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Australian Security Systems The Protector Series Standard

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Good products, but beware of some advertised features

I have been using the Protector Series for over a year now, it's the time to give a review of the system. I installed the Protector Series in my newly built home last March, and the system literally saved by house for being totally cleaned up by two thieves. The system promptly called my phone when the PIR was triggered, and scared the would be thieves away. I held this system in high regard, however, over time I since found some of the advertised features do not work as below:
- Low battery SMS alert never worked. The system false alarm a few times as a result. ASS acknowledged this issue and have no solution for me.
- Door sensor battery drainage issue, the battery barely lasts 3 months, again caused the system to false alarm. ASS acknowledged this issue but again do not have an answer for me.
- The panel unit is a pain to clip on if you want to change SIM card.
- The wireless external strobe light some times does not work when the alarm is triggered. Sometimes once it's triggered accidentally you cannot shut it off and you have to wait for the 1 minute alarm to ring out. Imagine you accidentally triggered it at night, you can't shut it off immediately.
- Now with the shutdown of 2G, you have no choice but to spend hundreds of bucks more, not ASS fault.

In summary, DON'T BUY the Protector Series, if you want to get this, buy the Series II (worked with 3G) but make sure all the advertised features I highlighted above worked first. I don't plan to upgrade as I am not sure whether those advertised features worked with the new Series II.

I could have given it 2 stars, but it did saved my house from further destruction earlier on so I guess it's an OK system.

Doesn't do what it should, terrible support.

Owned < two years. Pet sensors commonly set off by our small old cat, control system sometimes doesn't respond to SMS. Technical support rarely responds. Don't feel secure with it.

Follow up: I spoke to their tech support, and after describing our raft of issues (including an SMS error where it wouldn't stop sending 'Disarm' SMSs), he confirmed we had a faulty system, and directed me to request a replacement under warranty via their website. I did this, but a week and a half later was still getting emails from him asking me to run more tests, and he had not actually processed the warranty request, which he himself had told me to submit. I'm not sure why, but every time I call reception about these issues, even following up a warranty request, they can't do anything and say "Tech support will need to call you back", which in my experience rarely happened, and in this case just lengthened the problem. I received a notification today that a package is on the way from them, I'll wait and see if it's for the multiple problematic components that I described to the tech, or if he's only going to replace the main control panel. We've had issues with the keychain controls, and the "pet friendly" PIRs have never been pet friendly for us. The package will arrive in a week, and I'll see if it resolves the issue. Unfortunately that means we're going weeks now without an alarm system, when I was hoping that given the severity of the problem they would prioritise a replacement. I originally told the tech two weeks ago that we've deactivated the system until we get replacement parts, otherwise it may well start spamming us SMS's again, and go through another month worth of SMS credit. I can understand faulty hardware, but the company's poor customer service have made this a burden for almost 2 years, and wasted a considerable amount of my personal time in what I thought would be a simple system to set up and maintain.Follow-up: Very unhappy with the replacement parts and service. We received a replacement control panel (but no replacement PIRs which was confusing), and the control panel was sub-standard, as the control buttons were blurred and hard to read compared to the original system. I contacted them about this with photo evidence, but haven't been able to get a response as to what has happened, and they don't seem to want to respond to my questions. I've sent them a formal complaint and requested a full refund, but that barely merited a response. I've discussed this directly with Kristie Sutherland the business owner, but she hasn't responded except to refer it to tech support, who just reply a week later with "our engineer will investigate and get back to you". I will be pursuing a full refund via ACCC/Consumer Affairs, and would recommend other consumers to stay away. The system seems to work fine for some people, but hasn't for me, and from my experience, they don't seem interested in providing any support.

Great support from Australian Security Systems

Received a technical support phone call two seconds after I posted the product review below as "Helpless". Evidently I spoke too soon.
The faulty item has been promptly replaced free of charge and everything has been working well.
Thanks Australian Security Systems for addressing the issue promptly. I am a happy customer now; I am no longer "Helpless"

Job done

The manual was sufficient in guiding the installation. Functionality and user interface was suitable enough for my family to operate. Being said, this does fit our purpose for now, but I will probably push for a more complete home system in the next 6 months, like an automation setup [link removed]

Low quality product and poor customer service

Purchased the top of the line system two months ago, with the 2 year warranty period, and followed setup instructions.
Everything, including the GSM sms function, worked well for approximately one month when we noticed that the internal siren in the main alarm panel failed. Sent and email requesting a replacement unit under warranty. I was advised that a technical support person would contact me to do some more diagnosis; so far I heard nothing from the techie.
Not sure why they need to further diagnose a simple fault that developed with the internal siren. This is just a simple warranty claim for a defective product. Sent another email. Hoping they will honour the 2year warranty that they advertise.
Similar systems available on online shops for approximately 35% of the $800 that we paid to Australian Security Systems. Cheaper systems would probably last longer than 2 months, the customer service would probably be better too.
Very disappointed with Australian Security Systems both in product and support quality.

an excellent system!

After reading the manual it was very easy to set up and works really well. I'm surprised that the remotes will work from so far away! Brilliant!We are very happy with our system.

It Works

Finished installing our Professional package, it took awhile to lean what to do then tailored our system to our needs. Once learned a very easy system control. One sensor a dud easily replaced. Aldi Sim, simple to install. Kristie & Chris helpful with any problems. Recommend this product, one happy customer.


I ordered the Deluxe Kit which was very easy to install. It works great and meets our requirement. Fantastic service and good price. I would recommend it to my friends.

Great system delivered on all promises

System easy to set up and operate, installed for couple months and working great. We are 3000 k's from home and piece of mind Is great. Bird hit window, we rang neighbor they found bird. System told us when they walked into carport. Three words describe this system" Piece of mind" Great job guys.

Great system. There are some ways for improvements

I have a deluxe kit that I have upgraded with the pet friendly PIR sensors. I must admit the system is great. Very easy to configure. The built-in SMS notification is really great. The reason I have not given the maximum score is because there are way for improvements:
1. First of all it does not work with Aldi Mobile sim cards. Aldi Mobile uses Telstra 3G network (not 4G) and apparently they use a different radio band rate. Do not follow my steps and do not waste $5 for the sim card from Aldi. The system will not work with it.
2. Pet friendly sensors are not really that friendly. I have a small dog - Jack Russel - and the sensors are triggered very often. I have put them as high as possible, but sometimes it just goes off.
3. The beeping for the Stay Arm is kind of stupid. The stay arm is intended to be used when you are at home. Usually I turn it on for the night. However, it beeps for the whole 50 seconds (I have setup this delay for my Arm setting). If you happen to activate it while the kids are asleep they will wake up for sure.
4. The report SMS are only going to one mobile. There is no way to setup another for the report SMS (such as Arm/Disarm). It would be great if you could configure multiple mobiles (similar to Alarm SMS)
SMS alerts
needs more features

Best decision we made!!

Just a quick thank you for the great job Australian Security Systems did on our alarm system at home and in my office. My family and staff have found them to be incredibly easy to operate and we all feel so much more secure especially with the "panic button"that if we happen to have an intruder, one press of this button will set off the alarm and off they run and help is on it's way!
I did extensive research before choosing your company and I am not dissapointed with my decision, it's not only the best value for money alarm system on the market but also the easiest to use. In our dealings I have found you and Kristie to be very honest and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is seeking a bit more security in their lives.
Ease of use, the panic button, the entire product is great. Very professional and honest company.

amazing product

just had to take the time to review Australian Security Systems. . we have now added an additional unit to our caravan.. easy to install..no false alarms and works completely on dc if you need it to.. we found this a fabulous feature as we often free camp.

Exciting to see an Australian company leading the way in wireless products.

immediate delivery with a very easy set up manual.

even got an email to ensure we were happy. Howzat..

highly recommended.

well done to you..

August 15th 2018 Update: Awesome and easy to set up

Had to write a review for this Australian company. Definitely setting the benchmark in customer service. Also very happy with the quick reply from their tech support to my silly questions.
Well done
easy and high quality

Excellent value and great customer service

This is an excellent system in this price range; if you are looking for a simple system that will give you peace of mind when you are away from home, this is a good choice. I had initial concerns about the volume of the alarm - it is barely audible from outside our front door - but the main focus is to ensure any intruders know they have been detected, and in this it functions perfectly. We did not get the external siren, which would undoubtedly be a lot louder. The SMS / call-on-detection functionality is excellent, and provides instant notification when the alarm is tripped. Being able to remotely arm/disarm the alarm is another great feature that works reliably.

When we first purchased this system, we had an issue with one of the motion sensors. The company could not do enough for us, and were constantly in contact while we resolved the issue. They replaced the faulty sensor, no questions asked, and provided me with an updated manual that explained the installation process more clearly. With the updated manual, home installation is a simple process that anyone with a screwdriver and a finger can follow.
Much cheaper than comparable systems, SMS functionality, remote activation/deactivation, excellent customer support
First version of manual difficult to follow - new manual much better

Great quality, low price.

We looked at quite a few systems and this seemed best value for money. I was concerned about the DIY but it was quite simple once I got it.. I did need to call for support but was helped straight away.
I had to put a PIR sensor in my detached garage and I was worried about it not working, but I'm very surprised by the distance I can go.
Very happy customer here and will highly recommend to others.
Thank you Australian Security Systems appreciate all your help with all my questions.
If you need a quality alarm with lots of features do yourself a favour and go to www.australiansecuritysystems.com.au
Garage sensor works a charm, quality products, great service, love the self monitoring, highly recommend, 2yrs warranty

Just what we where searching for

We installed our alarm system about 2 months ago, and we absolutely love it. I mostly love the sms option. Oh and the stay mode, when hubby goes away for work i feel safe with the kids knowing the alarm is on so if anyone comes through that door i can be prepared. I just feel safe now! We had a few quotes and they all came back at over $1000 so we started looking into the wireless DIY versions. We tossed over a few different brands and sites and this one looked the best. We are so glad we went there the customer service was amazing and we recieved our alarm super fast. 2 years warranty gives me peace of mind. We definately recommend to all of our friends and family.
Reliable, inexpensive, security, safety, the look of it, it ease of use (once you read the manual)
You need to read the manual to understand how to program it, but once you get the hang of it, it is actually extremely easy!

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Questions & Answers

Is your security system compatible with the NBN and can I get a battery pack for power blackouts?
1 answer
The alarm system works with either a 3G SIM card (like the one in the mobile phone) or the PSTN land line (pre-NBN old school style phone line). Like many existing unmodified machines (fax etc) they are not set up to work with NBN. Maybe the next version to be released will support NBN but not the current one. Regarding the power for blackouts, there is an internal battery in the main unit that will continue to work for about 24 hours (depends on how much you use it). But if you like DIY then you can always make a connector to an external 12V battery pack.

Are all PIRs wireless, how long do the batteries last?
2 answers
As far as I know, all are wireless. Batteries on the door sensor run out very quickly, you will be lucky to get more than 4 months out of the battery. This is an issue the company is aware of but have no solution. I don't bother using the door sensors anymore due to the constant need to change the battery. Batteries in the PIR (normal ones) last a lot longer however, it lasted almost 12 months using alkaline battery. The battery longevity also depends on where you place the PIR, e.g. one in the lounge dies quicker than the one in a place where there is less movement.I believe they're all wireless for ease of installation of their kits. We had similar issues with batteries running out without notification (we were told the system would monitor and notify us of low batteries for the sensors but that never happened). Pet PIRs lasted about 12 months, but the door sensors only lasted about a month for us. It's worth factoring in battery replacements and SMS as ongoing costs.

What is 4.8 out of 10 mean?
2 answers
I think that people may have problems with getting false alarms. No one wants a security system that "Cries Wolf" that is worse than useless. From my experience there are a number of things you need to be aware of to ensure you don't get false alarms from the PIRs. Don't aim them at windows or doors Understand that they do not detect movement! What they do detect is changes in temperature so if you have anything, ANYTHING that creates heat it will be a problem. In my experience I have had issues with a fridge, and sunlight shining through a door and a window heating the floor. Remember it's the heat from a persons body that the PIR detects. Draw your curtains and close internal doors. In Queensland if you have a western facing window that gets the afternoon sun don't put a PIR anywhere in that room. The heat generated by the afternoon sun will set it off. My system is now completely reliable and I get no false alarms. I would however recommend that you disable the external siren until you test for a long time before you reenable it. Disable by setting the time to 0Australian security system. Don't be fooled. I bought 3 wireless cameras the 26 OF FEB 2019 and got them today 25th of march. And the website states "install your security system tomorrow" tried to set 2 of the 3 and didn't work. All good because they offer "technical support 7 DAYS A WEEK (even after hours)" as per website advertisement. I called and they had a message saying that they were in a conference overseas, contacted on fb then a person, Kristie Sutherland very rude answer me "if you decide to leave a bad review, please be aware of deformation and what can happen if the truth is not told 100%.". End the story I want my money back and dear Kristie I have abundant proves of: -1 month delivery "super express" my balls! -didn't have the "out of stock" when purchased -technical support ZERO -Quality? Is a cheap product from China -poor instructions -send me an unwanted gift alarm key holder that worth nothing and value $3 -they don't allow real reviews in their website as I left this exactly review. You can't review in Google map coz they don't have real address just postal box. They don't allow reviews in their fb page. Productsreview.Com is the only one with real reviews. I don't want to even imagine how is to deal with the warranty. Australian security system is a unprofessional company full of self reviews.

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