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Australian Seniors Insurance Home & Contents Insurance

Australian Seniors Insurance Home & Contents Insurance

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Very bullying attitude from company over the telephone

After spending the usual amount of time on an insurance website I obtained a quote, not bad to be fair being pretty close to the one I'd received from my current insurer. I'd then come out of the site to do further comparisons when, within a couple of minutes, I received a phone call from the company wanting to answer any questions i might have. I said I was fine and would get back to them if I had any. The guy was extremely insistent saying that he wanted to take me through the policy document there and then, I said no thank you I'm perfectly capable of doing that myself, he said no he would do it for me. I repeated again that I would call him back, he asked when could he call me and I said yet again that I would call him. He then said he would call me later in the week and hung up. After that sort of bullying attitude, and previous reviews on here, I don't care what the quote was, they're not getting my business.

Value for Money
Customer Service
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From time to time, we try to keep in touch with customers who have previously made enquiries with us. We like to stay up to date to see if we can help them with their insurance needs as their circumstances change. We apologise for any inconvenience caused in doing so. Please send us a private message including your contact details and we will add you to our Do Not Call list to ensure you receive no further calls from us.No need, I just won't answer.

WARNING - Do not use any insurance product from Greenstone Check

Spoke to many people. Common thread : Do not use any product managed by Greenstone Financial Services. Check them out and don’t get caught. You will pay money for no benefit to you at all. Simple explanation - Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.

Watch fur the standard response

Insurance claim madeNo

They take your money then don't respond after making a claim

Less than one year. Made the mistake of changing from NRMA. Have found them to be full of excuses if you can get hold of them. Waited over 30 minutes on hold. Even the automated on hold message was full of excuses why they weren't responding. Gave up in disgust.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Sorry for the delay and causing you any inconvenience. Please send us a private message with your contact and policy details and we will arrange for someone to call you back.


If you have a smartphone install a phone recording app. When I ring them and get the usual they record the call guff I tell them I am recording the call. Some get real edgy others say it's company policy not to allow me to record. It should be allowed by law that if one party states they're recording that party imparts the same right to the other.

Insurance claim madeNo
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We are disappointed to hear that you have had a negative experience with us. We aim to ensure that all our customers receive the best customer service possible and we take all customer feedback on board in order to improve our processes. If you would like, please send us your contact details in a private message and we will have a Service Manager call you shortly.

Should be called South African Seniors insurance, Real Insurnce under the same umbrella!!!

Sick and tired of seeing these adds on TV. Real Insurance, Australian Seniors and Woolworths insurance are all owned by Holland of South Africa. I would think that if you call yourself Australain you would be Australain!!!
An advertisement at every program break is to much, sometimes 2 or 3 adds including Seniors and Woolworths.
Thank god for netflix

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Paul, while some policies are underwritten by third party companies, Australian Seniors Insurance Agency's parent company employs over 600 Australian citizens. We are sorry to hear that you feel our ads are on TV too often. We do continue to receive a positive response from many consumers regarding these advertisements however, we will pass your feedback along to the Marketing team.I dont know who is telling you about posative feedback. There is no posative feedback on product review except for the two ringins whos only single review was a positive review for seniors. Employees? Noticed you did not deny foreign ownership

Wish we’d seen these reviews before getting H&C insurance with these shonks!

Been with them long enough. House is ten years old. Had a storm with 96ml rain event while we were away travelling. Made a claim on the internal damage and was told it was “a maintence” issue! Roofers report inconclusive!!! We have to pay for the repairs. How can a 10 year old roof have maintence issues? It’s a rip off. Will definitely be choosing another company AND doing extensive review research before!

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi there, sorry to hear about this. If you would like to send us a private message with your policy and contact details we will forward them to a Claims Manager who will contact you to discuss further.So sorry. My complaint was about APIA and not one of yours. However, based on your reviews, when I change to another insurer - I won’t be looking at you.No problem. As your issues was not regarding an Australian Seniors Insurance Agency policy however, we would respectfully ask that you remove this review in order to ensure we are fairly represented on ProductReview.com. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


I have recently been in touch with this insurance company and going by the reviews on this site it's highly unlikely that I am going to pursue insurance with this company.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hello, thank for you sharing your feedback with us. If there is anything we can do to turn this around for you please let us know.

Not the cheapest by far....

I approached this company believing it to be attuned both financially and product wise to my age group... Not only was my quote for home and contents cover in excess of $500 more (than a directly comparable product), their pet insurance was the same approximately $300/yr more for exact same cover with another group... albeit I have not claimed under the pet cover, however the product is exactly comparable to the cheaper one, same exclusions, inclusions, yearly limits, etc.... Do your home work everyone! I would not recommend this group, if you wish to watch your pennies and get proper coverage.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We are sorry that we weren't able to offer you a more affordable quote. If you would like any further assistance or to discuss this further please let us know.

Bureaucratic, officious, unhelpful and totally useless

My mother signed up to a funeral plan with Australian Seniors Insurance Agency. I wish she hadn't. I took over management of her account when she became ill; my first shock came when I was realised there was no way to view an account balance, despite her having contributed regular payments for years. There's no simple online portal where you can view your balance and details. And you can't even get details over the phone - all part of their 'process', apparently. So you basically just need to have faith that, when the time comes, ASIA won't rip you off. Cross your fingers and hope - that's their business strategy.

When mum passed away, the bureaucratic shenanigans really started. In order to release your funds, you'll need to provide a tonne of documentation - including certified identification signed by a Justice of the Peace. Every beneficiary will need to do this; and the funds, when released, will be divided up among beneficiaries and placed into separate banks accounts, so be prepared to fill out several release forms.

In the end, you might get what you paid into the fund. Point is, you won't know, as you're never given information about your payments or final balance. You may as well hand your cash over to the mafia. There's no guarantee ASIA don't take your money, invest it and cream off the interest. They probably do; it's undoubtedly all part of the 'process'.

The alternative to all this Kafkaesque stupidity is to just put your money in an interest-earning online account, and withdraw it within hours of requiring it. These days you might only earn a couple of dollars, but it's more than you'll get with ASIA. Hell, keep your money under a mattress. At least it won't take weeks of back and forthing and half a dozen official form and documents to collate.

I can highly recommend avoiding these idiots like the plague.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Tom, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We'd like to extend our sincere condolences on the passing of your mum and apologise for any negative experience you may have had with us during this time. At Australian Seniors our core value is to deliver a high standard of customer service and our highly qualified Australian-based claims team are there to assist during the claims process. If you would like to discuss a claim further please share your details with us. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency.Honestly, the last thing I want to do it contact you. I just want you to deliver my mother's funds - a straightforward issue that's been dragged out by surreal levels of bureaucracy at your end.

Excessively bureaucratic!

Car written off (faultless claim). Made to jump through hoops to get paid out. Demanding registration receipt and a bank statement. What for????? Totally ridiculous. Won't make the mistake of insuring with this company ever again.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Norm, thanks for sharing your feedback. If you would like assistance with your claim please share your policy details with us. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency thank you.Not worth the time & effort dealing with belligerent and condescending insurance bureaucracy. I don't need help with my claim (887449) - I just need it done and dusted so I never have to deal with your company ever again.Hi Norm, we will follow up on this for you, thank you.

Hollard -shocking service don't waste your time or money

following a flash flood insurance company sent the restoration company who were great. When Hollard took over everything went downhill. Contradicting information and no follow up. When I first wanted to print this review I was given the option of the insurers contacting me - which I agreed to but 2 weeks later it still hasn't happend. Shabby customer service - i do not recommend them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Just read these reviews on here and I will be going elsewhere, the reviews are really bad. Thanks e

Just got a quote as I am aware that insurance companies levy a 'fine' for loyalty. But, having read these comments I will not bother. Everyone should look at getting new quotes from other companies elsewhere every year.
After all, it is easy to compare on line in 5 minutes exactly what you paid for what last year.

Did anyone with negative comments get it sorted out to a reasonable and fair outcome?

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Anna, thanks for the review/feedback. Unlike some organisations, we do not hide comments unless they breach our house rules. This means that sometimes you will see negative comments from people who are unhappy with the outcome of their claim. Like any insurance product, our insurance policies have terms and conditions, which mean that unfortunately some claims are not valid. In fact, a strong claims assessment process is necessary to ensure that we can continue to offer competitive rates for our products.

Very Pleased

I have been with them many years. Recently had a flooded home and was reassured by their prompt action. No problems with our claim. Everything taken care of.

Insurance claim madeYes

Definitely Not

After reading all reviews and shocked on how customers are so badly treated and the RIP OFF .
Definitely will look else where.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hello, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Like any insurance product, our insurance policies have terms and conditions, which mean that unfortunately some claims are not valid. In fact, a strong claims assessment process is necessary to ensure that we can continue to offer competitive rates for our products. It's important to outline that declined claims are the minority and in every case we provide a full explanation to the customer.

Don't bother

I put in a claim on Tenant's insurance and 5 months later I am still pestering the underwriter Holland to pay up. They rejected most of the claim which made me wonder why I even bothered to have it in the first place. No wonder their policies are so cheap compared to other companies. It's because their underwriter doesn't want to pay a claim and they give you constantly one excuse after another.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Julie, we're sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the claims service provided to you. If you'd like to share your policy details with us we can look into this matter further. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency thank you.

Thank you

Yes, so far so good. I'm not sure till I receive the paperwork and to read the fine prints please.. Thank you

Insurance claim madeNo

(Like most insurers) bait-and-switch

To be fair, all insurance companies seem to operate on the same bait-and-switch model. They offer cheap deals to new customers then depend on them not checking as they increase the cost each subsequent year.

I had what I saw as a good home and contents policy with Seniors for two years – the extra charge for the second year was small and acceptable.

Come year three and the charge has suddenly jumped by more than 25%. Email them to ask why and I received a “standard letter” waffling on about increased costs of bushfires and floods – I live in an inner suburb of a major city.

So back to researching policies ...

So the reality is that I have to check every insurance product every year.

PS: .... having now checked a selection of others, it looks like the first two years were actually under-quoted and the current is starting to look "reasonable". The comment about bait-and-switch stands.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Marshall, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. If you'd like to discuss this matter further, please share your details with us and we'll arrange for a team member to contact you. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency thank you.

Don't want to pay legitimate claims

The claim was rejected over the phone. When challenged they sent their own investigator who upheld our claim and they paid up, a paltry $475.00. At policy renewal they say "We cannot offer renewal as your policy no longer falls within our underwriting guidelines". The only change is that we made a claim, the house is still in the same place.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Harry, thank you for sharing your concerns. From time to time changes in the underwriting of our products mean we are not always able to renew policies. If you would like to discuss this further please share your contact details with us and we’ll arrange for a team member to contact you. If you like, you can send us your details in a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency.

car insurance excellent response

I was initially interested in seeing if anyone had an opinion about ASIA travel insurance. However I am surprised at the very negative feedback from a number of consumers. My only experience was very positive. I had a car insurance claim, - damage caused by another driver. The response to my claim was very rapid and a car repairer organised very quickly. The service person on the phone was very helpful.

Insurance claim madeYes

Only claim they will ever accept is your premium

Beyond abysmal. Syrupy sweet call centre that masks this Company’s apparent determination to reject all reasonable claims. There is no transparency in their Claims determination process. This company will pounce on the minituae and ignore all major findings to justify rejection of any legitimate Claim. Avoid this Company unless you are either a corporate lawyer, have endless time to dispute their determinations or are happy to flush you dollars away.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Helen, thanks for sharing your feedback. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions outlined in the PDS mean not all items are covered . All claimants are entitled to have their claims reviewed; if you'd like to pursue this please share your policy details with us. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency thanks.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, has anyone contacted ACCC or a Legal professional? If so, I'd be glad to hear your the outcome. I'm about to go down this path.
2 answers
Fortunately not,thanks to the ppl who share with us their bad experiences. It is about time that someone make those shonky businesses accountable,we have been take for a ride once too often. I wish that the government has more back bone to close the legal loopholes and punish hard those who abused the systems!!! Please share with us the outcome,wish u all the best of luck.ACCC are hopeless, advice only...thousand of Australians getting ripped off by unscrupulous retailers, a lot of our time is spent just trying to get refunds or replacements and it takes forever and sometimes does not happen at all, the ACCC is really a toothless tiger when it comes to consumer rights.

Due to the appalling feedback from VERIFIED customers I'll be taking MY business elsewhere, the great thing about the internet is that if shape up to be less than you should be people soon find out and the real losers are the shonky one's , grateful I found out before I made a claim , bye bye aussie seniors....................happy now ?
3 answers
Hi Dave, thanks for sharing your feedback. We are disappointed to hear that you will be cancelling your policy with us. If there is anything we can do to assist please let us know, thank you.How about looking after your customers ??? can you guys really be so stupid that you'd think people wont talk and share their experiences ? thats what this site is all about and the more negative posts you get the less business you get get it now ?After obtaining a quote I looked at the reviews. I won't be switching to this insurance so thank you to those to report on their poor experiences. I can understand when one to two negatives spoil a good run but in this case there are very few happy customers. And let's face it is is all about the claims process. Good customer service wins out every time in getting more business.

Can I do a direct debit online? I want to pay the $41.00 on line as it is in arrers.
1 answer
Hi Robert, thanks for your enquiry. If you'd like to provide us with your policy details in a private message we can arrange for member of our Service team to contact you to assist further.

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