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Very happy with the switch to Australian Ethical

I made the switch nearly 2 years ago trying to stand by my morals but not really sure what results I would get. My previous superannuation ticked over with little to no change over the years so I was very pleasantly surprised to see my investment with Australian Ethical super make some significant gains. The transition across was as easy as filling out a form and I get regular updates online. A very easy process. Very happy!

Long term strong performance

Been with Australian Ethical since the late nineties and going strong. Outperforming other funds I'm in. Recommend very highly to all.

Glad to be a part of it

Very happy with all the wonderful sustainable industries Australian ethical super is involved with. It's nice to see money going to a better future

Outstanding performance

Outstanding because Australian Ethical performed at 10.1% compared (from June 2014-2015) to the median default investment option, which was 8.8%.


Australian Ethical offers peace of mind and financial gain! They are doing very well financially and rest assured your money is doing good


It gives me peace of mind knowing my money is spring ethical projects, without me even needing to do anything about it.

I feel so much better to know as best as possible that my money is not supporting the demise of the

This is one key way to become more sustainable as a species. Otherwise your money is being used by corporations who have no regard for human happiness, sustainability, or survival.


Title says it all, ethical investment works and is aligned to the values of the investors, well done for upholding and progressing

two decades of growth

Been with Aust. Ethical for nearly 25 years, both as a unit trust holder and with super. It's a much lower risk than mucking about half-arsed in the market as a dweeb, and so moving my super over a decade ago was a no brainer. Better rate of return, (forget about do more better things ethical? is that like meth?... hehehehehe)(hipsters go home).

More than 20 years with them and glad I made the choice

I moved my super to Australian Ethical more than 20 years ago. The most important thing to me was knowing where my money was invested and that it wasn't supporting industries that are harming our planet. On top of this I have always found them to be great communicators and very transparent. My funds even weathered the GFC fairly well and bounced back quicker than I expected. Thanks!

Putting my money where my mouth is

Really important that my money is invested according to my values. Australian Ethical does that and delivers great returns too.

I am happy with Australian Ethical

I am a happy customer since a few years ago. I really like that I can choose to invest in small Australian businesses and that I know it'll have a positive impact on the future of Australia and my children.
The only complaint I have is that you can't get any information on how the different investment options are performing or much they have increased per month other than the money you have paid in or your employer have paid. I get really frustrated with not being able to compare my choices for investments that I have made with the other investments in Australian Ethical an other super funds. I want to be able to see how many percent this or that investment has increased every month. (and not not just how much money has been paid into it !!!! )

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Hi Erica, Thank you for your review and we appreciate your feedback. At Australian Ethical, it is important that we provide our members with the latest return figures for each investment option. This is because we’re proud of our results which show how paying attention to social and environmental sustainability can also help deliver excellent financial returns. For example, Our default Balanced (accumulation) investment option returned 10.1% - which outperformed the median default investment option of 8.8% for the one year period to 30 June 2015. More on our returns after fees for each investment option can be found here https://www.australianethical.com.au/super/performance-and-returns/. You will also find up-to-date performance figures in our Monthly and Quarterly Fund Reports available here (our Superfund investment options invest directly into our Managed Funds) https://www.australianethical.com.au/managed-funds/monthly-and-quarterly-trust-reports/. Also in the most recent November 2015 report from external ratings agency SuperRatings, our superannuation performance achieved a number of highlights: - Growth option ranked 1st in the SR50 Growth (77-90) Index over the quarter. - International Shares ranked 1st in the SR50 International Shares Index over the quarter and 3rd over the month. - MySuper Balanced (accumulation) ranked 1st over 1 month, 1st over the quarter, 2nd over FYTD, and 3rd over 1 year in the SR50 MySuper Index. - Advocacy ranked 1st over 1 month and the quarter in the High Growth category. - Smaller Companies ranked 1st over ALL time periods (the month, quarter, FYTD, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, and 10 years) in the Australian Shares category. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to email me at enquiries@australianethical.com.au, or feel free to give me a call on (02) 8276 6211. Regards, Julia, Client Services Officer at Australian Ethical.

The right choice

Australian Ethical Super are a fantastic mob, always friendly on the phone, a great easy to use site and high returns, all while making you feel a little like a superhero for doing your bit to make the world a better place.

Love it!

So good to be part of a super that does something for the environment and gains me the rewards. Can't wait to see what investments happen this year.

Ethical business behaviour is very important to me

I have had Ethical Super for a good amount of years and it grows well every year. Unlike another which managed to reduce my super to nothing when i had to stop work. It s agreat company and everyone is really helpful and knowledgable. I will be investing in Managed Funds this year too - because I feel so confident in theri strategies.

Best way to make sure your super is not supporting nasty corporation

I have been with Australian ethical for a long time and really happy with it good return, friendly service and above all best ethical investment for my super.

A great 21st century product

Great returns collected ETHICALLY. Great Australian company and fantastic to know my future wealth is growing without damaging the future of the planet

Great super product

It feels good to be able to support ethical and sustainable small businesses whilst seeing my super grow and grow. Thanks Australian Ethical.

Love aus ethical.

Really love saving the planet and getting a good return at the same time, particularly as shifting capital away from unethical corporate behaviour is the best way to change that behavior.


I've found their service great, they are easy to communicate with, the fund performs very well, and the investments support a better world. I use them for managed funds also and I'm happy with that service.

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Questions & Answers

I have super with AE and I'm now considering putting money into one of the AE managed funds. So far I like the approach AE takes. The fees are pretty high though. How can you justify this?
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Hi Jimbobaloobop, It's always nice to hear that one of our Super members is considering one of our Managed Funds as well! We're glad you like our ethical approach to investing - and you would already be aware of our competitive performance returns. Fees are about many things, including the level of engagement of the fund managers, and a matter of scale. Australian Ethical has a particularly high level of engagement, because of both our ethical screening, and our active investment style. Despite this, since 2013 we’ve more than halved our fees. It’s just one of the ways that as we grow, we’re making sure to share the benefits with our investors. You might also be interested to know that we are one of the best valued ethical investment funds in Australia when you take into account what our product offers. You may also find that other ‘ethical funds’ may not offer a comprehensive ethical screening process, for example only screening certain negative industries, or best of industry. You may be interested in some of our wholesale funds, which offer the funds at a substantially reduced fee. You can find more information on our wholesale funds here: https://www.australianethical.com.au/managed-funds/fees/. You can find more on the performance of our managed funds here: https://www.australianethical.com.au/managed-funds/performance-and-returns/ If you want to discuss our investment options, don't hesitate to call us on 1800 021 227. - Julian at Australian Ethical.

I would like to know if Australian Ethical discloses 100% of their assets and also if there is any investments linked to Wilson, Broadspectrum or any other torture providers be it onshore or offshore, directly or indirectly? Thanks
1 answer
Hi Norbu I am so sorry for not being able to respond to you earlier. Transparency is a key priority at Australian Ethical. That’s why we list the companies we invest in across our investments. To view the companies we invest in, please visit https://www.australianethical.com.au/companies-we-invest-in/. Thank you Sherin at Australian Ethical

Are medical tests required to get insurance coverage from AEO?
1 answer
Hi there, Sorry it's taken us so long to respond - we didn't get a notification about this question but here's the answer! For our default coverage for disability & total disability cover no medical examinations are required. For additional cover or a fixed amount etc, there is an application process by which you'll need to answer medical questions. Sometimes blood tests or medical results/scans are required after completing the medical questions. - Grace, Australian Ethical

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