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Can you change the date of a flight booked with Aunt Betty? If so what are the fees?
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You are able to change most flights. There are airline and Aunt Betty fees to make the change and possibly a fare difference as well. Please go to the webiste and complete the webform and advise what you would like to change to and our customer care team will advise the cost.

DO NOT TRUST AUNT BETTY OR BYOJET! They show lower prices to attract consumers to pay however at the time of booking nothing is guaranteed so then you take the money out immediately instead of checking availability first. The issue here is that your customer service centers especially after hours is an absolute joke! Refunding the money within 5 days means consumers are at risk of flight increases whilst they wait for your company to return the funds. STAY AWAY!
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I booked a flight on Monday from Sydney to Manchester in October, and the payment is still pending and I haven’t had any confirmation. The email is gregjwebb78@gmail.com. Thanks, Greg.
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Hi Greg, Please let us check for you, we will advise shortly. Regards, Aunt Betty.Hi Greg, We have re-sent your itinerary. Please contact us if you have not received it. We can see that payment for your fare and for seat selection has been processed. We hope you have an enjoyable trip to the UK. You can book competitively priced hotels via our website as well. Regards, Aunt Betty.Hi, I can see that the payments have gone through, but I still haven’t received any confirmation or any itinerary. If you could send it to my email address that would be great thanks. Greg

I've recently booked a flight with Aunt Betty that is due to leave in 2 days. Upon confirming payment, I was lead to an "oops" screen saying "something went wrong, but the money has been deducted from my account and I have not received a confirmation email. What's happening?
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How do I book a seat on my flight
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When I did mine, *after* the Betty's payment screen was a screen to book seats. I went through that but it failed, wasted me 10 minutes. Then I looked in the email giving Airline's booking code & e-tickets. I used that booking code to request seats directly with the Airline (Thai Airways) via their online Manage booking. Good luck.Hi Paul, Just go onto the Aunt Betty site and contact us and email your request and our customer care team will get back to you. Please note that not all airlines / airfares allow free pre-seating, but we can certainly request an aisle or window seat for you. You can also go to the "manage booking" area of the airline website and select seating there. We hope you have an enjoyable trip. Regards, Aunt Betty.

Hi there, My booking reference is ABY1661222. I have purchased ticket for Sydney to Lahore on 28th Feb 19, and few days ago, I suddenly receive an email that flight has cancelled. Till then I'm sending multiple email to confirm my seat on one of the give alternative options. But no one is replying me. Please help me out. Its very urgent I must have to travel by the end of May and no confirm status still. I'm getting depressed as days passing due to all these situation. Regards, Jawairia
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Oh dear Jawairia Im not sure that hasn't happened to us before. have you made contact with Aunt Betty Agency, the website or the airline direct?Hi Jawairia, Our customer care team will be in touch regarding your options. The original ticket has been put in for a refund as per your request, and we see what we can do regarding getting this refund processed quickly. Regards, Aunt Betty.

Has Aunt Betty decided not to book Malaysian Airlines? I have searched for prices in October and couldn’t locate any MAS flights on dates they fly from Brisbane
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Sorry i dont know we use Singapore airlinesHi, Where were you trying to book to, and from which city ? I have just done a couple of random searches from Brisbane and Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur and MAS is coming up. Thanks, Aunt Betty.Thanks for looking MAS options are now a available on Skyscanner. They were not there last week- brisbane -Penang. Thanks

Hello i have booked a flight to Sri-Lanka leaving on the 15th April, from Melbourne, whats the amount that i stand to loose if i need to cancel. thanks. Verna
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Hi Verna, Please email our customer care team, with your ABY reference number, and they will advise the cancellation penalty for your booking. They will normally respond within 24 - 48 hours. Go onto www.auntbetty.com.au and "contact us" and then complete the "cancel my booking" webform. Regards, Aunt Betty.

Hi, I want to cancel my flight which is on 21 march 2019, my booking reference is VQTR82. Can you please tell me how much refund I will be getting after deducting your admin fee. Thank you
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Hi Sharma, I can see that our customer care team has already advised you on the costs to reissue your return to a new date, and also what you would receive if the return flights were cancelled. As advised, unfortunetly no refund is available as the cancellation processing fee exceeds the small amount of taxes that would be redeemed. Your original return date is still a live booking. If you wish to make a date change please do so as soon as possible as changing close to the departure date is generally more expensive. If you do not change the return dates and you do not travel on the current booked flights, your tickets will be forfeit. Regards, Aunt Betty.

im wanting to book but i am not very goof with computers and need to book a wheelchair for my son just woried it wont work but so far the revies are not bad
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Hi Jessica, You can make the booking as normal, and then contact our care team who will request the wheelchair and assist for your son. My suggestion is also that you book on eof the major airlines and if possible, stick to the same airline for the entire journey and not a combination or airlines. Regards, Aunt Betty.Hi Jessica, Sorry I wasn't very clear before, you can also book a wheelchair, and meet and assist during the booking process, which will save you time. Thanks, Aunt Betty.

Hi, I have been chasing up with Aunt Betty for my refund which was refunded by Tiger Airlines (19/12/18) and till date (13/02/19) Aunt Betty hasn't refunded me the money. I have been talking to its customer care and being given false information that I will be notified at the earliest. It would be better if Aunt Betty takes good care of it's customers and provides quick assistance. Am still waiting for my refund of $200.
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Hi Puspa, Please provide your booking number (ABY xxxxxx) and if possible your Tiger reference so we can locate your booking and investigate. Thanks, Aunt Betty.Till date, I haven't received any feedback from aunt betty. poor customer service.Hi Puspa, We have asked you several times for your booking details as we are unable to check the status based on the name 'Puspa" - please contact us with details so we can investigate. Thanks, Aunt Betty.

I’ve tried 3 times to book flights worth over $8,000 only to spend over an hour inputting all my and my families details to get the error message 9 times saying my credit card failed even though I have more than enough funds, I went direct on your website instead of via sky scanner and your website doesn’t have the exact flight times I want nor does it have the same cheaper price via sky scanner so I don’t want to book direct on your website as it costs more and the times aren’t quite right. Please help as otherwise you will lose over $8000 worth of business from me.
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Ive tried again today and get the same response that it won't take my payment, I called your customer service centre and spent 40 minutes on the phone to be told over and over again "the flights might not still be available" even though I had booked them only 10 mins earlier, I then asked to speak with a supervisor who asked me to check with American Express which I did and American Express confirmed I have more than enough funds to pay for the booking ($8570) and that they are not blocking any payments. It seems its a fault at your end not mine, Ive tried to book via Aunt Betty direct and through Skyscanner but to no avail, I don't want to spend another 40 minutes on the phone only to be told the same thing. It seems there are a lot of Australian customers complaining about this issue and it seems like you need to fix it but are not seeming to do that. This whole situation is very frustrating.Ive also deleted browser and cookies history and using current search engine. I've also gone onto BYO jet but it quotes much higher prices.

I have tried to book my ticket 3 times. Twice it has given me the "Oops something's gone wrong" error and I have cleared my History and Cookies for all time so it's clean. Two more times it kept giving me "A card error" when I went to pay. My card has more than sufficient funds and I even tried PayPal and got the same error. Any advice would be appreciated. - Kim
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Hi Kim, Thats annoying for you and we are sorry. If you have cleared your cookies etc and are using an up to date browser - can I ask if you are going directly onto our website, OR via a third party like Skyscanner. Try going onto the Aunt Betty site OR our sister site, BYO Jet and see if that works - sometimes there can be issues using third party referrers. We appreciate you trying to book with us, Regards, Aunt Betty.

I keep trying to buy tickets from Perth to Phuket. Each time I try to lick on Pay now it goes to an error page!!! Very annoying I really want the flights for $947 return for my partner and I!!!!
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Hi Racquel, Sorry you are having issues. Make sure you have cleared your cookies and cleared your browsing history. We find that some customers has issues with these 2 areas. Also make sure you are using a current search engine. If you continue to have issues, try our BYO Jet website. Our care team can't make bookings for you as we only do online bookings. We appreciate your business. Regards, Aunt Betty.

Hi Aunt betty I booked a ticket few hours ago for Sri Lankan airline through your service and missed one word of my email id. So, I want to know that how can I make a request to you for the correction of my email ID? I booked a flight UL605 from Melbourne, Australia to Columbo, Sri Lanka and then UL 185 from Sri Lanka to Lahore, Pakistan.
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Hi Muhammad, I need your booking number, it will start ABY xxxx and your correct email address, and also your full name as per what you put into the booking. I will then update and send you the itinerary / e ticket, Thanks, Aunt Betty.

Hi Aunt Betty, I tried to book flights on your website and when I clicked to make the payment it said error occurring. I did it 3 times & the site came up with the same message. Also, coupon code didn't work. Can this be addressed ASAP please. Thank you.
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Hi iSH, Thank you for your message. Without being aware of the flights that you are trying to book I would recommend to clear your cache/cookies and undertake the booking again. We do not currently have any active promo codes for Aunt Betty. Kind Regards, Aunt BettyHi There, Thank you for your response. I have the welcome to the family promo code for first time users, which I need to use before 31st Jan. My travel destination is SYD-LHR & that is a return trip in May - June. I have tried your suggested way. It still says the same thing & check out did not recognise promo code. Ticket price has gone up a bit more now. All I am trying to do is purchase a ticket. This is really frustrating. Please look into it. Thank you iSh

Questions you should be answering are just referred to costumer care whar gives?
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Hi Mike, As Product Review does not allow for a private message to be sent through to the customer when they ask a question, only if they write a review, it is not possible to request for booking details via a public forum due to privacy reasons, therefore, they are requested to contact our Customer Care Team. Kind Regards, Aunt Betty

Hi Aunt Betty, I went to book flights on your website and when I clicked to make the payment it said something along the lines of an error occurring. Now I keep trying to re-book the same itinerary and I get a blue screen that says 'ERROR: Booking process has already started for this itinerary, cannot make any changes.' What does this mean??
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Hi Eve, Thank you for your question. We apologise for the complications encountered. If you could please contact our Customer Care team and they will be able to look into this further. Our team can be contacted on 1300 019 677 (AU) or +64-9-8896573 (NZ) or email auntbetty@customercare.travel. Kind Regards, Aunt BettyThey will not answer just keep referring to costumer care why do we waste our time

Are your prices in Australian Dollars?
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Hi Kevin B, Thank you for your question. The currency that the prices are in is reflective of what website you are on. If you are browsing auntbetty.com.au the prices are in AUD, if you are browsing auntbetty.nz the prices are in NZD. Kind Regards, Aunt Betty

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