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total Incompetence

Too long,but trying to cancel it, the title of you company is correct as I feel I have been dealing with people that have totally not got a clue what they are doing.

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Avoid at any cost, they will never pay you

Signing up with them is easy, you know why? Because they want your money and will never pay your claims. They will ask you EVERY time for full vet history, and then will delay, delay and delay.... How they assess your claim? They have a panel of vets to decide whether they pay you or not. So if your pet was having check of it's spine, they will never pay you ANY claims even remotely associated with the spine injury. Avoid at any cost, they just want your money and never pay anything, they will waste our time and money and give you in return zero!!!!!!

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Hi there, we are sorry that we were unable to help you this time. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions outlined in our PDS mean that not all items are covered. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please send us your policy details via a private message and we will have a Claims Manager get in touch with you shortly.


only got a quote. too expensive. racq nearly half the price. bow wow lot less. yours was one of the dearest an this is for seniors. dont understand

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Thanks for considering insurance with Australian Seniors Insurance Agency. We are sorry we weren't able to offer you a more affordable quote at this time. We recommend you review the Insurance Council of Australia's website for helpful tips on how to select the best insurer. http://www.insurancecouncil.com.au/for-consumers/choosing-an-insurer - thanks.

New insurance

Just starting tonight !!! I only registered in response to a phone call from you yesterday !! It is a comfort to know I now have more options should she have an accident or fall ill Thank you for calling me I had meant to take out insurance for a while but just didn't get to it.

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Happy Vegimite

I received newsletters. 1st time for Insurance and was very impress with a quick response and no questions too hard

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Experience with Phone Centre Lass

12 months with my funeral cover, however, I did have pet insurance as well. There was confusion over collection dates, and was cancelled. Retrying today to get pet insurance again. Hopefully all will be okay this time and policy will be approved by underwriter.
We wish ourselves good luck!!!

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No worries pet insurance.

Thank goodness my doggy friend's are happy and healthy.
I will have no need to worry about my dog's health. Thanks to Seniors Pet Insurance.

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Pet Insurance

Just signed up today On a pet insurance
I had once a travel insurance with
your company And I was very happy with it
This prompted me to sign up with you again

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Waste of time and money

I joined up after purchasing a puppy and around the time I had her desexed she was 5mths old.
She is now 10 mths old so have been paying $80 a month for the past 5 mths. Never had a claim and recently tried to claim after paying a vet bill myself. Keep getting requests for more information from Seniors Pet insurance. Sent documentation from the Vet regarding vaccinations/desexing and apart from that I don't have anything else. Except for the visit we have just had to investigate her limping on her front leg. Anti inflammatory's were ordered and given to us, account paid and then to claim. So I thought but no........another letter has come now demanding all consultation notes/medical records from every visit our pet has made to the vet from the date we bought our vet until now!!! She is a PUPPY and very HEALTHY
Consultation notes: documented by our vet , pathology reports, radiology. Seriously ????
You want me to do all of the above??? For a lousy consultation fee and for some anti inflammatory's
You know what keep your lousy rebate, i will just cancel my policy!!!
I had to tick the NO when asked if I made a claim because I can't make a claim. How do you expect people to make a claim when you keep blocking them by making ridiculous demands.

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Hi Lori, thanks for sharing your feedback. We'd be happy to arrange for a team member to contact you to assist with your claim. Please share your policy details with us - you can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency thank you.I did speak to a team member funny thing is that I was asked for more info and you weren't paying my claim. All of a sudden the claim was paid approx $80 last Friday night 26th Oct. I then found out that because of that I could not cancel my policy...........oh I could cancel but would have to continue to pay my premiums of $80 a month until the 13th June 2019. Here's the clincher,,,,,,,had I not gotten that refund I could have cancelled my policy immediately. By the way I did get two letters yesterday some 4 days after the claim was paid telling me you would not approve my claim until I sent you the further info you requested!!! Something stinks with Australian Seniors Insurance Agency!! Does the left hand have any idea what the right hand is doing???Hi Lori, we appreciate your frustrations. As mentioned, we would be happy to arrange for a team member to contact you if you'd like to discuss this matter further. If this is the case, please do share your details with us and we'll arrange for a team member to contact you as soon as possible, thank you.

It's been 5 months since I wanted a quote for my pup and for the last 2 days I have had nuisance cal

Never and never will be why if it takes more than 5 months to contact me so I'm not interested anymore.

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Hi Les, we're sorry that it has taken us a long time to contact you. If you no longer want to receive calls from us - please send your details (including contact details) so we can add you to our Do Not Call list. Thanks.

Amazing commitment & empathy

Recently we lost our dog and Australian Seniors Pet Insurance under the guidance of wonderful Rohan they couldn't do enough for us. He helped us with our distress and was empathetic and caring and did everything he could to help us at this time to receive our claim immediately. I can't recommend them enough they were wonderful and when we get another dog I wont hesitate to insure with Australian Seniors Pet Insurance. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Laraine & Hugh

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Not a very nice experience

We signed up for a policy with Seniors, the first claim we submitted was for an ear infection our Labrador had. After weeks of emails back and forth requesting medical history which had already been sent it was finally refused on the grounds that our dog had an ear infection prior to our signing with Seniors. Are dogs only allowed one ear infection in their lifetime ? The second claim was for a sore foot which cleared up after a few days of pain relief, same response with several requests for more and more of the same info from us. We finally had enough and cancelled the policy after which we received notification that our claim was refused on the grounds that it did not meet the criteria for our policy. It would be interesting to find out what ( if any) claim does actually meet the criteria. Our experience with Seniors amounts to a total waste of our time, effort and money.

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We are sorry that you've had this experience with us. Unfortunately, as with all insurance companies, the terms and conditions outlined in our PDS mean that not all items are covered. If you would like someone to review your claim, please send us your policy details via a private message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency) and we will have a Claims Manager get in touch with you shortly.


I just was interested to know how much is pet insurance, on the web. that was it .. it has been one week ,every day they call me if i am interested to buy ... every time i say the same thing.. I AM NOT INTERESTED. All i have done wrong to see how much they charge.. Other insurances do not do this. Man if I am not interested. stop calling me.

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Hi Sal, we're sorry to hear you are receiving unwanted calls. If you'd like to send us your phone number we will add you to our Do Not Call list. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency thank you.

Wonderful cover with everything explained

Great communication for setting up my Dogs insurance policy.. Spent alot of time comparing my needs and what I wanted compared with other providers.. Made it easy to make my mind up.

Lots of questions when you make a claim. Locked into the policy for a year when you do.

Had the policy for 2 years now. Made a claim after I paid the vet bill. Asked for the diagnosis, the invoice and the receipt. (all in writing) Phoned up to cancel the policy, and was persuaded by Customer Care Dept. to let them handle the claim. They told me I couldn't claim if I cancelled. What they did not tell me was that if I proceeded with the claim I could not cancel until the renewal date (another 6 months).
"Customer Care" team told me it was all in the small print. Didn't I like them paying the claim out? Well, $135 in claims as opposed to me paying another $450 in premiums.
More fool me for trusting Seniors.

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Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We are disappointed to hear that you are unhappy with the service that was provided to you. If you would like to discuss this matter further please let us know, thank you.

Good value

Easy policy to set up and good value for both of my pets. I feel better now that I have pet insurance

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yes very satisfied thank you. we wanted affordable pet insurance which is what you provided. we are glad we found you.

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Fantastic Staff

I had the occasion of looking around at current policies for my small 4 years 8 month old Maltalier I took out Insurance on her when she was a baby. I und not only w the policy cheaper but it covered more in other areas. Two of the differences were visiting the Vet during the year I had an allowance, also some cover for prescription medication. The two areas had limits, but seeing my dog has only been to the vet once, it was comforting knowing I had that cover. The staff on the phones have helped me so much, I could not ask for better. nanapft

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Great until you make a claim

Have 2 dogs insured hadn't made a claim in the first year, now I have a much loved dog who has developed a heart murmur and needs to be on expensive heart medication twice a day. After wanting the last 5 years vet records which shows a very healthy dog, they now want the last 8 years records. I have moved twice since having my dog 1 of the vets has closed, seems like they will just make more excuses not to pay the claim. We love our fur babies have paid out thousands of dollars for the insurance now when we need them they won't pay out the claim, I have no choice but to cancel both policies as I cannot afford the medication and the insurance.
Bad company, bad experience would NOT recommend at all. You are better off putting the money in a separate account for your pets!!!!!

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Hi Shazz, we're sorry to hear this. Please note, all claimants are entitled to have their claims reviewed; if you'd like to pursue this please share your details with us and we'll arrange for a Claims Manager to contact you to assist further. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency thank you.

Wouldn’t have animals without it.

Very satisfied, the people you talk to can’t do enough to help you, l have rung up and ordered some more insurance papers and l usually get them within 3 weeks, they also let me know by e mail when the payment is comming which is very helpful. Thank you Mrs N Rooth

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seniors p et insurance is the worst i have ever dealt with they are good taking your money not so good paying claims i gave them all the information i had on my cat and it still istnt enough not good enough i would not recomend them to anyone
2 answers
Totally agree, they are not insurance company, they are money for nothing collecting company.Hi Maureen, sorry to hear you had a negative experience. If you had an issues with a claim, please send us a private message with your policy and contact details and a member of our Claims Team will contact you to further discuss.

If my dog has a fall and has tissue damage and bruising is that an accident?
2 answers
Hi Pete, please send us your policy or contact details via a private message here: www.facebook.com/AustralianSeniorsInsuranceAgency and we will contact you to assist with your enquiry. ThanksDo not waste your time or the money on this insurance, you will get nothing from them, nothing but frustration

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