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Dishonest quote

Was given 2 quotes when calling 2 different occasions. There was a 70 dollar difference on the same policy. I called to disscuss this issue and couldnt even speak to someone about the terrible customer service.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hey Corbin.M, It's disappointing to hear that you were giving a different quote each time you contacted the Travel Insurance team and that you couldn't speak with someone regarding the service you received. Next time you call the team I recommend asking to speak to a manager regarding the previous service you have received and for some clarification on why the quotes you received were different. ~SamiI did request to speak to a manager. Was told it wasnt possible!

do not use this insurance

Paid for a policy on line to cover a cruise up the Australian coast .Found in the fine print the policy did not cover a cruise .
Rang 3 times to cancel the policy ,told to wait to the next day rang spoke to seven different operators some in the Philippines .I was just passed around , repeated the policy number many many times ,some very rude operators ,the call was for nearly 50 minutes before the policy was cancelled .
Will never use again

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hey Rod, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. It's disappointing to hear that it took so long to cancel your policy after realising it didn't suit your needs. I hope you were able to find a policy better suited to your needs and that your cruise was fantastic! ~Sami

Cant fault them

Used oz post several times now. Just Had my first ever claim and cant fault them from first reporting my accident while over seas to finallizing claim back home. thank you oz post for your guidence while over seas and the support back home. Thank you again.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Dave, Thanks for sharing your feedback about your first claim experience! We're glad to hear that everything worked out for you. ~Sami

Recommend this travel insurance for a'll Australians

'Brilliant insurance,found paperwork very easy to complete,they assessed it quickly and after a slight hickup our insurance assesser Edd, who needs a pay rise for his patients and professional approach to helping out a couple of senior citizens brought our claim to a very satisfactory conclusion. Thankyou again Edd and Australia Post. 2nd time clients

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Lorraine, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, we're glad to hear this has worked our well for you ^_^ ~Sami

Travel insurance

This is a terrible product - avoid. I had a business meeting in NZ. I paid for travel insurance for myself and my wife. Before the trip I had a suspected heart attack (which was not, thank goodness). After discussion with my client we agreed thought that it would be best not to travel. I looked at the online web site as to how to claim for a medical event, and a form was required for the doctor to fill out which was like war and peace. I was not going to pay for a lengthy doctor's visit for wasting the doctor's time like that. Clearly this form is designed just for this purpose, so that Australia Post do not have to pay out on claims. I tried submitting the claim saying the trip was canceled by my client, but this was denied.

Don't waste your money with thus rubbish. I intend to make the financial ombudsman aware of the complexity of the medical report required.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey retnuhb, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. As explained in our private conversation after speaking with the travel insurance team they have advised a review is being done on the claim form to refine it, making the process slightly more simplified. In regards to the cost of collecting medical records, as per the Product Disclosure Statements on page 31 & 32, point 3F/3G, it states that: f) You must, at Your own expense, supply any documents in support of Your claim which We may request, such as original police reports, receipts, valuations, repair quotes and/or medical certificates. g) You must co-operate fully in the assessment or investigation of Your claim. If you have any further questions or would like to speak with someone from the travel insurance team please feel free to call them on 1300 728 015 or let me know. http://auspo.st/2vqvqDm ~Sami

The worst customer service

The worst customer service ever! Tried to call for a few days in a row (different time a day) but after 45’’ just gave up! Looks like there no consultants there at all or one who is on leave. When you are after quotation or new policy they pick up the phone in no time, if its claim - forget it :(( Very disappointed, will switch to the other insurer.

Insurance claim madeYes
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It's a shame to hear about this. There are definitely consultants available to assist with claims 24/7. Calling From Canada and the US call: 1 855 802 3393 Calling From NZ call: 0800 284 343 Calling From the UK call: 0800 096 8819 Calling From all other countries call reverse charge via operator: +61 (2) 8907 5647 Emailing auspost@travelinsurancepartners.com.au I'm sorry to hear that you are switching to another insurer because we meet your needs. ~Sami

Very good

Very good customer service , easy to used , I will recommend to all people to use Australia post insurance wherever u travel

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey May, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on your experience. ~Sami

No fuss easy to use

Online application form is simple and easy to use. Processing my claim was just as stress free. Would recommend for anyone looking for a robust level of travel insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Max, Thanks for taking the time to share with us your thoughts on your experience. ~Sami

Read the fine print

Thought we had cover when we took out Medibank Travel Insurance. We found out the hard way that it was not to be when our flights were cancelled due to weather. The fine print allows for the insurer to only pay for adult travellers even though we had a family policy. I can't understand how our three children were not covered. How do you charge for a family policy, if you don't cover the family. For over $3,000.00 of air fares they acknowledged $500.00 of expenditure. Don't waste your money, get a real policy.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Lee, It's a shame to hear you had some issues with your Travel Insurance with Medibank. I recommend letting them know about this on their page so they can use your feedback to help improve their service. https://auspo.st/2NfAo2K ~Sami

very contented with the service

Policy was very good value taking into account our age.Yes very easy.Found them very friendly and efficient would insure with you again.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Jack, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. ~Sami

Insurance is about claims - not premiums

While on holiday in the UK for our 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration I took out my $1800+ iPhone X in the rain to take 4-5 images.

Supposedly the phone is water resistant at 1m depth for 30 minutes (IP67)...... Well I need to warn everyone that it is NOT resistant to 60 seconds in some rain.

Luckily, I had Australia Post Insurance and made a claim that day on-line and although it took a month to finalise due to completing the holiday, and Apple inspecting the phone and denying any fault on their side, Australia post came to the rescue by paying $700 of the $800 replacement program through Apple ($100 excess).

I replaced the phone while on holiday with a Huawei Y7 and was delighted with it's performance - see my review of it.

All in all the experience was a small negative in a wonderful trip, but the icing on the cake was that Australia Post (who I have paid premiums to for some years, but have never needed to test the claims procedure) came through with flying colours. I have now sold the i Phone X, as I was too disgusted to keep it and I have replaced it with a Huawei P20Pro - a worthy contender.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Duncs, Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us! Glad to hear you're loving your new phone ^_^ ~Sami

Terrible service when trying to claim - zero stars - never again

We received a letter on the 28 March 2018, asking us to fill out the claim form, which we did and emailed back. On April 18 we received an email asking us to fill out the claim form. We received an email to advise our email was received. We resent this form via email AGAIN, and again, received an email advising our email was received, only to receive an email on June 5 asking us to fill out the claim form. We responded to this email AGAIN (and again recieved an email advising our email was received), and explained that this was stressful for my wife who has stage 4 cancer. The email I sent concluded with 'If there is any information still needed that is missing on our part, please clearly articulate what is needed to finalise this matter'. It has now been 13 days and we still have not heard back or received any payment.
Policy was cheap, but so was the service. I've spent hours going back to emails and having to resend and respond. I have never dealt with such an incompetent company.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Geoff, No one should have to go through such undue stress at what would be an incredibly difficult time for you and your wife, and I apologise that this occurred. I appreciate you reaching out here and sharing your experience. I'd like to have someone from our Travel Insurance team reach out and get this resolved for you, but I'll just need a little bit of information from you. I've sent you a private message, so please get back to me there when you can. Roxy

Travel Insurance at lower rates.

Australia Post matches or at times is even better than any other Travel Insurance I could find for my trip at a lower cost. It was half the cost of the policy my travel agent offered me. You can purchase your insurance at the counter of most Post Office branches. They will provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement that spells out everything you need to know. As with any insurance you need to make sure this one suits your needs.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Thanks so much for sharing SafetyCross, glad to hear it :) Roxy

Emergency Surgery whilst overseas

I needed to contact Australia Post Travel Insurance whilst overseas because of a medical issue. They put me in contact with their nurses and GP's by telephone, both who advised me to go straight to an international hospital (designated by AP Travel Insurance). I took their advice and went through a series of tests and was designated by the hospital specialist as being 'not fit to fly'. The specialist recommended immediate surgery. AP Travel Insurance responded quickly. They took hospital specialist reports on board, they asked for a bunch of paperwork from me and checked my medical history with my GP (that this medical issue was not a pre existing problem)...they gave the go ahead for surgery within 24-48 hours. Post surgery, they followed up every few days by phone to see how I was recuperating. They called the morning i arrived back in Sydney. This was my first ever travel insurance claim and could not fault the process. Professional and caring support whilst I was under duress. Thanks and well done.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks so much for sharing Timothy. I'm glad everything went smoothly for you and I hope the surgery didn't put a dampener on your holiday! Looking forward to you travelling with us again soon. Roxy


I didnt get the car, but the travel insurance (can't find any where to review travel insurance). They ended up giving me less than I pay for.. They had me going around for ages looking for paperwork and at the end what I got was an insult.. NEVER buying this insurance again.. What a waste of time and money.. And when I called to ask for it she didnt even care.. She said: " YEAH, IF I WAS YOU I WOULD BE FEELING THE SAME FRUSTRATION"....

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Alejandra, I sent you a private message about this one March 1st, please get back to me there so we can assist you with this. Roxy

Met our needs and paid our claim.

I have purchased AP Travel Insurance several times now. We travel a lot and each time I research at least six companies, including our supposedly "free" credit card insurance, and AP always come out the best. They cover our pre existing medical conditions better than all the others. The product is also easy to purchase online, with excellent help available by phone if required. Until recently we had not had to claim any losses, however some weeks after we had booked an overseas trip, my husband was advised not to travel due to medical issues . We lodged a claim for around $6,500 and it was paid in total approximately 6 weeks later. There were some delays, but given they had to establish that the medical issues fell within the policy, we felt 6 weeks was a very good turnaround. We would be very happy to continue using AP Travel Insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Pip, Thank you so much for sharing this Pip, I'm so glad to hear it was all sorted for you smoothly during what must have been a very disappointing situation. Roxy

Under investigation for not paying ligitimate claims

Currently in the process of enforcing a class action against Australia post travel insurance - due to not paying legitimate claims for the Bali volcano. Please use another travel insurance provider until the outcome has been finalised.
Thank you.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Steve, Hi Steve, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We released our claims advice on our website on 18 September and further updated it on 26 November to clarify the policy coverage available to our customers. Our advice stated that policies purchased before 2pm 18 September 2017 may provide cover for the Mount Agung volcanic activity within the terms of the PDS. However, travel insurance purchased after this time and date would not have cover available for events directly or indirectly related to Mount Agung. This is because travel insurance is designed to protect travellers from unforeseen circumstances and after 18 September the Mount Agung situation was a known event. It was still possible for travellers to purchase policies for Bali after this date, because our other policy benefits unrelated to the volcanic activity still applied – this included coverage for things like unexpected medical expenses. We hope this has provided some clarity for you and thank you once again for sharing your feedback. Kind Regards, RoxyYou guys have an excuse for every claim. Realeasing a statement after the event isnt the way to run an insurance company. I see Australia Post only pay 16% of claims. Thats horrific.

Unhappy with the delays in resolution

My elderly parents had to cancel their much anticipated holiday earlier this year as my father was put into hospital with a cardiac event a week before their due to travel date.

They purchased the insurance the same day they booked and paid for their holiday doing the declaration about my fathers medical health (he had bypass surgery many years prior and was in good health when the trip was booked).

When the cardiologist told them they were unable to travel due to an unforseen cardiac issue they were devastated and once dad was home from holidays they lodged a claim. That was in September.

This was the beginning of a stressful period for my parents. We have made repeated phone calls to the Insurers and the constant delaying tactics.

We are very unhappy with the service to date and are about to lodge a complaint with their office. I have never dealt with a company that has caused so much angst over a claim. I would advise my parents not to use them again.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Vicki, I'm really sorry to hear that your parents had to cancel their holiday for such a reason and I hope your dad is recovering well. Hopefully their claim will be able to be settled soon too. Alice

Cancelled Holiday

My wife and I were booked on a packaged holiday to Japan leaving Australia on 18th September.
On 5th September my wife was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with Influenza and Whooping Cough. She remained in hospital until 18th September which meant we were unable to leave on our Japan holiday.

I contacted Aust. Post and was emailed a claim form which was submitted on 19th Sept.
On 21st Sept I received an email advising they had received my claim and would respond within 10 business days.
On 6th Oct I received an email advising my claim had been referred to the Medical Board for review. .On 16th Oct an email was received saying Aust. Post had contacted our GP requesting additional medical information. This information was sent to the Medical Board on 23rd October and on 6th November I received an email advising our claim had been approved and money would be deposited into our account.

As we were claiming the total cost of our holiday ($19280) we were delighted with the speed and regular update advice of our claim as it progressed thru the claim system. Money was deposited into our account on 7th Nov.
The total time from lodging the claim to receiving our holiday money was just over 6 weeks, which I consider was excellent service.

We have used Aust. Post travel insurance on 3 occasions prior to this claim and have already taken out a policy for an upcoming cruise in December.

I am very pleased with Aust. Post travel insurance, they are easy to deal with on the phone and our policies cover my wife for a pre existing medical condition.
This is the first time we have made a claim for travel in all the years we have been travelling.
I can recommend Aust. Post travel insurance and will continue to take out travel policies with them as long as we are able to travel..

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi David, Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I can only imagine how disappointed you must be from missing your trip to Japan but I'm glad to hear your wife is OK and that your claim went smoothly :) Roxy

Heart attack in Italy

Choosing this product was the best decision I have made this year. Other insurers did not wish to accept my custom being over 65. The policy was easy to set up and when required the staff were fantastic, especially the medical team.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Rolf, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I'm so glad to hear everything went smoothly considering what must have been quite a harrowing experience for you on your holiday. Best wishes, Roxy

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Questions & Answers

is Australia Post covering volcano Atm
1 answer
Hey Jodie, It'll be best to contact the Travel Insurance team directly for further assistance with this one. Their number is 1300 728 015. ~Sami

Hello if im sick in thailand do i have to pay and then get reimbursed back in Australia or will you cover that while im there
2 answers
Yes you pay , send Receipts and they reimburse you.Hey Richard, I recommend getting in touch with the Travel Insurance team directly for advise on what you are covered for and the procedure for getting reimbursement. You can call them on 1300 728 015. ~Sami

I’m travelling to Bali 8 days and have copd do you cover and what is the added cost?
No answers

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