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I made an order in early January this year and still haven't received my products!! I have made many attempts to contact but all avenues are dead ends!! Aussiewell are fraudsters...Taking your money and leaving you high and dry!!!

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Sadly this is a scam. Don't trust them.

i've had no responses. have handed it over to my bank's fraud department. I want my money refunded.
They need to be investigated and shut down.
The purchase receipt email with tracking number would not allow for follow through on clicking on tracking number. Total bogus.

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Stole my money

I Ordered some sunscreen more than a month ago. Got an email saying my order was processed and shipped. It never got delivered. No reply on my emails. Got no refund.

Product Quality
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They will take your order and money, then say they they're out of stock. Surprise, no refund

I ordered an item in December 2018. An order number was provided. A few days later, I was told that the order could not be processed as they had actually made an inventory error and don't actually stock the requested item. A refund was promised.

It is now more than 2 months later and despite many follow ups by email (as there is no telephone contact number), I have not been provided with a refund.

Most recently, I was advised that the refund had been made and that I should check my account or check with my bank. Of course, this has not happened.

Steer clear. You will be ripped off.

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Same complaint as everyone else

Ordered over 3 weeks ago from Aussie well. Received the “tracking number”. It didn’t work. Complained via email and got told it would be a few days. It Still hasn’t arrived. I emailed and told them I wanted a refund as I am going away next week and it won’t be here in time. I received no reply. I chased it up and was told they had sent it again it anyway, regardless of the fact that I told them I wouldnt be here. So now, not only will I get no refund, it will sit outside my house whilst I’m away for a month advertising the fact I’m away, get stolen or be returned to them.
I don’t believe it’s been sent anyway. They do not care what their customer wants.
I’ve been to my bank and asked to reverse the transaction. I’ve reported them to fair trading too. But do yourself a favour and just don’t order from them. $100 down the drain!
I ordered the same product from a different company (as I need it to go away with) and it arrived within 3 days!!!

Thanks for your email of pure lies “[name removed] from customer service”. As advised to you in my email....here are all the complaints for the same issue that you refuse to admit exists....

Product Quality
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Never Again

I made an order 10 days ago with express post. I got no tracking number and no delivery. I will never buy anything from them again. Maybe Dept. of Fair Trading is the next step.

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Still waiting

Ordered the end of December, no reply to my email, no tracking number, voicemail box is full. Not happy and will not order again. My advice is to steer well clear.

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Don’t use them!

After waiting 4 weeks I emailed them , couple of days later they said they would send a tracking number , 10 days on and 2 emails still no reply . I regret I didn’t read these comments before I ordered from this so call company

Success finally!

After several weeks and some emails to and fro the item I ordered arrived. It was a relief and the wait was worth it. The packaging and the order itself were as advertised. thank you team for processing this order, even if it did take a long time!


After 20 days of placing my order I decided to email them. The excuse for not dispatching the product was because it was still sitting in the shopping basket and that I needed to purchase again. I emailed them again asking then why did the money come out of my credit card if it was not yet purchased- and that I would proceed with legal action???? I then received a reply saying there was a dispatch/stock error and they would refund my money. 5 days later the money was refunded. Obviously a very suspicious way of doing business. No phone number and tracking numbers don't work and emails with non relevant information and poor excuses. Why hasn't this website been closed down????

Product arrived in 2 weeks. Relieved!

It took about 3 weeks for my order to arrive in the mail. I did email twice, once to ask for a tracking number that worked, and another time to ask when the product would arrive. All in, I’m satisfied.

This company Is fraudulent and take your money and never send the items. Do not buy from them report

This company Is fraudulent and take your money and never send the items. Do not buy from them reporting them to ASIC as a scam. They are stealing from people and are operating a sham company once they take you money you never hear from them and never receive their items. they need to be investigate and shut down and I will do everything I can to ensure they do. they give Australian companies a bad name. Shame on you Aussie well should be called Aussie stinking evil scam and bunch of thieves.

January 6th 2019 Update - Don’t purchase from this site.

Never received items purchased in September, took money from me no em:
Don’t purchase from this site it is fraudulent, I urge anyone scammed by this site to report the fraud to AAAC and the FPA scam watchers and police. We purchased in September and never received the items. They took our money. When we heard nothing back we followed up and received an email saying they had been posted and we would receive a tracking number. Tracking number never came. We we contacted again the emails now bounce back. This is NOT AN AUSTRALIAN COMPANY is is what is called and on sold website, the website is hosted buy Webair in New York in USA, IP Address United States and the registrar is TPP Wholesale PTY LTD. The website owner is Judy Prior (or Judith Prior) and she is based in Lima South America...get the picture! It’s a fraud and unfortunately still operating as a website pulling in unsuspecting customers who continue to loose their money. They need to be investigated and shut down. They can’t even be contacted once you purchase and they take your money. The address they list in Victoria does not exist and the phone number is a Sydney number that never answers and you can’t leave a message because it’s tooo full. Don’t buy and report this scam and fraud.


Money has been taken from my account. Tracking number doesn’t work. I have emailed them and never got a reply. I wish I had read the reviews before I placed my order.

Suss Website, Misinformation on Shipping information, doesn't have items supplied in Australia

Website has insufficient mobile phone contact information, uses misinformation on Express Shipping (not stating that it isn't local express shipping), and not informing customers that the items are not locally stocked at AussieWell but are shipped over directly from an overseas (U.S.A) company iHerb that actually have the item that is listed on AussieWell.

On top of that is how AussieWell over charges for certain items that come originally from overseas that are actually cheaper if not bought through AussieWell but directly from the company that AussieWell uses to ship the products to the customer from overseas.

Lesson learnt here is just do your research first and hit up the reviews to see who is legitimate with their business or better yet, just go to iHerb, who have a much more professional track history for delivering items to overseas customers and who tell you whether an item is actually in stock or not with reviews on items to go with it.

total rip off's .

total rip off scamers . dont buy from them ,i will be lodging a police complant about them lucky it was not a big order,

Fraud is crime.

I placed my order on 8 November 2018 and have not received my parcel today (i.e., 5 December 2018). I e-mailed Aussiewell but no response. No phone number is provided on its website. It is the worst online shopping experience I have had. I won't buy any items from Aussiewell in the future. I wonder if it is fraud? Fraud is crime.

inefficient or incompetent

It was easy to find, easy to pay but I don't know if I will ever get my order....I would give it zero stars and wonder if it is a scam...

Rip off

I purchased twice from aussiewell.I received nothing.When I contacted them I was told they were out of stock with what I ordered.I asked for return of my money and I guy called [name removed] told me he can’t do that and to take it as a dispute to my bank.I believe I have been scammed.Do not order from them.
Marella Sydney Australia

Took My Money

Not satisfied haven’t received product and doubt I ever will. Dodgy website and took my Money out of bank. Will never buy from here again.

Have not received delivery or refund

I ordered two products, received the cheaper one, not the more expensive one. I wish I had checked this Product Review site before ordering given the other poor ratings. My experience has mirrored other reports. They don't stock the products themselves, they order from other stores. I had a quick response to my first enquiry about the late delivery, saying they were on top of it and I would receive details very soon - but details or product never followed.

Update on 5 Dec 2018: I have now received a refund for the product (Life Extension brand) they were unable to deliver.

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Questions & Answers

Do you have a branch of aussie well in nsw
1 answer
I dont know about NSW. I am not from Australia

Where is an email address for the aussie well company all appear to just lead back to the site even the phone number has a automated voice telling you that 'no messages can be left at this number'. !? Does it exist?
2 answers
The only one I had was the one that is on the website. It was also on the email I received to confirm my order, so I replied to that.No they are a fraud, not an Australian site but what is called an on sale site hosted by Webair in New York USA they and the registrar is TPP Wholesale, the site owner is a Judy Prior in Lima. They are a fraud. The address they list in Melbourne doesn’t exist and the phone number is a Sydney number that never answers and the voice mail box too full so you can’t leave a message. They are just stealing purchasers money and not providing the items, except occasionally to appear legit but this is happening less and less. If you do chase them for tracking you get no where and any follow up the emails just bounce back. Report this fraud and scam to police, ACCC and the FPA scam watch.

Hi, wondering whether you ended up getting your purchase. I have had the same experience and am wondering whether you ended up with your purchase?
3 answers
Hi there, Yes I did get my order, but I did register a complaint with my credit card, and it was a few days later that heard from Aussie well? And then about 10 days later the goods arrived. ?Ok, thank you. I have registered with PayPal, as that is how I paid. I am glad you were able to get your purchase. I will not be buying through them again and if I receive my purchase or payment back, I will be leaving a bad review. Thank you so much for getting back to me.They are not even responding with complaints made any more. This site is a Fraud and needs to be reported by customers affected by this scam to AACC and FPA Scam watch website they are NOT AN AUSTRALIAN COMPANY, they are an on sold website hosted by Webair in New York USA and the registrar is TPP wholesaler PTY LTD, the site owner is Judy Prior in Lima. A few people receive their items to appear legitimate often only after they are chased, but now even that isn’t working, emails to follow up just bounce back. Unfortunately the website continues to operate and steal from people. They need to be investigated and shut down report this site to ACCC and FPA scam Watch, it is a scam and a fraud.

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