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Aura Modern Bedrooms

Aura Modern Bedrooms

3.8 from 105 reviews

I found them great- furniture speaks in volumes for itself

I went and had a look at Aura was really busy and the prices reasonable

my goods I ordered custom made were 3 weeks delayed

happy kept in the loop

product is better then I pictured .

Amazing quality

Service average

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised
Store Locationwangara

TAX INVOICE NO. 18-00000291

I am also an unfortunate case which has been victimised by this disgraceful business.

On the 24th of November 2018, I made a payment of $2,397 to purchase the following items:

Sales Rep: Briers J

- Square Richard Branson King Bed $999
- Comforto Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress $999
- National Metro Express Delivery $399

After three exhausting months of sleeping on the floor, I finally received my goods on he 12th of February 2019. My goods were not received in their expected state. Bed was sent through with additional non-required pieces, pieces that were damaged and parts that were missing whilst attempting to put it all together. Seemed as though they were boxed in a scrap yard and sent through, because it looks nothing like the pictures they advertise on social media.

After 3 months, the mattress which was sent was actually a queen sized mattress. What triggered my concerns, is that upon speaking to the delivery representatives they advised "we always have issues with this company". That was the light bulb moment.

Since then, the business has made promises to replace the mattress with a suitable one, promised to gift me with some bed side tables and has sent a follow up email confirming the goods will be sent by he 10th of May via email. Almost 5 months on, and still no sign of goods being delivered. No contact, no follow ups, no access to get in contact with business representatives.

I have submitted a case with the Department of Commerce in WA, and will be contacting the tribunal should the company or Simone (Director) avoid contact, to legally enforce orders so my money can be returned for attempted fraud. I will be requesting a refund for the FULL balance and pursuing further prosecution on the overall misconduct of this business as part of Australian Consumer Law.

If anyone would like screenshots of my communication with Simone and the rest of her so called team, please reply to this review and I will happily supply the evidence to back fill the denial.

P.S - I am still sleeping on a single mattress awaiting the goods which I have paid for.

Do NOT give your money to this syndicate.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance Not as advertised
Store LocationAura Modern Bedrooms

Terrible service, false claims of genuine Italian leather

Currently going through court proceedings, due to failure to comply with warranty and misleading custumers.

Qaulity of the bed purchased is below standard and company advertised the bed as genuine italian leather and the bed is not leather at all.

They don't operate in a professional manner at all.. Would advise against doing business with them at all.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product Appearance Not as advertised
Store LocationWA

Scam - got my money - no product -no refund

Paid $2498 with no sign of delivery. I paid 3 months ago . All 5 star reviews seems fake . Product review should do an investigation on fake reviews . I attached invoice pls have a look.
I paid online and promised to get delivery 6-8 weeks now it’s been 14 weeks.
They block me from Facebook page also.
So disgusting .
I found out multiple complaints regarding this company
Another person who got scammed created watts app group
I am one of the victims for aura . I paid $2500 and nothing returned. No product no refund. I am making watts app group to lodge a formal complaint . Pls get back to me on [contact details removed]
Join watts app group now !!


Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance Not as advertised
Store LocationPerth online

Aura Bedrooms

Fantastic early birthday suprise :) I woke up this morning feeling like I was in a hotel.
The most beautiful bedroom setting I've ever owned arrived yesterday. I was even offered free assembly by the delivery guys - so sweet!
Aura makes the most stunning furniture that's really inexpensive for the quality.

It looks even better than the pictures I've been lusting over on their site :) Best service and beautiful product.

(The bad reviews just dont make sense.
I get the feeling its something going on behind the scenes - gives you no idea about the real quality or service provided by the business itself)

I'm a very happy customer who'll be back as soon as I convince my mum that her bedroom needs a makeover too.

Five stars for a five star experience!

Best furniture I have ever owned ! Quality ! Service ! The designs ! Lasts forever. Bought 5 years ago , mum bought last year , friends bought this year ! The furniture is amazing and nowhere in Australia comes close ! My 5 year old purchase still looks brand new . I’ll be purchasing again soon from aura.

Excellent Products. Great Customer Service

Aura you rock !! Just got my mirror bedroom set and omg it’s even better in person , I’m coming back and my friends cannot believe how amazing these sets are ! Amazing craftsmanship and I’ll be sleeping like sleeping beauty tonight !! I forgive you now for the 3 week delay ! SOOOO worth it aura !! Love love love


My 2 bedrooms I ordered arrived last night , assembled Rubbish taken away ! Super comfortable , quality is really nice and can smell leather and very high standard . Referred to aura from the Indian community who they furnish homes for , they do the gold furniture and as Indians love very Well priced for the quality and they look after you . My order was 2 weeks late , but wasn’t concerned received phone calls and emails and let in the loop . I see how other people respond because of delays or maybe even a competitor! Wow so much jealousy for this company ! Honestly I can see why . They have the best furniture in Australia , I see why the Indian community love aura ! Thanks again we will be back once we save more .

Customer Service A+ - Thank You Aura

Hi guys I was super reluctant buying from aura after reading the reviews , but I flew over to Perth visited the showroom ! Wow factor ! Was greeted with absolute impeccable customer service . I brought my plans and the designer sketched the custom furniture and I paid $20,000 on the spot as I could see the quality , I watched the talent in how quick my plans were designed and I saw and felt the furniture . Which look even better in person ! My settlement is today and all my goods were delivered this morning , installed and assembled and I’m in disbelief , I am so thankful to aura and the customisation and time I was given , the quality the designs and the absolute awesome furniture . Don’t read competitors who keep repeating themselves when these guys move to Sydney and Melbourne I think the other shops will be out of business or will seriously have to lift their game . Employing designers , designing Italian leather and remarkable pieces , and yes I was prepared to wait as I know they have delays ! But honestly I would have waited for this , nowhere in Australia sells one piece that even comes close to This . Marble tables , Glass beds , Italian leather couches , thankyou aura ! The most sceptical customer now admirer And lover of aura designs . Can’t wait to see your new shops on the east coast

Love Aura

I recently successfully completed a renovation with Aura! It would have cost me double the price with anyone else! Seriously great pieces, high quality, heavy and very enchanting and eye catching. Nothing looks cheap and looks better in real life. Love Aura! Small business doing wonders for Australia!

Both my mum and I really like it!

After my mum purchased one of your mirror beds and used it for a couple of months I really wanted to get one too . Bed is divine, of good quality and great price! Anticipating the arrival!

So happy

A friend recommended me to your showroom went in and was blown away amazing variety ! Ended up buying a queen size bed and absolutely love it !!! Staff were super friendly also HIGHLY Recommend !!!


this company is not real all they do is take your money and give you nothing but lies and nonsense in return. You do not receive your product as there is no product to actually send out. i do advise all you people out there not to be scammed by this company. i have spoken to consumer affairs in Western Australia and they are investigating this company so for anyone out there who has been scammed like i have i advise you to contact consumer affairs and make a formal complaint these animals can not get away with scamming anymore people. And as for you [name removed] or [name removed] i believe you are all the one person nonsensing your way through everything but your time will come to an end and you will pay for all the money you have ripped off people so id be very careful on what you decide to do next. ie to everyone out there call this number [details removed] this belongs to [name removed] maybe you should keep calling her and see what she has to say about all this. anyone have anything to discuss call me on 0422025160.

Worth the wait

I had to wait a very long time for my order and didnt get any good customer service while waiting but it was worth the wait in the end cos i love my purchase

Awesome furniture great look

When hunting around for a new bed I had seen a few pictures on Facebook and thought these beds were amazing, too good to be true. My Aunty had seen these beds in person and recommended them when she heard I was looking for new furniture. I am so glad she did as I am in love with my unique items which I know the chances of walking into someone else’s house and they have the same stuff is slim to none! I can’t imagine my room with anything else in it now love the gold and marble look I have going on and the quality is amazing.

Excellent, 5 stars

When I walked into this cool shop , buzzing energy in the air. Place was packed .furniture I hadn’t even seen before . I
Was surprised I actually enjoyed furniture shopping. . Well I bought a bed with speakers in it and USB cables and Bluetooth and lights shaped like a wave but so comfy !! The best furniture shop in Australia


Entered the store really fully and cool and different . Very luxurious looking but prices aren’t bad at all . Strong and quality and lovely features speakers and lights and Bluetooth . Always aura furniture is the talk of my visitors as they import worldwide features nobodies seen yet

Loved It

One of the best beds I have ever owned ! Love their products and customer service and staff are on point and very professional and helpful. When you look at the quality you see the beds are designer and very exclusive and rare . Different . Affordable when they sell some of theses designs in Sydney city for 9000 one double bed

Luxury Furniture at a great price!

My parents and family have always gone to Aura . As they love luxury furniture and it’s averagely priced actually well priced for what you are receiving . . Thanks Aura !! And the girls Simone, Nadia, Jasmine, Claudia, your incredible!!

This is Perfect! HIghly recommended!

Designer furniture imported from all
About the worlds and into Australian homes . The designs are unique and so well made and quality is impeccable . Prices are good considering and the Lead time Lomé anything overseas if not in stock 12-16 weeks.

I love this shop and thanks aura for bringing something different into our Australian home

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Questions & Answers

My question is to you Product Review. How can this company who has multiple complaints against them (including my own) have 2 more 5 star reviews given at exactly the same time from 2 different states? These 5 star are fake reviews. We are not competitors leaving bad feedback we are honest customers with real complaints. We come to your site to leave real feedback yet it would seem you allow fake reviews to posted. Who are we to believe. For me I now give up!!!
1 answer
what a surprise 3 more fake 5 star reviews left, all left within an hour of each other. Might be an idea to ask all the happy 5 star review people to post actual pictures of the products they received taken in their homes!!

I have ordered a tv unit and hall way stand paid have my deposit but i am trying to get in contact with them to find out where my things are anyone know how to contact them i have sms called and messaged them on messenger.
7 answers
You won’t be able to, you will eventually get your stuff prob the end of the year, but once they have your money u can’t get hold of themPeople been waiting up to 2 years for there stuff cause the owner has no money as recently I’ve discovered has a drug problemThis company is legit fraud, purchase of of $15,000 and it’s been 14 months and still haven’t received, please see photo attached of evidence that reviews below recent ones are all paid for, all the good ones are paid for but have only managed to find most recent add, it has been proven that this company clearly takes your money and eventually does provide product but 14 some even 2 years have been waiting, I have been in touch with a majority of customers and all have experienced the same, not one customer is happy, the only customers that receive there goods straight away get delivered beds that are glad wrapped as ex display but being sold as new, 43 complaints with consumer affairs to date only
From 2018 it’s clear they aren’t doing anything about it but that’s ok, this company is now under police investigation as fraud is jail time. People including me have worked really hard for their money and the owner thinks it’s a joke but she won’t be able to hide for much longer.. when people comment on Facebook about not receiving goods they are deleted and blocked. Her buisness previous to this was taken to court with consumer affairs for putting vouchers on Groupon for a service that didn’t exist and taking people’s money. All the adds in Facebook about products offered aren’t in stock at all but are said they are and then when people message about them fake story that they just sold out, everything is from China it’s on the boxes, the So called 100% Italian leather products aren’t leather and don’t last longer then 6 months and then when you message about issues or problems are they are supposed to have 3 year warranty they are ignored. Harassed to pay in full then wait for that long, shows how broke she is as I have also recently found out she is a drug addict. The only reason she is still open is because no one can get hold of her police, consumer protection etc dogding the system, answers the phone for a sale but not for anything else. I literally challenge you to find one happy customer in the entire period this company has been operating. Her defence to the fake reviews is that they are competitor reviews, I have never known companies to write fake nasty reviews about other companies out of jealousy, and the reality is no other furniture store would be jealous of this company as it’s so corrupt. The furniture is different and completely unique that is why people are drawn to it, but remember people what u are admiring is just a picture the products don’t actually all exist and aren’t in stock. fraud advertising and also fraud timeframes given, I dare you Aura tell people the truth that they have to wait a year. Anyway not much longer, not only will the buisness close but the owner will be enduring legal consequences for this!!

Hi all, I have bought a bedroom for nearly $7000 and they keep telling me it will be delivered on this date and the day comes and nothing. What do I do in this situation? What have others done to get their money back?
3 answers
Sadly you are not alone, look at their reviews. Others who are in the same situation have raise the issue with the ACCCI have been waiting for 11 months for our furniture. lies seek legal advice ASAP.These scammers aura still around?!

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