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Atomic Beam Lantern

Atomic Beam Lantern

4.9 from 30 reviews

Great Portable Light

Just the ants pants for me I have a campervan I tow behind my motor bike and sidecar and it gives great light for the van. Would recommend to anyone.

This is a very good and useful product 5 Stars

This product is really very good and very useful every where you can take and even at home. Very good for seniors, vision impaired for picnicking, Bush walking and many more

This is great. Good light and very safe.

The grandchildren want to take it camping. We won't mind the upcoming blackouts so much. A good all round lantern/torch which does as it is advertised to do, and very safe.

Lifesaver in blackout

easy to use ,lasts ages with 3 AAA batteries ,the ability to vary the light intesity makes it great for grand children. being able to close it to protect while not in use also saves it from being left turned on.Brilliant light.

Fantastic Lantern

The Atomic Beam Lantern is the best torch I have ever purchased. It is so versatile with the different mounting system. I gave the second to my son for his campervan.

Every home needs one

In my opinion, it is not all that often that a product is as advertised. The Atomic Beam Lantern definitely ticks all the boxes in the 'as advertised' department. I would recommend it as a stand-by light sources for those outages which are almost certain to hit us this summer.

Power outages

Thank you very much for our Lanterns. Now we have Great lighting when power is off. Also we will be using it for camping. Will be in perfect use. Thanks

Great product. Easy to use.

Lights up the whole room. Easy to use. Practical mounts to almost anything with the magnetic base, hangs up, very bright, the Led’s have a great long life and are cheap to run.

This is great very bright

This is great very bright i love it should be great for camping and if we have a blackout shines a very wide area i will leave one in the car too

what a fantastic light

Absolutely love this light. I even got one for my mum. She loves it also. Its so light and bright. Will recommend this to all my friends. Hreat for camping

Pretty good

It's pretty good. Light sometimes doesn't cover enough area but is ok for most uses. It does go through batteries very quickly which is a pain due to the cost of them.


throws out enough light for the property down home ideal for fishing and camping I recommend this product to any one who requires the amount of light the need for small areas to large areas

Big Help around the home

Good for getting down steps in the dark and for providing extra light when I want to minimise the electricity bills. I use it regularly and keep the spare handy for when the batteries run down

Love it

It is really bright and easy to use. A very good purchase. Have used it in several different ways including blackouts and using it outdoors. My husband raves about it

Great product, everyone should have one.

Great product, light weight, excellent performance with simple but effective operation of product, magnets work exceptionally well increasing products versatility, overall I'd recommend product to all my family and friends.

Blackout readiness.

Perfect for blackouts, which the way the electricity problems are mounting, we will need this summer. Great light output, even my doubting Thomas husband agrees these are a great light.

Fantastic area of light

I'm sure this we come in very handy when we have blackouts in summer Very easy to turn on and fantastic light to read by. In a recent blackout I just hung it on my arm while I wondered around the house doing what I had to do !! I love it !

Ideal for camping.

We do a lot of off road camping and the atomic beam is brilliant and heaps of people have commented on it. Also they are a great gift idea and for power blackouts.

Very excellent will be getting another couple.Great for power cuts

Excellent and great for gifts,have recommended to others,and given as gifts and have had very good reports and they will be sending to other friends and family of how the product is

Great product!

This is a great product with being so easy to use to have ready at anytime especially when we lose power so often.can be hung in difficult places with a great 360degree light.

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