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Nice 4WD experience in the outback

We hired a RTT vehicle for the trip Darwin to Adelaide, it was in perfect conditions and all the employees from Australian 4WD Hire were helpful and professional. We got the security bond back in 24h, to reccomend !

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Thank you Fabio, we are very glad that you enjoyed your experience with us and look forward to helping you on your next 4WD adventure. Thank you for your business and support.

Equipment is great quality

Customer Service was fast at responding back.
Bond was handled in the time frame stated in their contract
Vehicle was what I expected when booking.

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Thank you very much for your review Michael, we are very pleased that you enjoyed your holiday and that all of the equipment and the vehicle were well suited to your needs. Thank you for your business and support!

Amazing Vehicle

The car did everything we asked of it and more. We really tested it out over our almost 2 week trip, bring it on sand dunes, off roading and camping. The tent was really easy to set up, so much so that someone could do it on their own so having more than 1 person made it a breeze. The cooler in the back kept everything ice cold, which is vital to stay hydrated in the Australian sun. Overall, the car is amazing!

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Thank you Rob, we are very glad that the vehicle and equipment were well suited to your needs, and we sincerely hope you enjoyed your trip.

Good communication and great service

Any queries I had with Australian 4WD Hire were answered promptly and in full. Pickup and drop off were smooth, with the guys at both Darwin and Melbourne being really helpful and clear on the equipment and vehicle. Bond and fuel were both refunded in full quicker than expected.

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Thank you Luke, we are very glad you enjoyed your hire and we are pleased to hear we were able to answer any questions you had. We sincerely appreciate your business and support and look forward to helping with your next 4WD adventure.

Good experience

I must say that all people at the pickup and dropoff were very serious and correct. There was abolutly no problem with the timetable we had determinded . The car was well prepared , ready to go. We got even an upgrade , a larger car because there was a problem with the car we wanted th hire, without having to pay a supplement. On the Hwy and in the outback the Toyota Prado 4WD gave full satisfaction.

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Thank you very much Theo, we are very pleased to hear you enjoyed your trip. We look forward to assisting you on your next 4WD holiday.

Love Australian 4wd Hire and team

We drove over 4000km and used hired equipment during the trip from Darwin to Adelaide. Me and my travel mates are extremely satisfied with the vehicle we have got and service we have been provided in. Since the very beginning communication with Australian 4wd team was very easy and precise. We got all details and useful information in advance. The car was well maintained, equipped with high quality camping stuff, much better than expected. Bond/security is being refunded to us with no issues. The vehicle we had was with ground tent and exactly what we needed while our trip thru Australian Outback. Customer service and quality definitely above expectation !!! Highly recommended

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Thank you Ania, we are very glad you enjoyed your trip and that the vehicle and equipment were well suited to your needs! We love to hear that customers have been able to visit some wonderful places in our vehicles and it would be our pleasure to help you on your next 4WD adventure! Thank you again for your business and support.

Enabling a great outback adventure

We want to share our recent experience with Australian 4WD. After reading multiple platforms and reading the negative comments/reviews we were in doubt if we should proceed with Australian 4WD. After receiving a quote from them and reading the terms and conditions we decided to give it a try. As with any contract you sign, make sure you understand the lengthy terms and conditions, as if you violate these, heavy penalties apply. The way we see it, is that the terms and conditions are there to prevent heavy damage to the car and for us (inexperienced using a 4WD and driving dirt tracks) made sense while using the car. As you will see below, we had a good experience with Australian 4WD and it resulted in having a great time in the outback:)

We hired a Bush Camper Canopy RTT (Toyota Hilux) from the Adelaide depot for our 17 day outback adventure. After a quick and efficient explanation we took of towards Flinders Range.

Having a roof top tent made it very easy to quickly setup up camp and start enjoying the views and star filled sky at Wilpena Pound and Brachina East Camp ground. While preparing our meal using the provided stove (it has two pits that were sufficient for us) we encounterd the first wild life (emoes, kangaroos, lizards, lots of birds) who passed by.
We continued our trip to Marla, driving the rough, remote, 1000 km long, corrugated Oodnadatta track for 3 days. When leaving the Flinders the landscape changes from steep cliffs towards flat dessert planes. An amazing experience in such a harsh enviroment. As the car has a strong engine and robust suspension, this made the 3 days more comfortable, especially on the corrugated sections. Defenitly worth driving up here. One of stops, Coward Springs, is worth metioning here, as it has a hot spa!
From Marla we drove up North towards the West McDonell National Park. On our way north we stopped to setup camp at Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve. From the camp we had beautiful views on the rock formations, especially during sunset. As it is so remote, at night the stars and the Milky Way were perfectly visible. Trully astonishing.
With a short stop at Alice Springs to get some groceries, we took of to visit the West McDonell. We decided to setup camp offroad on a dried river bed, close to Boggy Hole Bore, which was gazzeted in the provided HEMA maps. This was the first time we had to use the 4WD to its full extend. The car did a excellent job in dealing with this rough terain.
The day after, we headed down south to Palm Valley, which is a special area were unique palm trees are growing. On our way we stopped at some gorges in the West McDonell to go for a swim. Once we left the main road to drive to Palm Valley, we noticed that this is a road for 4WD only. Especially the last kilometers are very rough, with steep climbs and deep dips. Again the car had no problems dealing with this terain and took us to this amazing place.
One of our last stops in the Northern Teritory, next to Kings Canyon, was Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to visit Uluru (Ayers rock) and Kata-Tjuta (the Olgas) wich are easily accessible. Trully amazing places in such a remote area.
In the last days we drove back the car to Adelaide, stopping over at Desert Oaks Resort, Oasis Park Coober Pedy and Melrose Carvan Park. Especially the later was very good as it the edge of a national park with good walks. This was the place were we could recap the great adventure we had so far.

Looking back we had an amazing time in such a diverse, remote and harsh enviroment. Thanks to the excellent and robust car, tent (we experienced strong winds during the night and the tent was super strong and didn`t break) and gear (robust 40L frigde, 20L fuel canister, 20L water canister, 2 outdoor chairs and table, gass stove, recovery kit) we had a worry free trip of our life and look back to an amazig adventure. Worth to mention is that we prepared our own meals 90% of the time and the stove worked perfectly. We also downloaded a digital version of Hema Maps which we are good to have next to the paper version that is provided by the company.

Looking back, we highly recommend Australian 4WD hire as they provided us with the tools (car and gear) that enabled us to make this trip.

Joris and Hanna

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Joris and Hannah, Thank you very much for your wonderful review and detailed feedback. We are very glad we could assist you on having a great holiday. Thank you again for your business and support, please do not hesitate to contact us for your next 4WD adventure.

Australian 4wd Hire Were Great

I was very satisfied with Australian 4wd Hire. My pre-hire dealings were very efficient and detailed. The car pick-up and drop off was also also very efficient and well handled. The vehicle was perfect for my family trip to Fraser Island. My full bond was returned within 2 days of returning the car. We played by the company's rules and had no problems when we returned the car. I will gladly use them again

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Thank you David, it is great to hear that your hire was handled efficiently from beginning to end and we are very glad the vehicle and equipment were well suited to your needs. We certainly appreciate your business and support and look forward to helping you on your next 4WD adventure.

Central Australia Adventure with kids

October '18 - Alice Springs - Ellery Creek Big Hole - Redbank - Palm Valley - Kings Canyon - Uluru - Trephina Gorge - Alice Springs.

We rented a Toyota Prado 4WD from Australia 4WD Hire, equipped with camping equipment (tents, stretchers, chairs, table, fridge, water container, stove, recovery kit, first aid kit, light & a roof basket bag). The car was well suited to comfortably seat our family of 2 adults and 3 kids. The booking procedure was very easy, followed by prompt replies to all questions prior to departure – thank you to Marnya and Amber! The team at the Alice Springs office were very friendly and helpful in facilitating a quick handover and drop off of the car. We received our deposit back within 24 hours of returning home. All the equipment supplied was fit for purpose. The tents were easy to use and robust, easily weathering a few hectic thunderstorms. We did an online order at the Alice Springs Woolworths and the local butcher, so had a quick stop at the shops to collect and pack these items (the Engel fridge was super handy…..especially to cool the end of the day beer/wine) before heading off on our Central Australia journey. Australian 4WD Hire – your 4WD took us on an amazing family holiday – highly recommended. Thank you.

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Thank you very much for your review. It is great to hear that you enjoyed your trip and that the vehicle and equipment were well suited to your needs. We look forward to assisting on your next 4WD adventure.

All good!

We hired a Toyota Hilux for a 7 day camping trip from Alice Springs and on the Red Centre Loop, with some 4 WD side trips. The staff at Australian 4WD were great to deal with - promptly responded to all questions and concerns. Best thing was that there were no extra costs. The car was in good condition drove really well on tarred, unsealed and 4WD roads. The camping equipment wasn't pristine but that's fine because then we didn't have to keep things in pristine condition :)
The bond and other payments were well handled and there were no surprise fees. The staff at the pick up also lent us extra camping equipment which made our 7 days of camping out a lot easier. The return of the vehicle was without any dramas at all. Would definitely recommend this car hire company.

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Hello Mel, Thank you very much for your review. We are pleased to hear you enjoyed your trip and that all of your dealings with the company were pleasant. We look forward to helping you on your next 4WD adventure.

Great customer service

The FJ Cruiser we hired had it all. Just needed our clothes, sleeping bags and fill the Engel fridge with food. The vehicle was totally reliable and the equipment all in good nik. The duel battery ran the fridge for 3 days without us having started the car to recharge. Awesome. The Engel fridge is a great thing and considering getting one after having used it for 2 weeks around the outback. Thanks guys for the positive service experience.

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Thank you Peter, we are very glad the vehicle and equipment suited you well and that you had a wonderful trip. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to helping you on your next 4WD holiday!

Fantastic blast up the West Coast

Very professional all the way from pick up in Perth. The vehicle was like new and pick up and drop off was super fast - couldn’t be happier. highly recommend these guys as they inlclude essential camping gear and a ripper Engel fridge to keep your travellers chilled and I also took a look under the bonnet and was very pleased to notice a proper 2nd and duel battery setup. excellent all round.

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Thank you very much Peter, we are very glad you enjoyed your holiday. Please don't hesitate to contact us for all your 4WD hire needs!

No worries

Picked up the car in Broome and drove to Perth over two weeks via Karijini NP and Coral Coast in July. Great value deal, the car was in good order, camping equipment appropriate and the customer service was good and helpful. The bond was big and I was a bit nervous after reading some negative reviews however, if you read the agreement (its all there in black and white) and treat the car like its your own, you cant go wrong.

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Hello Brent, Thank you very much for your review and valuable feedback. We are very glad you enjoyed your trip and look forward to assisting with your next 4WD adventure.

Great value, awesome set-up, off-roading

Customer service was really attentive and helpful. We'd read a few negative reviews, but no jokes, these guys were straight down the line. There are some rules that you need to follow, like obeying the speed limit, not driving in the dark outside of built-up areas, and not driving in heavy rain. We stuck to those and there were no problems. I believe it's the only 4WD camper hire that actually allows you to go off-road (which we did!), so if you play by their reasonable rules, you can have some real fun. The price was also significantly better than other providers.

It would have been great to be able to hire bedding off them or a local laundry, as we did have to go out and buy these, and did choose to bring some from home too, which filled our bags. But they do offer crockery and cookware hire. The tent was in reasonable nick, only a few things, like one zipper not doing up properly, but all in all, it was an easy set up and comfortable rig.

Everything was as we had ordered. There was one sound coming from the engine on the first day — they asked that we take it to the local mechanic, who couldn't replicate the fault, and it was totally fine after that anyway. But the team was really helpful throughout that process and nothing was a worry.

Our bond was returned in full in I think about three days. Would definitely use Australian 4WD Hire again, and recommend them. :-)

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Thank you very much I.B, we are very pleased to hear you enjoyed your trip. We look forward to assisting you on your next 4WD holiday.

Positive feedback :)

I had Australian 4WD Hire Jeep Wrangler for 12 days driving from Darwin to Adelaide and enjoyed it to the full extent. The vehicle itself was in very good condition, and their customer support was exclusively prompt and of the highest standard. What could be better for a nice holiday trip?!

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Thank you Sergey, we are very glad you enjoyed your trip. We hope to see you back again for another 4WD holiday!

Thanks for a great trip!

Australian 4WD HIre made our whirlwind trip around Alice and the Rock a dream. Booking was easy and a slight change to our plans was easily accommodated by the attentive booking staff. We touched down in Alice and were very pleasantly surprised at the standard of the vehicle and the camping gear we were presented with. Staff at the depot were friendly and helpful. The vehicle and the gear performed without a hitch, the return process was as trouble-free as the collection, and then the return of the security deposit was actioned within a day.We would certainly recommend them and will certainly use you again. Thanks!

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Hello Wal, thank you for your review and feedback. It is great to know that your booking and hire were trouble free form beginning to end. We strive to ensure this is the case on all hires and it is good that our staff are hitting their mark. We are glad the equipment suited your trip and that you got good use of the vehicle. We welcome you back anytime and look forward to helping you plan your next 4WD getaway!

Great trip, every work and went well.

Picked up the prado with roof top tent in Broome, the guys in Broome were great and easy to deal with. Initially we headed up to cape Leveque then headed south to Perth over the next 30 or so days. Mainly hugged the coast with a couple of inland excursions The prado was comfortable and all the gear worked well, including the rooftop tent which we enjoyed. drop off in Perth was straight forward, once again the guys were great, and received our deposit back a couple of days later.

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Dazza, thank you very much for your review. It is great to hear that you enjoyed your trip and that the vehicle and equipment were well suited to your needs. We look forward to assisting on your next 4WD adventure.

For us - it was the best quote

Drove from Darwin to Broome over the course of 2 weeks. Amber was super helpful and answered all my questions. The bond is a little hefty, I paif 5k - however understandable given the risks (the vehicles are new and expensive, with setup the cheaper models like hilux probably cost around 60k+ camping gear) Got it all back of course becuase in the outback its ALWAYS a better safe than sorry situation. If I had a few little remarks (and this is not a compliant - just feedback) these would be it:

1. Darwin Pickup location - the place does not meet your standards as a company (your website is good, the brand looks strong etc) but the pickup location looks like a 2nd class machanic place we wondered if we were at the right pickup location.

2. because it was end of season we were forced to load the car up for 5 (5 camping sets for 5 people) we were only 2, and made hauling our luggage just a little harder as we could only use the back seats to keep our things. also the worry of keeping them all safe as they are not our belongings.

That's all, and they're not really anything major just some points.

The car we had was a new model hilux with roughly 30k on it. nothing to fault and was a great car, clean and well equipted.

Thank you and I would recomend this company for anyone interested - just give it a go :)

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Hello Ray, Thank you very much for your review and feedback. We are very pleased that the vehicle was well suited to your needs and that you thoroughly enjoyed your trip. We certainly appreciate your comments and will take note of these for the future. Just to clarify your points: Our agent in Darwin is a small local car hire company, not a mechanic. They do have a basic service set-up to service their own vehicles, however they are independent to us and simply act as our agent for checking vehicles in and out. You are correct regarding the requirement for camping equipment to travel with the vehicle, especially at the end of the season. However, we do inform people of this requirement when they book and if it is communicated with early enough alternative arrangements can be made in order to free up space. As we said, we greatly appreciate you feedback and will use this to help improve our services. We look forward to assisting you with your next 4WD adventure.

Travelling from Boome to Perth with Australian 4WD

We found Australian 4WD customer service excellent from pick up at Broome and especially drop off in Perth.Very friendly and helpful and even dropped us at the train station for the 30minute return trip back to Perth.
The vehicle was the exactly what we booked and lived up to our expectations.
We found the vehicle to be a great choice for us. We wanted to go little off road and explore WA and it was perfect. We stayed at some camp sites with limited amenities.
We were able to pop the tent up in a couple of steps, it was perfect.

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Thank you very much Danny, we are very pleased to hear you enjoyed your trip. We look forward to assisting you on your next 4WD holiday.

Awesome experience

Really simple pick up and drop off. The bond was back in my account within 24 hours of drop off as well as the petrol reimbursement. Really smooth drive in the v8 cruiser down the highway from Brisbane to Sydney. Would definitely do it again.

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Hello JD, thank you very much for your review, we are very glad you enjoyed your relocation with us and welcome you back anytime!

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Questions & Answers

I am a bit concerned about having to pay 2500 dollars on pick up for the vehicle. Does anyone know if this is a common practice and any tips to ensuring that we get this money back?
1 answer
Hello Emlen, Thank you for your question. If you are referring to the security bond, all off-road hire companies require a bond to be held whilst the vehicle is on hire. As you would understand any one who hires wants their vehicle (which are sometimes in excess of $70k-$80k) back in one piece. There are different options for the amount to be paid as a bond, depending on the level of liability you wish to take on. If you refer to our terms and conditions it provides the full breakdown of the options available and the different costs. Thank you, we look forward to doing business with you.

Has anyone challenged their legal right to issue fines to customers for things like driving at night, or "speeding" ?
3 answers
Hello Paul, I think you are a bit mistaken, as we do not issue fines to customers for speeding or night driving. As an off-road 4WD supplier, that allows customers to travel to highly remote areas Australia wide, we do have certain conditions surrounding the use of the vehicle. Breaching these conditions will cause excessive wear and tear to the vehicle and will put customers at high risk of serious damage and injury, therefore breaching these conditions may incur additional charges to hire. Our terms and conditions have been drafted by top, corporate legal specialists, in accordance with Australian Consumer Law(ACL), local and traffic laws, as well as all Australian Consumer Protection Regulations. Our T&C's are regularly reviewed to ensure consistent, unwavering compliance so that we can ensure we are always providing the most fair service to our customers, and preserving the genuine interests of our business.Hi Paul. They cannot (and are not) issuing fines per se, as they are not a prescribed person under the Road Safety/Transport Act of the relevant state or territory. It appears however that they are attempting to use contractual law. On checking the ACCC's 'Unfair Contract Terms' guide, it says in part; 'However, even if a contract contains terms that favour the consumer, such favourable terms may not counterbalance an unfair term if the consumer is unaware of them. Examples include implied terms, or terms hidden in fine print, in a schedule or in another document, or written in legalese. This may result in an information imbalance in favour of the business.' 'In considering the contract as a whole, a court will often need to balance the legitimate commercial interests of the business against the detriment the term would cause to a consumer if it were enforced.' I have not read their terms and conditions as I have no interest in hiring a 4wd however if the fine print does in fact state that insurance does not cover 'wear and tear' (as such) on a vehicle which has been primarily designed to be used off road and for extended periods and is advertised in that way, there may be a case to answer. It appears to me that for the company to obtain full comprehensive insurance on these vehicles for use as advertised, it would be extremely costly, so maybe they are supplementing the cost by putting these clauses in their contract. This may not be morally or ethically correct, but may be legally correct...... we'll just have to wait and see. It will be very interesting to see what the ACCC and the Courts decide and whether a precedent is set.Paul thank god for Tim Nicholls MP, Clayfield who highlighted the sneaky tricks this Company is getting up to. He was quoted again today in an article by the Gold Coast Bulletin apparently there are more than 70 people caught up in this. A4WD have used tracking software developed for car thefts in South Africa (CTrack) to claim it is accurate enough to know the speed a car is travelling. It would never hold up in a court of law. Given that the company fines between $500 and $5000 for speeding (claiming it is wear and tear charge under their contract) it is in fact a penalty as there is no connection between the charge and the wear and tear claimed. But who is going to fight it? It costs up to $20k just to get to court. It would need someone with deep pockets who wants to waste their money on challenging them. Remember they have your money already. It is futile trying to take them on. That should be the job of the ACCC to protect Consumers - but they are doing nothing. Have a look at the Europcar Case and make up your own mind.

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