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Australia On Line ADSL

Australia On Line ADSL

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Super Support

Based on reviews Australia On Line was my choice after Boom Broadband disappeared. It was a good choice. They agreed to identical terms as Boom and it was a seamless transition. Several days later some sites were slow to load so I contacted OzOnline who immediately tested the download and took steps to rectify the situation. Their support crew were extraordinary. Company manager Michael called me several times to ensure that the slow downloads were fixed and the techs setup continual speed testing to ensure the problem was solved. All Australian tech support, and the service was way beyond my expectations. I recommend Australia On Line 100%.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Great service

Our family internet has been with Australia on Line for many years. We have always received excellent service and technical help. When we have made contact for any reason we have had been given help straight away and nothing has ever been too much trouble. We have moved overseas and hope we get the same service here

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Great Providor, Excellant Service, Very Good people behind the Lines.

My Service is ADSL2 Regional, and the setup times was extremely short the connection has dropped out in the past, BUT, on each occasion, this was found to be my own fault, As mentioned above, the OWNER and his staff of "techs" are nothing short of FANTASTIC!

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Customer Service and/or support

We have had Australia online as our provider for approximately 24 years. During that time we have had to call on them many times for technical support, which has always been given with step by step advice, and heaps of patience. Many thanks to all on the team.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Always helpful and understanding

Australia On Line has provided us with excellent service for a number of years. Always prompt in dealing with the occasional line or modem problems and generous with help to the elderly.
Pat and Bill Bathurst

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

terrific customer service!

Have had ADSL with these guys ever since I got my computer! They have always been really nice and helpful.
Any questions or problems are handled promptly, no endless menus to talk to someone, and great customer service.
Any problems have been related to Telstra phone line issues, and not Australia On Line. Will probably put our NBN with them when we do it.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Great Company

Very supportive and flexible.
Never had any issues.
Connection is ADSL
Team are always helpful whenever we have had a call.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Excellent Service

What a difference compared to other telcos. These guys have really good service and are always easy to deal with. Recently we had some issues with our line and they were onto to it quickly and gave us a follow-up call to make sure it was fixed properly.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Repair of outside phone cable

Repaired in good time
We experience dropouts frequently
We are otherwise satisfied with Customer support and service
Awaiting further information on NBN

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Patrick, thanks for the review. We're seeing that prior to the phone line falling down over the weekend, and being repaired on Monday, that you had a continuous internet connection from the 8th, which doesn't look like drop outs. Can you give us a call next time you're having drop outs so we can determine what's is happening. Thanks again.

Better than DAMN good!

BEEN WITH YOU FOR YEARS.100% HAPPY! Regards Michael Fisher, you always fix it. A lot of time for us Seniors.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Great Australian Company

I've been an Ozonline customer for many years and each time I needed an issue addressed I was able to speak to someone local and nothing was too much trouble; they even assisted with the email on my smartphone at one stage. Very good value for money.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

The Help desk provides Quick Response, Excellent Knowledge, Detailed Explanations, Follow-through wh

I have had ADSL broadband via Australia On Line for many years.
My connection is perfect, dropouts are virtually non-existent.
Calls to the Helpdesk are answered with minimal delay. The technical staff are extremely competent, give clear explanations, always follow through on any actions needed, and have always provided full resolution to any issue.
I'm extremely happy with them as my ISP

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Very satisfied !

Connection type : Sorry ! Don't know ... Set-up process : Can't remember, but don't think there was any problem. Very occasional dropout. Very satisfied.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

20 years of quality service.

We've used Australia On Line for more than 15 years
We have always found them to be fast and reliable with high standards.
I would recommend them to anyone wanting quality personal service from their ISP.

Michael Lyne
myscot web development.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Extremely poor support. Poor communication. No help fixing internet.

I choose AOL because they were meant to be very good at service and support. So far I have had nothing but troubles, and they are not even communicating with me in regards to solving my internet. I am paying for ADSL but have constant disconnections and speeds on average of ~ .5 mb. Streaming services wont run, youtube is glitchy. And gaming is off the table.
I have had multiple phone calls, with no resolution. They keep asking me to do things like swap cables etc. There is clearly a problem with how AOL treats is customers, and there is no follow up review on problems. I am so aggravated by how they have treated me, and am thinking of paying an early exit fee to join a different service.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
Hi Jono, We have been investigating your issue. We recognise that you are getting poor sync speeds. There doesn't appear to be a line problem, Telstra have advised that they are willing to attend but they are of the belief that it is an issue internal to your premises rather than within their network. The danger is, if they attend and determine the fault is not within their network they will charge you for their call out, an outcome we very much wish to avoid, hence the most recent email requesting that you confirm some previous testing, that all sockets have been tested with only the modem plugged in.In the end telstra had created a fault on our line due to incorrect wiring in the local exchange. Despite requesting AOL to NOT send a technician around untill I had talked to my landlord, the sent one anyway! On a public holiday! Luckily my brother in law was house sitting and someone was home to assist. After months of aggravating exchanges with AOL where they insisted the problem was our problem not the line, there was zero apology, zero refund for over 5 months of non functional internet (we were paying 90 a month for the service). I emailed AOL sales, AOL technical support, and AOL enquires asking these questions. How long untill my contract ends? What is the penalty for leaving early due to your terrible service? Will I be reimbursed for the poor support and terrible service? I got ZERO response from all availible email addresses. Do not sign up with AOL they will take your money, and will only try to fix your problem when you complain on the internet about how crap they are !!

consistently helpful over many years (back to the 70's)

After many years of problem free (except for Telstra line problems) we upgraded our wi fi modem to meet new smart TV installation. Frequent drop outs frustrated us and AOL. I commend them for their polite, patient and professional service.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Problem Solved at last.

ADSL Broadband has had an intermittent drop out fault for weeks, when it hit I could not connect for long periods of time. . AOL Technicians put up with my lack of technical /PC knowledge and led me through a series of tests. We eventually ended with it not being my PC and had to be the modem or Telstra network. Knowing that Telstra would charge me if no fault found (remembering it was intermittent drop outs'. The tech suggested I buy new modem, which would also be need soon when the NBN comes to my area. He also said if it was not the modem they would credit me the cost. Any now for 4 days no drop outs, faster connection, and apparent to me, faster internet service.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+
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Hi Ken, yes, some of these intermittent issues are difficult to identify, glad our persistence paid off. Cheers.

Customer Service at it's best!

I have been with Australia Online since around 1996. Over this time we have moved, changed plans according to our needs and budget and in every instance, the local Australian service from Australia Online has been fantastic! This type of local service is a rarity these days....especially when it comes to telco providers! Couple this great service with products that are competitively priced, Australia Online is a great company to deal with AND it's wholly Australian owned!!
Thank you Australia Online........please continue to do what you do!
James - Noosa QLD

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Don't have to wait for good service

I have a landline phone, ADSL internet, emails, business domain and website all bundled with Australia Online. I've been with them for more than 17 years.

I just love that I've never had to wait on the phone to receive good service.

Any time I've had a problem, (usually within a couple of minutes), I am speaking to one of their tech's. Unless it's a Telstra problem, it's usually resolved quickly and to my complete satisfaction in the one call.

This weekend on Saturday evening, I called because there had been no internet for the day. Got through straight away. They quickly confirmed that the problem was on the landline (probably at the local Telstra exchange). They advised that Telstra wouldn't be able to send a tech out over the weekend, but immediately set in motion a request to Telstra. (Quite understandable).

The Telstra man came this morning, checked things here, then went to the exchange and found the fault was there. All fixed!

Sure beats spending hours on the phone trying to get the Telstra Robot Woman to understand what my issue is and then being re-directed to the (usually wrong) department.

I don't know if the price I pay with Australia Online is good or bad. (I haven't compared it in years). All I know is that I get far more service for the dollar than I'd get anywhere else.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Best internet provider around

Have been with Australia online for 5yrs now and have been very very happy with them..Would not go with anyone else..They are very polite and very helpful and understanding...Have recommended Australia online to all my family and friends and anyone who has asked who are a good Internet provider

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

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