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37 reviews
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Excellent result


Using Micro-fibre 100 roller covers I achieved excellent finish with both primer and and 2 coats of laminate.
Only a very gentle sandpaper was required before coats.
I painted our 20 year old yellowish kitchen white. Very, Very pleased. I watched a video on how to do it and followed it. I am not normally handy at painting.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

This product is rubbish and should be against the law to sell


The primer doesn't flow and leaves roller marks and if you don't rub them out they show on the next coat so after rubbing them out you need to prime it again which starts you all over again If you manage to get the paint on you have streaks from the roller so you have to give it a scuff and try again When you finally get to the clear your problems really start Give yourself a brake Don't buy it it's crap

Date PurchasedMar 2017


Disappointed with result


We painted our kitchen benches with White Knight Laminate Paint and are a bit disappointed with it. After all that preparation we found the paint to be quite gritty, we had what feels like grains of salt stuck to the bench. So we sanded and started again. Now, the clear protective coat has gone on and it's patchy and you can see the edges of the foam roller in it. Such a waste of time and money.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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KelWoy woy

  • 2 reviews

Top hardening coat I'd awful don't use


Used all white knight paint step by step exactly and when final coat of the clear hardening dried it shows lines and some areas more shinier than others.....looks patchy and ruined all my hard work...... Do not use this product it's expensive and now I am stuck with a patchy bench top and am not happy that I will have to sand everything back to scratch and start again with another brand grrrrrrrr

Date PurchasedSep 2016


Don't use the top coat!


We were extremely happy with the result of the tinted laminate paint on our bench tops. After a discussion with a Bunnings paint specialist, we thought it best to use the benchtops 2 part hardening system... worst product ever! Not really sure how to fix the dull streaked finish it has left us with. We will call White Knight to discuss our options, although judging by other comments on this site,.will have to sand off all four coats and start again... may have been cheaper/easier to have installed a brand new benchtop??

Date PurchasedAug 2016
Lyn T

Lyn TArmidale

  • 5 reviews

Excellent and easy to use


Painted two bathroom vanitys from apricot to antique white. Cleaned them as directed. Could not believe how easy it was. Secret is cleaning and then letting it harden for a few days. Great product and will use again on the kitchen cupboards. I had the paint for a few years as I was not game enough to do it. Wish I had not have waited.

Laminate paint, wonderful


Painted kitchen benches with great finish. Thought we had better use the clear coat. Big mistake, awful finish, dull patchy and changed the colour. We have used a clear two pack coat before, just a different brand, great results. Do not recommend this product to anyone. We will have to sand it off and use another brand. This has really cause us a lot of hard work, disappointed!



  • 3 reviews

A Brand New Kitchen In 2 Days!


honkasSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 26 reviews

Viable alternative


Rather than gutting my old school kitchen and spending thousands on a new kitchrn, this product is a great alternative to modernizing the kitchen cabinets..

Paint application was easy to follow. Takes time to cut and harden.. Hard work was the prep!!

Will resurface the rest of my rental properties with this product when required.

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Issue with Benchtop Clear


I had exactly the same experience. I followed the video and the job was perfect until I used Bench Top Clear with a micro roller. However, I did notice in the video that [Name removed] mentioned mixing 2 parts A with 1 part B, when it says 3 parts A with 1 part B on the can.

I used 3 parts A with 1 part B and hope the second coat doesn't show every roller stroke.

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Please note that you need to use a 'foam' roller when applying Bench Top Clear. This was my error and nothing to do with the product. I'm going to sand back the top coat and try again with the 'foam' roller.

Terrible paint.


I bought White Knight Splashes water based enamel to paint a garden bench.
I used interior/exterior water based enamel in sun yellow. After 5 (yes five) coats the wood grain was still very visible as if I had used varnish. I returned to Bunnings for advice and bought primer - using two coats of that. I have now painted a further two coats of yellow and the bench will require at least a further two more coats to look decent.
Surely this is not normal for a bench to need 9 (yes Nine not including 2 of primer) coats of paint. I have painted a previous bench in just two coats of gloss paint.
Absolutely terrible paint!! And it looks like I will have to buy another tin to do the further two coats -such a waste of money.

Paint job perfect :), until 1st coat of *Bench Top Clear. HELP!


Painting cupboards and bench tops with micro rollers as advised. Wow, what a difference! Perfect.
But after 24 hours applied 1st coat of 2 pack *btc. We used a 11cm foam roller as per instructions and watched roy's video. Every stroke (in one direction is) clearly showing.

Can we sand before final coat tomorrow? What to do, oh what to do:(.



  • 6 reviews



This paint made it so easy to give my kitchen a quick transformation. I was fortunate enough to speak with the one and only helpful Bunnings employee - who gave me some great suggestions. And the final result was a great success. I lived with doorless cupboards for a week, to give the paint extra time to cure - and I think that's made a great difference. This paint was also affordable, so another bonus!
It was simple to do, and it looks great!

Good Stuff


Excellent but expensive
2 coats of primer then 2 coats of laminate paint, if you want the glossy look you have to go with the tile paint i was told. Bench top clear over the laminate to get a hard surface. Would only recommend if kitchen units are in good condition and only need modernizing. Used remainder of paint for update a tv cabinet too. Also always use good quality paint rollers microfibre ones are best for the final touch.
take a lot of effort to get the finish but cheaper than new kitchen
takes lots of coats


sjpienaarOrange NSW

Great product, great result!


This paint is fantastic, I painted my ugly oak-look 80s laminate cabinets with this product and they look terrific!! I was at first told, wrongly, by the unhelpful old git at Bunnings that I was limited to the colours on their sample card but Mitre 10 came to my rescue, mixing up a luscious bright red for me just like I wanted. Needs about 3 coats over the primer as it is quite thin and AT LEAST 48 hours to dry (I found out the hard way by chipping the surface, but it was easy to fix). All in all, I spent about $200 on paint and it looks like I have a brand new kitchen!!

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  • 70 reviews

Worth The Money


I have used it with great success painting over a 70's burnt orange vanity top in the bathroom. You are not limited to their small colour selection, Bunnings can mix any colour from a colour chart/card for you.

The only downside is you have to avoid getting the surface scratched otherwise the paint will come off, but you can repaint every couple of years to bring it up as new.

I'm about to buy some more and change the colour. Decided on Jasper instead of sandstone as it wont show the dirt as much.

I advise checking it out, reading the details on the can or look for their website to see if you want to repaint or just replace the laminate.
Easy to use, does what it promises

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Wendy Roberts
Wendy Roberts


  • 3 reviews

White knight laminate - WOW.

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Questions & Answers



I’m painting my cupboards but would like a final seal to minimise paint chips from occurring down the track. Would the benchtop coat help with this? Has anyone had long lasting results with only the the primer and paint, no seal?

1 answer
Desiree G.
Desiree G.

Results are not great with just the paint - the surface just isn't hard enough. I have had little luck with the White Knight product. The first time I used it, it went milky and didn't clear once dry. The second time I used the recommended roller and the finish was irregular and heavily textured. The third time I used a 4mm nap microfibre roller with average results. There were odd little white specks in it that couldn't be picked out. The fourth time, I used a Dulux product - it is cheaper, and also has a longer 'working' time - 10 days vs 1 hour for the White Knight. That was 2 weeks ago. So far, so good. But I don't know how it will wear long term. It's pretty hard at the moment and seems scratch resistant. Hope this helps. Good luck, Desiree

roy t.

roy t.asked

can laminate paint be sprayed

1 answer

well you can spray pretty well anything you can brush or roller on "IF" you know what your doing..

Warren W.

Warren W.asked

Is it advisable to lightly sand between coats of the 2pak protective coat

1 answer

just a light scuff with a grey scourer from auto paint shop and use a tack rag (bunnings etc) to remove dust, most important..i actually used haymes acrylic on the doors with an adhesion primer turned out great..

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