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Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L WDH-610HA

Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L WDH-610HA

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Great company with a genuine Australian product.

Scott and the staff at Ausclimate were attentive to the product that i required. Professional and caring.
The compact 12L unit has a strong operational cycle, as i used it constantly in very humid conditions.
Ease of functions and a quality product.
I will be using Ausclimate again for future air purification systems.
Thanks to Scott and the team.
Great service and product.

Purchased in April 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Room Type Small Bedroom

Great product with great supplier service

I purchased one of these previously and have used 24/7 on my 30 foot yacht based at Royal Brighton Yacht Club. It has kept my boat interior dry and fresh. Being portable I remove it if heading off for a trip longer than 1 day otherwise it is stowed safely when not in use for day sails. Unfortunately it stopped working recently so I contacted Ausclimate to enquire about repair. Without hesitation they replaced the complete product under warranty. I am very pleased to say It just arrived as promised and I can't wait to set it up inside my boat again. Last year we slipped the boat for a few months during the winter and could not run the dehumidifier so removed it temporarily. I could not believe the moisture build up in the boat during that time. Linen went mouldy and the boat had a damp musty smell. After she went back into the water the dehumidifier was put back and within a day or two things improved.

Because I leave it on continuous I have connected a hose to drain the water into the sink and this works very well.

I initially purchased this product after noticing a number of yachts at our marina were using dehumidifiers. The boats that race regularly remove them and leave them on the dock while racing then put them back onboard when they return.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Can't believe how good they actually work!

Having previously owned this model, we have purchased 2 more for our catamaran as we live in the Whitsundays where the humidity is a problem.

One of our friends was also very impressed and has bought 1 for his boat.

The service from the selling agent was absolutely brillant. Would highly recommend Russell from ausclimate.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Great little unit - small enough to tuck out of the way

I've used the compact dehumidifier for drying rooms throughout the house, and for wet clothes too. It hasn't skipped a beat and the water tank has been large enough if I remove it twice a day. It doesn't get in the way and has left the rooms feeling brand new. Can't wait to tackle a Brisbane summer with it...

Awesome in a yacht

We put one in our yacht which was becoming very damp, mildewy and smelly. The Compact 12L Marine Dehumidifier dried the boat out and is working extremely well. The yacht is now crispy dry inside. We bypass the tank and drain the water through the supplied hose into the galley sink.

Used it for our bedroom and works great.

I bought this to dry out or bathroom and bedrooms. Works pretty well and is a good compact size.

We had a garage flood as well. We ran it on continuous drain for a few days (wish I had a bigger capacity). Did eventually dry out.

I'd recommend this one for small areas, but larger areas I'd go for the medium or large. Overall this product works really well for its size.

Seems to do the trick

I have been using this unit for some 2 months now without problems. It is a surprise to see how much water has to be tipped out. The unit is easy to operate and relatively quiet.

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The tray has a cheap plastic feel to it.

It does the job it was designed to do.

After much research I selected this unit as the best fit for our needs. This is the first time our boat has been in the tropics and as we were closing up the boat for several months the need for a dehumidifier was brought to our attention by a friend. The sales and service have been excellent. I had a friend install it with no fuss. He was impressed that such a compact and light unit was able to reduce the humidity down to 37 percent from 60 plus. The dehumidifier is working perfectly and exhausting water out through the sink.

Wife stole my first one

I purchased a Ausclimate dehumidifier after a friend recommended one of the compact marine models to rid my F28r Trimaran /Magic Shadow of moisture and musty smells. I can not believe that this little unit could be so effective. I love it!! I can now just put wet sails and ropes etc inside, lock it up, turn it on and direct the supplied drain hose into the galley sink and within a day the boat smells fantastic. No musty/damp smells and no mould!!.I live on the Coast where the humidity is around 70%. Things around the house has been constantly moulding, overall the whole house felt damp. Well my wife decided to borrow my Ausclimate dehumidifier and won't give it back. She loves how all the rooms now smell/feel crisp and clean. I decided to let her keep it and have now bought another from Ausclimate which, like the first arrived the very next day. Ausclimate have also called me to check up on how it is all going which I think is a great service. So if you have a house or boat or any sort of problem with mould. Don't hesitate to contact Ausclimate. these little units are great and good value.

Questions & Answers

I have a Delonghi Dehumidifier that has stopped working after a few years. I want another that I can set and forget, that will turn on if Humidity rises. The boat is a 44 foot yacht. I noticed a couple of people have said theirs had stopped? I would like to get more than 2 years out of. Your suggestion?
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Hi Mark The Ausclimate NWT Compact has proven to be very popular within the marine industry. We also offer some great operating tips that should extend the life of your dehumidifier. It's not so much as running it 24/7 to control the humidity level in your yacht, it's more do with keeping everything dry to stop moisture related problems such as mould. Depending on the time of the year when you most need the dehumidifier we also have another model you may want to consider, the Ausclimate Cool Seasons 7L desiccant dehumidifier. This model is more suited for the colder climates. If you would like to give us a call on 1800 122100 I can offer further advice on what model would suit your needs the most. Regards Allan Ausclimate

I have a Delonghi Dehumidifier that has stopped working after a few years. I want another that I can set and forget, that will turn on if Humidity rises. The boat is a 44 foot yacht. I noticed a couple of people have said theirs had stopped? I would like to get more than 2 years out of. Your suggestion?
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Hi. We live right on the beach. Upstairs ok but downstairs lots of moisture from sea breeze etc. Have tried the crystal absorbers but they cant cope. We have temperate climate so this happens in high and low temperature periods. There are two master bedrooms and a smaller store room that are affected. Obviously for the 2 bedrooms we need a very quiet machine and one that does not rely on being plugged into a power source (if possible). What would be best solution for us? Thanks, Sue
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Hi Sue To control or solve any home moisture related problems, using a dehumidifier is without doubt one of the most effective and efficient means of doing the job. One important point to consider when purchasing a dehumidifier is to make sure it's powerful enough to do the job i.e. capable of not just removing moisture from the air but powerful enough to dry the rooms sufficiently. Once you have thoroughly dried the rooms, it's then quite easy to keep them dry. To do this it may be as simple as turning on your dehumidifier once a week or so to stop the moisture from building up again. If this sounds like your situation then you won't have to run your dehumidifier in your bedroom at night either so noise will not be an issue. If you would like one of our friendly experts to explain in more detail on what would be the right solution for you then please dont hesitate to call Ausclimate on 1800 122100. P.S. unfortunaltely all these types of dehumidifiers require power. King Regards Allan Bryan AusclimateHi Sue, The Ausclimate compact dehumidifier is very suitable for our small 42' yacht. But I think you would need a bigger one or maybe two units for the area you are talking about. They necessarily use electricity but achieve great results. Cheers, DaveThanks Allan and Dave for your responses. I will contact Allan to discuss our requirements further.


Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L WDH-610HA
Price (RRP) $349
Tank Capacity12L

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