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Asus Taichi 21

Asus Taichi 21

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Not what it promises

I bought this computer about 18 months ago. It came pre-installed with Windows 8. After a little while through the "store" I was asked to upgrade for free to Windows 8.1. I did so and then the computer lost its ability to be both a laptop and a tablet. I let it ride for a while as I am technologically challenged and hoping for an automatic update to fix the problem. When that did not happen I returned the machine to place of purchase, who returned it ASUS and all they did was re-install Windows 8 and had a go at me for having the audacity to install Windows 8.1 as the machine is not configured for it - I would like to have known that much earlier as, of course, I also lost everything off the hard drive. Thank you ASUS. ASUS has now provided a fix, but that does not work as well as it should either. All this makes me think that I should have bought an APPLE product and next time I will.

Bad after sales service; expensive; incredible confusion of notebook and tablet

Don't buy an ASUS

I both this laptop a year ago, it was quite expensive $1500 . At the beginning I was amazed.
Then it started to have WIFI issues(low signal, low speed or it would just loss the signal). Even my phone had a better WIFI signal in terms of speed and signal strength. The worst thing is that when it looses WIFI even if you come back to a "strong" signal the ASUS can't pick it up, so then you have to restart the laptop. However it wasn't happening that often in the first 8-9 months. Now the laptop is 13 months old and I have this issue on daily basis.
I have also called ASUS and they didn't manage to solve the problem.
It can be a laptop and a tablet
WIFI issues on daily basis

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Asus Taichi 21
Release dateOct 2012
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