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Aussie CPAP

Aussie CPAP

4.5 from 76 reviews

Rip off

Took my money and I never received the product - I am currently in touch with consumer affairs to get a refund. Absolute rip off. They dont answer phone calls nor emails

Return Claim MadeYes

Many thanks!

I bought my machine 2 years ago and I had a problem with it recently, there was an error about the heating system so I contacted them. Good thing the machine has warrenty and I am satisfied with how the company handle their warrenty process. I was worried that I might need to send it to the US but they only instructed me to send it to a postal address here. Sure it takes some time but I didnt mind. Now I got a new machine because of their Replacement Warrent.

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5 star for this supplier

It was a smooth transaction. The seller answered all my queries from chat to email and phone. They were very clear witth the terms and the promotion. I bought my machine for $1400 then got a discount with the mask too. I received the machine on time and it's perfect and brand new. No complaints and one happy customer heree!

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100% Happy Customer

Great help and best customer service. All my questions were answered promptly. I bought my Philips for half the price that the clinic is offering. And I got a discount for a mask too. Best deal I have been able to find anywhere, though I hope they had offered me 2 masks for free but it was still a great deal so thank you!!! :d

Product Quality
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I love my machine!!

Very professional and prompt delivery. I made a good choice in buying my CPAP machine from Aussie CPAP. Their price for the Resmed Airsense 10 is the best deal I found online!

Thanks for the complete package!

Thank you Aussie CPAP, I got my machine last Christmas and they were offering the Resmed Airsense 10 for only $1500. Not only that, I got the mask for free and extra pack of filters! Bonus part, the machine includes the 5 Year Warranty without me having to pay extra for an extended warranty.

Product Quality
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Express and Affordable

So happy with my purchase! The delivery is quick, Aussie CPAP saved me a lot of money and time. In fact, I am very satisfied that I shared my free mask voucher to my friends who will buy their machines too so they can get added savings! Thank you Aussie CPAP!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

5 star quality service and very good price

I am very pleased with my new Resmed machine. It was quite expensive but price is still low compared to buying it from my physician. My friend recommended this supplier. They don't have a store here in Australia but I still received my machine in a week after ordering over the phone

Trusted Seller

Aussie CPAP is a legit and trusted seller, don't trust reviews that say they will just take your money because they don't! I got my machine from them for $1497, and it's really a good deal because a Resmed machine can cause you $2000 or more when you buy it from different supplier. I am absolutely happy with my purchase and very satisfied with their customer service. The delivery is quick too considering that the machines are supplied from the States.

Awesome service and staff

My machine produces strange whirring noise when I got it and I was very disappointed that I asked them to refund my money. But the staff was really nice and patiently explained to me the cause. She suggested that I bring my machine to a technician to help me with the settings and it works! She assured me it’s also covered so now I don’t have to worry about my machine anymore.


I got my 1 Year-old machine from them, and some months ago, my machine began making noise so I decided to call them. Their representative was very friendly and did not hesitate to help me. I sent the machine to their return address, although it took longer for me to get my machine replaced, I am still satisfied with the resolution and that my machine is working quietly again!

recommended supplier with great online cpap deals

Recently I bought the above machine and was extremely happy with the deal, my machine and all the accessories (including the free promotional mask) I do recommend this supplier to others

Extremely satisfied with product and purchase from this company

I was a little nervous to purchase at first, as it was coming from overseas (USA). But after reading through all the reviews, I took the plunge. I ordered on Monday and it arrived (by courier) on Sunday afternoon. All genuine brand products (i.e. ResMed and Phillips) and priced at $250 - $600 less than any rival companies (total cost was AUD$1,497 - no other bank fees were charged). I wasn't concerned about claiming a rebate, as my health cover didn't cover it anyway. I knew what I needed to purchase, as I had hired the exact same equipment from the Chemist. Absolutely happy with the purchase and this company.

Great online deal very satisfied with my CPAP purchase

Great help. Best deal I have been able to find anywhere, thanks.
Firstly let me say how impressed I am with the service and speed of delivery, regarding my recent purchase of Resmed Airsense 10 autoset machine. I must admit of being a little apprehensive as buying items on line is not my thing. I will not hesitate dealing with AUSSIE CPAP in the future, in fact I have recommended my good friend to your company.

Easy and straight forward purchase form the USA

My order arrived last week. I got the machine on sale. I did not expect that much from this machine since I learned that this will be shipped from the US, but after using it, I have been getting a really good sleep for the past week. Very similar with the machine I had on trial and I am just glad I made the decision to buy this. Today I called their Australian number and I was advised about Sleepyhead which I will also try so I can check my reports. The lady on the phone was very helpful and their customer service is fantastic!

Avoid these people!!!!! They will never leave you alone!!!

I purchased one product once for someone else a few years ago who wasn’t familiar with online purchasing.
Big mistake. These creeps have not left me alone since... I am not exaggerating it is taking YEARS!!!
I have called, emailed and tried blocking but these creeps keep spamming me regardless of how many times I have begged and demanded they stop. I tried calling again but ended up at an overseas call centre who only said they would ‘email head office’.
Buyer beware. I don’t believe they are ethical, nor know how to follow basic law, nor do they have any respect for the individual.

Warning Warning

You never get your money back at the time you realise you been ripped off. Stay away from all C-cap's

Excellent, excellent. excellent

Purchased the ResMed Airsense 10 Auto online. I was unsure at first as the offer seemed too good to be true. I need not have fretted though as it was a genuine offer, the website was also easy to use and was safe. The speed the order was dispatched and delivered was unbelievable, even got a Sunday delivery! I would not hesitate to use again.

Fantastic Service!

Fantastic Service! compared to other sellers Aussie CPAp offers a good price, and quick delivery. I think many customers will be delighted if they will open a store here. Anyway, I am just satisfied I got my machine from them. save me plenty of $$$.

I love them!

I love my CPAP machine. It is the Resmed Airsense 10 auto and it is the female edition. I have been checking this unit for a long time now but local suppliers will sell it to me for $2500. I got mine for around $1500 + a mask too! I also love the fact thatI got the machine in a week after ordering it online. The machine is shipped from the US but I dont mind because I got it on time as they promised. Very happy customer here!!!!

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Does anyone have the resmed for women? Just wondering what it’s like
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do you provide Australia invoice as I can claim some money from private health fund. Can you please send me the template of invoice for sending Australia customer. Thak you!
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I find it very odd with all the above reviews. All stating buy here or there but no one doing an actual review of the product. I'll be buying one for myself soon. All I want to know is how it works as of late my breathing stopped a few times and has me a bit worried. I wake up with my heart pounding which is how the body gets one to wake itself up. I'll be sitting up in a chair tonight hoping that position doesn't stop my heart. I get to see a specialist in about 6 weeks. Thought I'd rent one first to see if it does the job. Hate to pay $1500 or so then find out its not for me. So I take it the unit some how avoids one not breathing by some how forcing air through which alone worries me a bit.
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Hi Colin52, the air is not forcefully pushed through, but it can be a bit disconcerting at first. I recommend the Auto version rather than the fixed pressure version as the auto can detect when you are falling asleep and adjusts the 'ramp' time accordingly. The 'ramp' time is the time it takes for the machine to get to the pressure you need. fixed pressure machines have a user set ramp time which is combersome and takes alot of trial and error. I suggest doing a sleep study with a specialist before you go to the expense of buying the machine.If you havent done so already, ask your GP for a referral to Sleep Clinic for a Medicare bulk billed sleep test. You will be able to see better after the trial whether a machine is needed.I wish I had done the trial first. I made a mistake there. I decided to buy it. HBF refunded $720 of the $1650. Mask was another $259. My sleep specialists gave me what settings it had to be set at but Perth CPAP didn't set it up that way and set it for all the max settings. They had the air set at 16 which was coming through to fast and I struggled with it. The humidifier was at the max and water pumped into my lungs. Not used it since. Had a terrible coughing fit and nearly blacked out. Think there is something wrong with my unit. I notice the courier man dropped it from his shoulder to the ground quite hard so it wouldn't surprise me if its been damaged in freight too. I did get the autosense unit in the resmed10 version. There is an app for ones mobile where it can change the settings on that too. There really should be some very basic instructions on a large card or something.