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Australian Security Systems The Protector Series Standard

Australian Security Systems The Protector Series Standard Questions & Answers

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How can i default my panel. Default codes not working. Maybe the client has been pressing buttons ??

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Is your security system compatible with the NBN and can I get a battery pack for power blackouts?

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The alarm system works with either a 3G SIM card (like the one in the mobile phone) or the PSTN land line (pre-NBN old school style phone line). Like many existing unmodified machines (fax etc) they are not set up to work with NBN. Maybe the next version to be released will support NBN but not the current one.

Regarding the power for blackouts, there is an internal battery in the main unit that will continue to work for about 24 hours (depends on how much you use it). But if you like DIY then you can always make a connector to an external 12V battery pack.



Are all PIRs wireless, how long do the batteries last?

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As far as I know, all are wireless. Batteries on the door sensor run out very quickly, you will be lucky to get more than 4 months out of the battery. This is an issue the company is aware of but have no solution. I don't bother using the door sensors anymore due to the constant need to change the battery. Batteries in the PIR (normal ones) last a lot longer however, it lasted almost 12 months using alkaline battery. The battery longevity also depends on where you place the PIR, e.g. one in the lounge dies quicker than the one in a place where there is less movement.


I believe they're all wireless for ease of installation of their kits. We had similar issues with batteries running out without notification (we were told the system would monitor and notify us of low batteries for the sensors but that never happened).

Pet PIRs lasted about 12 months, but the door sensors only lasted about a month for us. It's worth factoring in battery replacements and SMS as ongoing costs.



What is 4.8 out of 10 mean?

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Bevan  Mundoolun
Bevan Mundoolun

I think that people may have problems with getting false alarms. No one wants a security system that "Cries Wolf" that is worse than useless. From my experience there are a number of things you need to be aware of to ensure you don't get false alarms from the PIRs.
Don't aim them at windows or doors
Understand that they do not detect movement! What they do detect is changes in temperature so if you have anything, ANYTHING that creates heat it will be a problem. In my experience I have had issues with a fridge, and sunlight shining through a door and a window heating the floor. Remember it's the heat from a persons body that the PIR detects.
Draw your curtains and close internal doors.
In Queensland if you have a western facing window that gets the afternoon sun don't put a PIR anywhere in that room. The heat generated by the afternoon sun will set it off.
My system is now completely reliable and I get no false alarms. I would however recommend that you disable the external siren until you test for a long time before you reenable it. Disable by setting the time to 0


Australian security system. Don't be fooled. I bought 3 wireless cameras the 26 OF FEB 2019 and got them today 25th of march. And the website states "install your security system tomorrow" tried to set 2 of the 3 and didn't work. All good because they offer "technical support 7 DAYS A WEEK (even after hours)" as per website advertisement. I called and they had a message saying that they were in a conference overseas, contacted on fb then a person, Kristie Sutherland very rude answer me "if you decide to leave a bad review, please be aware of deformation and what can happen if the truth is not told 100%.". End the story I want my money back and dear Kristie I have abundant proves of:
-1 month delivery "super express" my balls!
-didn't have the "out of stock" when purchased
-technical support ZERO
-Quality? Is a cheap product from China
-poor instructions
-send me an unwanted gift alarm key holder that worth nothing and value $3
-they don't allow real reviews in their website as I left this exactly review. You can't review in Google map coz they don't have real address just postal box. They don't allow reviews in their fb page. Productsreview.Com is the only one with real reviews. I don't want to even imagine how is to deal with the warranty. Australian security system is a unprofessional company full of self reviews.



What prepaid sim is everyone using for their security system to receive alerts? Thanks

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I am using Virgin Mobile long expiry prepaid sim. $15 for 180 days. All sms free for other Virgin customers. All the mobiles in our household are virgin, so it works out very cheap for us. I have setup the auto top-up from the credit card. Works very well


Audi mobile


Aldi mobile



Where can I purchase the system and can I get it professionally installed?

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Hi Julian you can head to there direct website www.australiansecuritysystems.com.au it is really easy to install yourself but any electrician or alarm installer could install it for you for a service charge. You could email them and see if they have installers? There website has all the info on it.. We really recommend we love ours :-)

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