieces running, this router just keeps on kicking.

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D_KSydney5 posts


I've been a fan / user of Asus routers for years but having moved into a physically larger house I found drop outs becoming an issue - after playing with powerlines, wifi extenders etc I simply upgraded to this and all problems went away and it has been pretty bullet-proof day to day.

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Akern4 posts

Excellent router

I upgraded to this router after being unable to reach maximum NBN speeds advertised from my old Wireless N router. After changing to this modem, have consistently had full speeds. Installed custom merlin software on this device and now it is very customisable. You are able to tweak every setting on this device to make it suit your needs.

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sanflemington5 posts

Best Upgrade I have done

Great router to use with custom Firmware (DD WRT) and can learn lot of things with networking and monitor your home network closely. Signal range is terrific and got good download speeds. No more restarts or freezing issues. Very easy to setup and I highly recommend this router for small and medium houses.

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CheaponosBrisbane4 posts

Asus 68U works a treat!

Purchased the Asus RT-AC68U as an upgrade to a cheap Netgear router. The Netgear router had terrible wireless strength throughout the house, however the Asus RT-AC68U has no such problems. There’s plenty of features to configure even if you don’t have much networking knowledge. Parental controls work great with the built in Trend Micro software. Highly recommend!!

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Jimmy X
Jimmy XMelbourne5 posts

Great router

Great router to use instead of the WiFi modems included with internet plans. Range is great and signal is steady and strong throughout the house. Very easy to set up but also lots of handy features in the software to allow setting up features such as QoS for each device. Definitely recommend

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3DS dude
3DS dudeMelbourne6 posts

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FivedaysAU19 posts


Bought this to use with the new so called NBN FTTN which uses VSDL. My old router would not support this protocol.

We have a big house and it almost covers the house with WiFi. The farthest corner doesn't see much signal, but that is about 25 metres away through 3 concrete walls. I use a wired connection (from the router) in the farthest room as the WiFi is too patchy. The gigabit ports are very useful and allow 1Gb/s to the main PC and NAS and a couple of connections to the farthest corners. It also has a built in security check which I have found useful for checking the network settings. Would definitely recommend this modem/router.

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WinstonPerth, WA7 posts

Very good router

After extensive research, we chose this particular router for our specifications of a large house with five users.

The AC68U has won multiple awards and has a large usage across the world.

Setup is easy for the mildly tech savvy and speed and range is phenomenal.

Very happy with our selection, and would recommend.

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JeremyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC31 posts

Reliable and Feature Rich Product

We have had this router for over two years now and have been happy with the reliability and features for the price I paid. (Around $150 which was a great deal). The router has updates from Asus every couple of months to keep it secure. Some of the fantastic features are guest networks and quality of service config so you can easily preference certain traffic. Can easily connect storage to the router for network backups. All round a perfect router for a busy home.

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BeroccaBunbury74 posts

A big upgrade to our NBN service

The router is easy to configure and is much faster than our ISP supplied router.

Note that this is a router only and does not have a modem, you need to use it in conjunction with a Modem.

The Wifi range and throughput is great, I have the wifi at minimum power and we get good coverage across a 5 bedroom brick house.

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