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Second Purchase excellent again

This time got two pairs multis one for hubby and one for me. Both pairs perfect again excellent quality great backup and assistance from the staff.
No hesitation in recommending this company to all family and friends
and another good thing is that they are an Aussie company

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Hello Leslie, Its great to see you back. We really appreciate that you point out that AusSpecs is 100% Australian owned and Operated which gives us a closer working relationship with our clients. Cheers and please have a wonderful day :)

Great Glasses, Excellent Customer Service, Fast Delivery AND So Affordable

Do not have anything but praise for this site and have recommended it to many of my friends and family already. I'd especially like to thank the owner Janet for her fantastic advice and help.

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Hi, wow I really do have a big head now :) Thank you sooo much for your kind words and we are really happy that we could be of service Cheers

No Fuss Ordering

Fantastic fast service. Excellent quality glasses. No fuss from home ordering. Cannot recommend highly enough have recommended to all my friends. Thank you!

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Thank you for your feedback, Pleased to have been of assistance and hope we can look after you on your next visit. :)


Multifocal mens glasses arrived.PERFECT from the second they hit my face.Notice to potential buyers,YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU ORDER, its up to you to be accurate with your prescription and eye measurements,as I was very careful and particular,I got the best pair of multies I have had in years.AusSpecs are very easy to communicate with I rang several times for advice and guidance and Janet was the perfect host.My Partner (Pamela) also bought 2 pair of reading glases, same result PERFECT. Thanks AusSpecs, as you can see, Im very happy. O/N 20189759

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Hello and thank you for your feedback. We are always happy to be of assistance as ordering glasses for the first time can be a little daunting. We are always here to help. :)

Very Happy

I am very happy with my purchase from ausspecs. They offer an extensive variety to choose from what's more, the prices are extremely moderate. I ordered 2 pairs of multifocal glasses from this shop and they work perfectly and saved me hundreds of dollars

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Hello Jen G, its just wonderful that we are able to be of service and save you lots of money that you can use for other things like chocolate! ;)

Do not buy any multifocal lenses.

I purchased a multifocal lens for my wife back in July and they sent the glasses on time. However the multifocal lens had a lot of issues with them. She could not see the middle distance and could not read at all from the left lens. Plus there were issues in looking at objects clearly from different distances. I also mentioned to them that this is not the first pair of multifocals. They kept saying that the Specsavers who prepared the prescription have not done it correctly. I went back to SS and they redid the prescription and i sent that along with the photo back to AS. They again made just the lens and sent back. This time the issues were even worse. I asked for a refund as it was more than 2 months without a proper set of glasses. They initially promised a full refund and when the refund came through paypal it was a deducted amount and when talking to the manager. it was less shipping and they have spend a lot to make the lens and all sort of excuses ranging from a squint eye, wrong readings, etc...

I made the same set from Clearly Contacts with the same prescription and they sent the order back with a perfect pair of glasses in the first go. Also the cost was near similar to AS by about 30$.

Also the person i spoke was very rude and has NO customer service experience at all.

I highly recommend people stir away from buying any multifocal lens from AusSpecs.

I am happy to provide more information to those who have any questions as evidence.

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Hello Vijay We can understand your frustration with the result especially after the multitude of emails and phone calls back and forward between us because it is imperative our clients get the best possibly glasses. We have to admit that in the 10 years+ we have been supplying multifocals online this one was the most baffling even to the point that we made the lenses twice to the exact prescription you sent. (BTW just for clarity at no point did you supply 2 prescriptions) We also supplied you with the computer readout reports from both the original and the remake for you to take to your optometrist. Even your optometrist agreed that the lenses were made to the prescription. We are sure that you would agree that there was no point making a 3rd set of (top of the range) lenses without some definitive change, which there was not. At this point we fully refunded your original purchase without question ! With regard the shipping fee perhaps we were wrong in requesting some input from yourself. Our thinking at the time was that we had already 2 lots with free delivery and many hundreds of dollars on lenses that were made to your instruction. Your may not be aware but lenses are not usable for any other person. which ultimately are thrown in the rubbish bin.. It is funny how the wheel turns. We at AusSpecs have had a number of clients in the revers situation where they have been to Clearly's and then come to us after problems. Nevertheless it is good that you were able to get some glasses for your your wife to be able to see again

Steve Aquino

Excellent!!! Super!!! Quick delivery. Awesome service. I bought my glasses for just under $170 with transition lenses and anti glare, where the optometrist would have charged $400

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Thank you for your feedback, and for being a loyal customer and you know if you have any questions we’re always here! Thanks for always being such an awesome customer.

Good Service

Love the collection , prices and ease of ordering. Have used twice now and can't rate highly enough. Thanks so much Ausspecs!

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Hello and thank you for your review, we keep adding new stock all the time, please come back soon to view. :)

Amazing Experience

Huge collection with different styles to choose from! Just order a pair and you will be amazed with the service. I saw their advertisements in TV and I am very happy with the order . Glasses are fantastic with clear view ! Thank you!

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Glad to hear it all went well, please visit again soon :)


I'm actually ordering my next pair right now as I have got a discount on second order with them. Really amazed with the service great quality, great price, great style and amazing response from the team! Will recommend everyone here to give AusSpecs.com.au a try. Very happy!

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Thank you for your business, we hope to see you again soon. :)


Amazing & quick turnaround. They have a wide range of frames. I had my lenses made into sunglasses “for free” (didn’t even know this could be done). So I got excellent prescription sunglasses which work perfectly Will definitely use them again. Several discount codes as well on the website!

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Hello Edward. Thank you for taking the time to add your review. Actually deliveries have been a challenge of late because of TNT being caught up in the latest ransom wear blackmail attempt. All is back on track and it is great that it worked out :)

Amazing Service!

My whole experience with AusSpecs was really great. Every time I'd email the staff and ask something about their products I'd get a very quick reply and they were always friendly and clear. I have been using my glasses non stop for a while now and are very happy with them; Their products are really good and very high quality. .

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Hi Lucas It is really wonderful to receive feedback like this. We appreciate it and hope to see you again soon :)

Very happy with new specs

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my old faithful specs and stood right on them. Just at that time I caught a TV advert for ausspecs and discount specs. It was certainly fortuitous so I ordered 2 pair (one for a spare) The glasses arrived this week and I could not be happier. In fact I could buy 5 pairs for the same price as the stores. Really happy with the glasses, the quality and price. Certainly recommended them to family and friends.

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Hello Germane It is heartening to see that the TV actually works. Personally I hate the adds and just zone out :) I am sure that your new glasses will serve you well but nothing lasts forever. Please do not forget to have your free eye test (paid for by Medicare) every 2 years and lets hope that we can look after you again at that time :)

Excellent service.. Very happy!

I recently purchased a standard pair of reading glasses and a pair of bifocals with quite a few top of the range upgrades at a considerable extra cost. No problems with the reading glasses but couldn't cope with the bifocals. The problem wasn't cause by a faulty prescription but was due to my inability to adjust to the loss of peripheral vision (apparently a common problem with bifocals). However as spoke to staff member, they helped get a replacement pair and it was indeed a great service by them. Super Happy

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Hello Meranko. Ahh it is so great to see that you are happy even after the minor problems faced. I suppose one thing that others might take from this is that AusSpecs, being a 100% Australian company means you can rely on us if there is an issue. Not that we can work miricals but for our clients we will certainly try

Great service. Good range. Excellent prices.

It's not that often these days you recommend a firm to others, but AusSpecs is one of the very few exceptions. We have been using AusSpecs for more than 5 years now and never been disappointed. Their service is terrific and at the prices they charge we are able to afford new specs every year, keeping our prescription needs up to date. Thanks AusSpecs.

Loved shopping with AusSpecs!

Shopped for the first time online from Ausspecs for my glasses and never been so happy with the purchase. Never thought I could save so much money if I order online.. service is recommended and price is also very reasonable as you can save bucks while using their coupon code. I am going to order another pair now.

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Hello Jansrenko. We can certainly feel for all those clients that are ordering online for the first time. Initially it looks really daunting but after you have done it once you will be saying, "hey that was dead easy" and the best part, take a look at the money you just saved! Cheers, thanks and have a wonderful day.

Great Service, Quality product, Best price!!

Easy to use website, great communication from Brian- Ausspecs Package was excellent, and great quality lenses at affordable prices!! Way to go Ausspecs!!! I purchases Semi Rimless Spectacles and it was purely worth it!! Loved it .. Also recommend to my friends

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Thank you for the feedback

Brilliant glasses and excellent value for money!!

The specs arrived today and I am very impressed with the frames. They are fantastic. I was hesitant to buy online but got my script prescription and happy I did because I saved so much money.The service was just amazing! I used coupon code AusSaver you should also use it to save money.

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Thank you for your kind words, we aim to please :)

Very happy.

I wear multi focal lenses and they are perfect. I recommend AusSpecs. I am delighted with the advice and frames too. This is the second pair that I have bought from AusSpecs and I will most certainly use them again.

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Fantastic that you are happy and great doing business with you.

Be Careful

Ordered glasses given expected shipping date only for it to be delayed over a week without a message to update or explain. Poor quality on last pair frame separated decided to try again but deceptive conduct means not again. Expect huge delays if you order.

Also can't trust quality and difficult/expensive to return. Reality is cheap but you end up paying so maybe use a shop front store like spec savers at least you can talk to someone.

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Hello Mark, We are very sorry that there was some confusion with the shipping date for your order and for this we sincerely apologize. We received your order on the 27th and were expecting it to be shipped on the 31st. Unfortunately there was a delay and the notification of shipping date in your file was updated to the 7th and shipped on that day. After our association of 5 years and 12 pairs later we certainly express our disappointment re your comments. One point we should mention is that if there is a problem with the glasses then they are returned to us at our expense and being an Australian Company we are always available to take your calls especially if there is a problem.

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Questions & Answers

Hello , who would you recommend in adelaide sa to do an eye test for glasses ? Also is there anyway I am able to use my existing titanium frames /that were very expensive but light . Regards Dennis
2 answers
Hi Dennis - sorry, no idea about eye tests in Adelaide. I'm in Melbourne. I used Spec Savers and they were good. Apparently you can re-use existing frames.Hello Dennis and thank you for your question. Being that AusSpecs has been supplying glasses as a third party scenario of over 10 years you can imaging that we get a lot of feedback on which stores are best and which ones, not so much. During this time we have formed the opinion that opsm might be the best for prescription accuracy and customer care. One big difference is that opsm are company owned store (owned by Luxitica ) so their focus is more toward looking after their clients and building a long term relationship. They are generally very helpful in supplying you with a copy of your prescription on request. Still very expensive though. With regard the re-glazing of your "Old Favorites" yes it can be done but the cost is often prohibitive. Unfortunately we now live in a throw away society meaning that for about 1/3 the price of lens replacement you can buy a brand new complete set. Perhaps you could get a quote from your optical store at the time of your eye test before making a judgement call :) All is not lost though, we highly recommend our clients to send their old glasses to Lions Club where they can do the most good . http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/how-we-serve/health/sight/eyeglass-recycling.php I do hope this helps and you are always welcome to drop us a line here at AusSpecs http://www.ausspecs.com.au/contact.php Best regards Brian

Hi, I will buy rimless glasses and would like to find out what Ausspecs rimless lenses quality is. I used to buy my rimless glasses from Zenni. My recent experience is very bad with Zenni as their polycarbonate lenses keep developing cracks around the bolt holes in 6 months or so, typical problem with rimless glasses! Has anyone experience with Ausspecs rimless multifocal glasses? Cheers L.G.
2 answers
I have never bought rimless glasses I like them but for me I stick with the frame around them and they look pretty goodAsk AusSpecs, They are very helpful and surprisingly honest.

My optometrist will not give me a PD .Says it is not possible to measure without wearing the frames because the depth as well as the width needs to be measured. What do I do next?
2 answers
That's a lie. See "Getting a Friend to Measure Your PD" at http://www.stingyspecs.com.au/what-is-PD.htmlagree with dan they just want you to buy from them . i have a very strong script and i prefer to get my glasses online as its alot cheaper then an optometrist my script reads sph r +8.25 l 8.25 cyl r -2.50 l -2.50 axis r 5 l 175 near add r 2.25 l 2.25 and pd r 34.0 l 34.0 so if i were you . id got to specsaver . thats who gave me my script / pd included .