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Hi, just wondering. When you order some materials like for example roofing materials, do you supposed to know when it will be delivered on-site? And what’s the standard time frame for you to start the job to install that materials? Thank you

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Aussie Living H.Aussie Living Homes

Hi Babeth! I believe we have been in contact recently regarding your roofing materials. Your Client Liaison will keep you regularly updated with all the information about time frames for delivery and installation. Each home is unique and so the time varies but you will always be kept informed if there are any delays. I hope this helps Babeth but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. 9241 4911



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Can anyone suggest how long they do take to start building after shire approval. I am aware of some other builders who do start works in 2-3 weeks from shire approval. I am building with Aussie living, more than 1 month already gone from shire approval date. Initially they say its around month. Now they say its another month. when I ask why so late they say they have million things to do. I am not sure how many millions thing one need to do to start building. obviously I feel its rude response. Probably its not appropriate response to any client you work for. Now I am struggling to trust what they say. Can any one have experience with them in this regard.

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Hi durga ,
It took about 3 months after approval , I was very happy with the pace way they proceeded from there on ... I dont know how much it will cost but if its your new home I would recommend a independent building inspector .
Well you must get used to the rude responses and blatant lies . Everything said the quality of the building is the hands of the site supervisor . The office staffs are mere puppets .
Make sure you do include the soakwells in the contract . I wasnot happy with the way they did the drainage or the provisions that they were supposed to do as per contract .

Take photos of something you are in doubt of ,while the construction is happening , so that you some evidence to talk to the office . You will not get a chance to have a direct communication with site supervisor.

Cheers hope this helps

Sparkly oven
Sparkly oven

To be honest I think it depends entirely on the individual members that u deal with. We had the opposite experience of the poster above. Our build was super fast, our building supervisor had a few meetings with us and was available anytime we had questions. Weekly emails outlining exactly what was going to happen. 25wk build from site works - key handover. And our building supervisor even popped over 2wks after we were in to make sure everything was ok. Everybody we dealt with were great, no negative experiences at all. In comparison to other people in our estate who built with other builders, we are the lucky ones living in our home while they are still waiting



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How long does it take for pad down after settlement?? we have waited over a month and a half after settlement already, and were just told that it may take another two months, thus being almost three and a half months until anything happens.. We had been patiently waiting as it was for the title of our property which took a year already (which is not aussie livings fault) but I just don't understand why on earth it is taking so long?! feels like we have been waiting an eternity and we didnt even get an estimated date on when the pad will go down till I asked 50x, then when I asked them why it will take so long I got no response.... what do I do to get it rolling a tad faster????

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Aussie Living H.Aussie Living Homes

Hi bmth,

I will give an indication of the steps in an approval process;

1. Final construction plans (structural variations are finalized).
2. Obtain Engineers Structural Certification of plans.
3. Obtain Energy Efficiency Compliance.
4. Obtain Home Indemnity Insurance
5. Obtain Developers Design Guideline approval.
6. Obtain Certified Design Compliance.
7. Obtain MRA approval (if required).
8. Obtain Town Planning approval (if required).
9. Obtain Building Licence approval.
10. Obtain Water Authority approval.

Occasionally this process can't begin until settlement has occurred. I know that I haven't given a firm answer to your question (I only have 1000 characters) but if Settlement is the last approval then you would generally be onsite fairly soon but if it is the first approval then you could be 2 to 4 months away.

Please call me on 9241 4911 to discuss your specific home.

Anthony Oldershaw
Brand Manager


It took over 7 months from our settlement to our slab down. Then over a month for the brick work to start. They have been onsite for 5 weeks now and still our walls are not even half way done. I hope you won't have to wait as long as we have at it has been very stressful on our young family.


We waited roughly 5 months till construction, now the ball is thankfully rolling, we have the walls up and we are waiting for roof timbers. Hopefully it will go faster for you :)

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