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Ausclimate Winix 4 Stage AUS-5500

Ausclimate Winix 4 Stage AUS-5500

4.9 from 9 reviews

Great air purifier

A great air purifier that we can absolutely recommend. We did lots of research due to substantial smoke issues from poorly operated wood heaters in the winter months in our suburb. We also installed air quality data monitors inside our house and outside as a result of poor air quality. Even when the outside air quality is poor, based on the air quality data in our house - we have excellent air due to this purifier.
Once I ordered online, the purifiers came within a few days and were really easy to set up.
Ausclimate have great after sales service, I had a question in regards to the operation of the machine and I was called back and emailed straight away with great advice.
I can absolutely recommend.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

A bit noisy

I’ve only had mine a week, so it’s hard to judge its effectiveness as I bought it to reduce the dust levels in my home office. I have to say it’s too noisy to use when I’m in the room with it. On its lowest setting the fan ‘hunts’ up and down changing pitch constantly which is noticeable over the hum of my computers. There is no way I can use it in the bedroom at night. So basically I move it into a room I’m not in and let it work away.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
Hi Bigmac. Russell here from Ausclimate. I've also got the same 4 Stage air purifier in my home office so I might be able to help. My office is quite small, but I have it positioned about 2 metres from my computer. I generally set the fan speed on medium. This setting allows good airflow through the filters, yet quiet enough for me to work on my computer. I can hear it operating but not distracting - some call it 'white noise'. If you are more sensitive to noise than me, then low fan speed should be fine too and at similar sound levels to a ceiling fan on low. It seems like you might have yours set on 'auto' fan speed, which means it will move through a couple of varying fan speeds in accordance with the level of pollutants in the office. It worries me if you aren't getting the best use from your unit. I want you to be satisfied. Can we discuss by phone - regards Russell 0422008777.Ok, i'll give you a call. I run the unit on Sleep Mode all the time so it's not notching up the fan speed automatically. The fan has a distinct growl that rises and falls over about a 3 second cycle that is quite noticeable. I've got a recording of it I can send you. A soft fan air noise is ok, but the varying note is very distracting.Thanks - look forward to sorting this out for you.

What a ripper product

After buying the Aus-9500 for home & loving it, I got the Aus-5500 for the office (Both from Ausclimate). My work environment is extremely dusty & it affects my breathing & makes me cough most of the day. NOT ANY MORE! This unit has transformed my working day. I hardly cough at all, am less tired & way more productive. I’m so happy with this unit & the service from Ausclimate.

Date PurchasedNov 2017


I have had some excellent back up service and support from Russell of Ausclimate. I can highly recommend them. I have had some very good results from this unit and does help greatly with removing dust and pollutants from the air as I suffer from some sinus and asthma problems.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Fresh Air in our new home

We bought the Winix 4-stage air purifier from Ausclimate.

Our home is a multi-level apartment overlooking the QUT Kelvin Grove Campus. My partner and I work during the day so the apartment is closed up and our cat stays indoors. In the past we used to come home and find the air in our home to be stuffy and smell from meals and kitty litter. We constantly needed to be vacuuming up cat fluff and dust.

Since buying the air purifier from Ausclimate we now come home to clean, fresh air as if we had left the balcony doors open all day! It has also helped with the cat fluff and dust and as a result we only need to vacuum once a week! Much better than once every three days!!

Russell was fantastic and gave us great advice and assistance on how to run the machine. Basically advising we run it on turbo for an hour or so before bed to make sure the air is turned over plenty of times in the bedroom and then set it on automatic.Besides being easy to use, the air quality sensor is good too –and it always lights up to tell you when the bad air is going through the machine.

Cannot think about living without one now to be honest! It's really good value and worth its weight in gold!

It make a fresh difference

I have been using a WINIX Air Purifier in my Ladies Health Club for the past 4 weeks and have noticed that there seems to be less odour and a fresher smell in the fitness studio. We have a boutique ladies gym and we conduct classes during operating hours as well as ladies performing their own conditioning programs. Although we have carpet in our facility the air seems "fresher" and our customers have commented on the difference that the purifier seems to make to the environment.

Congestion?!? What congestion?

I was always sniffling and snuffling when my friend, a fellow allergy sufferer suggested I get an air purifier. I came across Ausclimate's website and was a bit overwhelmed by all of the products and the technicalities. I contacted them directly and received exceptional customer service. They took the time to explain all of the products and their benefits, we bought the 4 stage air purifier to stop the smells and allergens in our rental house in West End in Brisbane. It is a naturally dusty house teamed with us having two small inside dogs, my allergies were going crazy.
Since having the air purifier my congestion has reduced significantly.
My friend commented how lovely the house smelled the other day, something I didn't expect with having two inside dogs. We also like the Plasmawave function that helps with viruses and bacteria, my partner used to get colds at the drop of the hat, since getting the purifier I can remember the last time he was sick.

Fresh Air Fresh Home

I am a chef and I often cook up spicy aromatic food that often has the house smelling for days. I also have an indoor cat which means adding a kitty litter smell to that as well and the house was often really unpleasant. I also live near a busy road with constant dust issues and no matter how much I aired the house out (not easy when it needs to be locked up while I'm at work) or sprayed air fresheners I couldn't get the house smelling fresh.
I was recommended an air purifier from Ausclimate and after calling them they suggested the Winix 4 Stage Air Purifer. I've only had it for a couple of weeks and already the house odours have virtually diminished. When I cleaned the pre-filter which is very easy to take out and clean, I was amazed by the amount of dust that it had collected from the air. The other things I like about this machine is that it is really easy to use, even has a remote control, but I just leave it set on auto and it runs all the time. So far I'm really impressed.

Love it Love it Love it!!!

A big thank you to the lovely lady from Ausclimate. I bought the Winix WAC5500 from Ausclimate recently and what a difference it’s made to my life. I live and operate a business in Southern NSW (Albury) and this time of the year it feels like it is the heart of hay fever country. Hay fever is something I have always put up with but since I purchased the air purifier I’m getting a much better night’s sleep. I now wake up with a much clearer head. I wish I had bumped into Chris years ago. She was so helpful and really knows a lot about air purifiers. I had no idea how good they could be. I also didn’t know what to look for but after Chris told me about what the filters can do especially the HEPA filter I was sold. This is some really advanced piece of equipment but one of the best things I like is that it is fully automatic and comes with a remote control. It is so easy to use.
Being in business myself I only review products that stand out from the rest. Ausclimates product and professional people are first class. I thought about how many other people with hay fever could benefit from an air purifier. Do yourself a favour and call Ausclimate. I would highly recommend getting a Winix air purifier from them.

Questions & Answers

I have a Winix 5500-2 and I cannot plug it into theAustralian socket using a travel adapter from US to AUS plugs.what do you recommend?
2 answers
I recommend talking to the manufacturer, I’m just another customer. Best of luck & Season’s Greetings.Hi Lesley Ausclimate if the official distributor for Winix in Australia. Unfortunately your model is not approved nor recommended for use in Australia by Winix. Winix has specifically manufactured other models for use here, importantly meeting Australia's electrical, safety and health standards. You can recognise the Australian approved models by the AUS prefix in front of the model number. At the moment there are two Australian models; the Winix 4 Stage (AUS-5500) and the Winix Ultimate 5 Stage (AUS-9500). Also we do not recommend to use a power adaptor in this case. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Please call me on 1800 122 100 so I can personally help with this unfortunate situation. Regards Allan Ausclimate

Hi My wife and I are both mild asthma sufferers living in NZ. Do you have a supplier we can contact here in NZ as your Winix airpurifier looks to bd excellent?
3 answers
G’day mate, I bought 2 units (work & home) off a company called Ausclimate, ausclimate.com.au they are an excellent company to deal with & im still so impressed with the purifiers.Thanks Claye, do they deliver to NZHi Gordon Unfortunately we don't have a supplier in NZ at the moment however we can still deliver. If possible, can you please call us on 1800 122 100. Ask for Allan, I will be able to chat to you direct regarding delivery and costs. Regards Allan Ausclimate

Hi, after comparing between AusClimate 4 & 5 stages air purifier, I refer the Ultimate 9500 but this only fit for a room up to 26m2, not even as the AUS5500 for room up to 33m2. I need a unit for a room up to 40m2, will the Ultimate 9500 work perfectly for a bigger room? Or you have any idea or suggestion? Regards, Alan.
1 answer
Hi Alan Yes, the Winix Ultimate 5 Stage (AUS9500) can be used in a bigger room. While this model has a recommendation for rooms up to 26m², it can still be very effective in much larger areas by increasing the fan speed. The higher the fan speed the more volume of air is cleaned or filtered. If you would like to chat with one of our friendly team for further advice you can call us direct on 1800 122100 Regards Allan Ausclimate


Ausclimate 4 Stage AUS-5500
Price (RRP) $599.00
Max Room Size 80
Weight6.8 kg
Dimensions 550 x 410 x 220 mm
Remote Control Yes
Power70 W
Manufacturer Warranty2 years

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