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You will loose weight.

This is one of the very few diets I have found that I actually loose weight on. Quickly and easily, it drops off.

Im not sure if I could stick on it for a long period of time. As funny as it might sound, you do get sick of eating a lot of protein and very little carbs.
I lost weight!
Hard to stick to


I prefer meat over carbs but I still found this extremely hard to stick to when I tried it a few years ago. After only a week on this high fat diet I became very aggressive for no particular reason and I'm a placid person. I was constantly hungry with many mood swings during the day; not to mention the headaches.

I gave up after two weeks. Too much of a stain on my body.
You can actually lose weight.
Too much fat intake, extremely hard to stick to, bad for your health, never feel full, zero fruit in diet, bad breath.


Yes I have lost weight on this diet and enjoyed the freedom from hunger and the meat meals. I do miss fruit and I could not ever do tis diet in summer, I would never give up lucious fresh summer ripened stone friut. I always worried if the diet was healty and read reports that say it is not, so I discontinued this diet.
A loss of hinger after a few days and I enjoyed the amount of meat I could eat.
After a couple of weeks on the Atkins diet, even while taking vitamins, I always got itchy skin on my face and cracked corners of my mouth


Great to lose weight and great for big meat eaters (like me) but once you stop the weight pills on fast and extra. That's the downside!
Was on Atkins for 21/2 years lost weight very fast,felt good, healthy and wasn't hungry
Soon as I stopped I put on 14kg and more than I have ever weighed in my life. Missed being able to eat a normal portions of fruit.


The idea to reduce the amount of carbs in our diets is well founded - our western society with its high living standards has given us just too much good food always on tap and no physical exertion to get it. And carbs are everywhere. If calories in are greater than calories expended then overweight results. However, care needs to be exerted when on this diet - depending on your unique body chemistry and metabolism it can (and does) overchrage you. A couple of weeks on it and I was unable to sleep at all - felt like a supercharged caffeine high all the time - no good. Everybody id different and the diet needs to be modified to optimally fit each of us.

Many health references show that substituting protein for carbs is good for rebalancing hormones and assisting weight loss but do your research first and work out how to combine the strategy with specific type exercises to get the best of it.
works well with resistance training type exercises
require vigilance to maintain fibre quantity, can overcharge the metabolism/body function sysnergies to make you twitchy and "high".


wouldn't recommend it - is too restrictive and feels unhealthy
promise to lose lots of weight by eating meats also did stop my craving for sweets
bad breath and feeling of heaviness and tiredness


Good for short-term weight loss only. In the long run, it's much better just to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and exercise regularly.
Effective for fast weight loss.
You can eat lots of meat, eggs and cheese.
Hard to stick to long term. You have to eat too much fat which can make you nauseous. Too restrictive and unhealthy. You can lose too much muscle which in the long run stops you from losing weight. It could contribute to osteoporosis.


Its ok for the short-term but wonder just how healthy it is to be eating such foods over a longer period.
I lost a few kilo's - always a plus!
Made me feel a little tired and irratible. Also my bowel wasn't up to its normal functioning.


I think the proof seems to be in the success for some people although I think that there are a select number of people who's metabolism is suited to this type of diet. Again, I don't think it's healthy to stick with this diet in the long term unless you have regular blood pressure, cholesterol and general medical checks. For most a good, balanced diet and plenty of exercise is a safer way to diet (although maybe harder for those who like their 'fry ups')
Allows you to eat proteins
Seems easy but is actually quite hard to stick with. Most of us don't realise how much bread and cereals (not to mention sugars) we eat. I don't think that this diet is healthy in the long term.


Most people would benefit from following this diet, even those who don't need or wish to lose weight. It's a fairly basic calorie controlled diet, with all food groups being included.
Pretty sensible diet with emphasis on normal healthy eating habits.
Some people don't lose weight, mostly because of metabolic factors. It can be impossible for vegans and vegetarians to stick to this diet fully, due to the importance of animal proteins recommended to be included. Not for people with diabetes, pregnant women and lactating women.


I enjoyed doing it once I was through the 1st 2 weeks, I was never hungry and never found it difficult at all, still use parts of it now and am slowly losing weight, I can't really say it has been bad for me.
I lost weight
the first 2 weeks


Many reports say that the low carb, high fat and protein diets are unhealthy and now recommended for long term use. I couldn't stick to the diet, ast it made me feel unwell. But, if obviously works for some.
Quick weight loss. My husband lost 14 kilos in 7 weeks. He has kept this weight off for 7 months.
I tried the diet and I found that I was very tired and had a lot of headaches. I had trouble eating the amount of meat and protein suggested.

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