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Atomic Beam Torch

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Great tourch

Good strong tourch. Great for the outdoors fishing and camping. It has good range of distance and very bright the last tourch i had that was this good cost hundreds.

Perfect gift

Bought them for the kids to have in their cars, awesome if they break down at night, they will definitely be seen. Great for the camper too.
I would highly recommend this product.

Very strong beam. Excellent coverage

The torches are brilliant. Very strong and clear beam. Husband has stolen one for camping and the other for his truck.
One, however, had the lens cover fall off. My husband secured it again and it seems fine.

Great unit.

Hi i was a little disappointing that switches on torch do not operate, but in saying that, works fine when u press in switch in base. I will be looking into ordering a rechargeable battery later. Thank you for a great product. Laurence

the atomic torch

this torch is the best torch I have ever used .for its size .for its brightest and you can use it for spot or a bright beam. this torch is unbelievable. I give this torch five stars

Great car accessory

The Atomic Beam torch is a great addition to the glovebox in the car. perfect light for under bonnet inspections, and for checking the wear of your brake pads. This is also the best torch I'e had in the event of power outages.

Good but not as bright as the ad leaves you to believe

Good but not as bright and powerful as the ad leads you to believe and the multiple functions on the button are just annoying by just a shake of the torch can make it switch modes the only one needed is the torch the others aren't necessary

Torch is very good but mode selection is bad

I am very satisfied with the torch with brightness and beam however disappointing you have to go through all modes to select the one you want. When you turn it on it starts on the next mode to the one you were on. It would be preferable to me to have a mode selection slider switch. Also delivery time frame was very disappointing and the negative response I got when I complained online regarding the late delivery. "we don't just have them sitting on the shelf waiting for your order" otherwise all other correspondence was handled professionally particularly when I purchased the Dash Cam but once again faced with extended delivery time.My daughter uses the second Atomic Beam Torch for top level scrutineer in Motorsport for safety and says its amazing for getting into all the dark corners in race cars and has improved her view regarding safety items

Great torch,

The torch works fantastically well, very bright and powerful with great range, the adjustable beam is great for every application that you could think of. Plus the option to choose from different brightness levels is a handy extra to have

So handy as it is small but powerful

We use it everynight as we live out rural and it is very bright and powerful but small which you can carry in your handbag and very handy to use anywhere

An indispensable item for me.

As an Uber driver I find this torch magnificent to read house numbers at night. I bought two so one of my lucky relatives will also receive one for Christmas.

Love the torch, great for those blackouts.

Defiantly recommend this torch as my husband works as a security guard it works perfect for him on those very dark and gloomy nights. Also great for when we have blackouts. AAAA++++

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Beam Torch
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