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Super impressed

Such a good quality product for a stupidly low price. Usually pay $60+ for a pallet, bought the Astralis pallet for $20 and was very surprised at how pigmented and creamy it is

Product Quality
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Australis fresh and flawless pressed powder

This is my holy grail pressed powder, it is great over foundation and on no-make up days.
It comes in many shades, is light weight, matte and lasts all day even without setting spray.
It is very affordable and it takes me 6 or so months until I actually hit pan.
Highly recommend this powder.

Still have eyeliner from 2010!

Australis products are seriously amazing. I use their liquid eyeliner and my bottle from 2010 is still alive and well! That's eight years of use! I use makeup more now than before so I've bought another one and steadily working through that, but I can't tell the difference between the old and new one. The quality holds and is amazing!

Australis Multi Megalash Mascara - Best Mascara Ever

I totally love the Australis Mega-lash mascara. It's a tubing mascara which lengthens and adds big volume to lashes without clumping at all. It stays put throughout the day without smudging. This mascara lifts and open up the eye lashes so well that I don't even need to curl my lashes before applying the mascara. I have used many different mascaras from high-end to drugstore and this is by far the best mascara and it also comes at a very affordable price. One tube lasts 3-4 months without drying. I do have to mention that when I try to wash it off with plain water, it starts to flake and gets into eyes if not removed properly. Also when I tried to apply this mascara very close to the lashes, I accidentally got the product in my eyes and it stung badly. Other than these 2 points I am very happy with how well this mascara works and I recommend it highly to everyone.

Australis Primer is great value and really works

Having skin on the dry side but is sensitive, I need a primer that does not dry out the skin or irritate it but extends the life of makeup coverage on my skin. I find this primer meets my needs. I have previously used a wide variety of brands, all much more expensive but found Australis primer to be at least equal and even better than some. It's a really nice primer. Glides on evenly. Easy to apply and blend. Dries quickly and even seems to moisturise. I never need to apply moisturiser with it. Makeup sit nicely on the skin, with bumps/ wrinkles smoothed and the make up lasts longer when I have used this primer. Never any irritation. I am very happy with this product especially as it's inexpensive.

Australis Extender Lash and Brow

I really like Australis Extender clear lash and brow. I use it to enhance my eye lashes and i love the fact that is not gluggy and it looks like you're not actually wearing anything on your eye lashes at all, yet they are longer and more defined. Very much the natural beauty look.

Shade Adjusting Drops

I purchased the shade adjusting drops about a month ago as I was sold the wrong foundation shade at a department store. I found that the drops were great value for money, and worked well! I was able to lighten my foundation by around 2 shades without compromising the texture, coverage and wear of my $60 foundation. Would highly recommend this product! Only feedback would be that the dropper lid can get quite messy and leave some of the product on the outside of the bottle.


ordered online. received THE NEXT DAY!! amazingly fast. i definitely recommend 'the vault' (though when ordering it doesnt tell you the kit is a mini travel size so when i was expecting full size. especially for $50) but this is the only brand i know that light skin foundation is actually for the whitest ghost people such as myself.

best cream eyeshadow

The best cream eyeshadow, great pinky gold colour. Looks great and is very comfortable on the eye and doesn't crease

Australis Banana Powder

Bought this a couple of months ago after hearing lots of good reviews about banana powder in general (mostly Ben nye's) and I thought this one was a good alternative.
Not at all! It cakes and creases every single time I use it.
I thought the first time was due to me not knowing how to use it correctly. After looking for advice on how and where to use it I tried again and I got the same results.
It does t really brightens skin, does nothing for dark circles or dark spots and it cakes and crease horribly! I don't know how it does it but it gathers anything you have underneath and makes it a big ugly clump in your face!
Not buying again! Ever! Thank God it was very cheap!


While the colour is bright and bold, Velourlips can be very drying for your lips, and I recommend a good moisturising lip balm or pawpaw ointment after wearing.
The colour can last a while but like many liquid lipsticks this inner part of your lip colour will start to wear off, especially after eating/drinking. The thicker the application of the product the more likely this is to happen, as it tends to flake off. Keeping a good balance of product on your lips (not too thick but too thin and the colour isn't as vibrant) will help make it last longer.

AUSTRALIS AC On Tour Cream Contouring & Highlighting

if you are asian and have yellow skin, this will not suit you as it will appear really red and muddy. Disappointed as i read good reviews on this product :(

Surprisingly very good!

I got the Australis lets go steady tinted gradual moisturiser (for body) free in a big beauty bag from Priceline. I had a wedding to go to in 5 days so thought I'd give it a go. After just one application On my legs I noticed a difference the following morning. Not streaky or orange but nice golden brown. I've applied it two further times now, also on arms, chest and back and am pleased with the results. It had got a little darker each day so may do on alternate days now. I would purchase this product.

Great Australian Cosmetic Brand

Australis is an Australian cosmetic brand which is excellent in it's innovative products. Australis provide products that no other drug-store brand does e.g. full body bronzing mist, handled liquid eye liner for better precision etc.
All products are under $20 and are of great quality. I have purchased many things from this brand, including foundations, setting sprays, powders etc. My favourite product is the Fresh and Flawless Pressed Power which is less that $12, and well worth the purchase.

foundation- wouldn't buy again.

I bought the stay put foundation stick, and the fresh and flawless powder. When you first put them on it looks lovely, but then not even an hour later it's all worn off, and patchy, and its like I didn't even put it on. looks oily, (I don't have oily skin) & just doesn't last. wouldn't recommend.

Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss

I've been buying this for a few years from Big W and love it - I can use it instead of a lip balm and it tastes nice without that bitter chemical taste. But I recently bought one at K Mart and it had a slightly different tube (same name, colour etc) and it was not good, tasted bitter and seemed a bit sticky. I thought they must have changed the product but I went back to Big W and bought the original one and like it as much as ever. Not sure what that's all about... maybe they make different versions for different suppliers or maybe Big W still has only old stock left.

Some things are excellent....

I recently brought The HD Foundation, the setting spray, mascara and Fresh and Flawless pressed powder.
The setting spray I do like, wouldn't say that it keeps on my foundation for longer but definitely sets the foundation and powder and would make a great refreshing spray for the heat and dehydrated skin.
The Mascara was good, it doesn't flake or run. It lengthens my lashes rather than giving a whole lot of volume. Its a good everyday mascara for a good price (cant remember the name of it but its in a pink and black metallic tube)
The pressed powder was my favourite, this is such a great powder for the price! I have many high end powders and this one is just as good if not better. The best thing about this powder is that it stops me from getting to oily and gives me a great matte finish throughout the day. I only have to touch up maybe twice with this powder when before it was like 4 or 5 times due to my oily skin.
The foundation was the worst. It was oily feeling but had such a light coverage, like a BB cream. I had to apply 2-3 pumps to get a semi-medium coverage and then had to put powder over the top.
The foundation had a gross smell to it in my opinion, I could smell it all day and I hated that.
And after all that and wearing it for a week my skin broke out.

Amazing Australis Primer

This primer is my holy grail, it spreads over your face with an even coverage and feels refreshing, dries quickly and it feels like you have nothing on. it is thin and moisturizing. i have very dry skin and i find that i barely have to moisturize my skin because this primer does it all for me. it is a good price too, $13.95. I can honestly find zero faults in this product and i have been using it for months
thin, good coverage, great price, moisturizing, simple application

Staying power and does not chip

I stumbled over Australis nail polish at Priceline. They had the glitter colour and top coat i needed. They dont test on animals. The nail enamel stays on and does not chip at all. I constantly have my hands in water and handling animals etc, and it does not chip like other polish. Very impressed. Thick , quick drying to.
looks great on my nails and stays on

It's a love - hate thing

I personally loved the colour, scent, and also how the gloss itself isn't sticky. It also helped moisturise my lips for a little bit, but throughout the day I found that the gloss dried pretty fast. I would have to keep re-applying it every 20 minutes, and if I didn't re-apply more it would leave a layer of dried gloss, so i could see splotches of colour in the cracks of my lips. That could just be a personal factor but i found that quite annoying. The packaging wasn't great either, I would have to put the gloss upright or else the next time I used it, a lot of gloss would just poor out before I even squeezed the tube. It's not completely horrible, but there are some other great lip glosses out there for a cheaper price
Great scent, highly vitamin enriched formula, moisturises, great colours, great shine, not sticky, UV protection & good price
Bad packaging & dries fast

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