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The worst Company ever

They are very rude and full of excuses.
On the 24/01/19 my car was taken from my house Townsville (North Queensland) and was suppose to come to Adelaide. They said it will only take up to 14 days, but it has taken almost 6 weeks and I have not received my car yet as they are still lying to me about est. I called this morning and spoke to the manager ([name removed]) as usual he says ''I am still waiting for the truck, there is nothing more I can do''. This company has messed up with all my plans. I am new to Adelaide studying university in an environment that I am not familiar with. I am also missing my belongings (2x luggage and textbooks) as they are in my car. Besides, where I live is far away from the university, taking public transport is not the best here. I am now spending more time on the buses than at uni. When I have class at 10 am , I have to wake up at 6 am to catch the 6:30 am bus and then another bus to uni. It takes approximately 3 hours of bus ride (one way) and another 3 hours to get to home. Imaging how difficult they made my life????.. I wish I never had to deal with this unprofessional company.. They are nonsense and should be removed from Australia.
I am now warning every single person I know not to use their service.
So far I have reported to the police, ACCC and consumer affairs. This week I will make sure to fill complaint form and send to the consumer affairs so they can take further action.

Thank you AAA transport for messing up with my life.

The worst transport company in australia

Stay away from this company. They are not reliable full of excuses and just look at the reviews below. Car is still unable to be located come on it’s 2019 maybe they need a change of personnel who are more informed and generally wanting their company to suceed in the future. Aaa transport you have the worst customer service person ever

Dodgy rude dodgy incompetent etc etc rude rude rude

I will start this be saying that I have contacted Consumer Affairs and that if anyone else has these problems to go their website and put in a complaint. Sorry this is long.
On 29/09/18 I contacted Auto transporters about shipping my son, car from Sunshine Coast to Darwin, I emailed the company querying about insurance received a reply "Fully insured to book pls call [name removed] on [details removed]" I paid the amount of $1770 by credit card on 2/10 for the car to be picked up on 12/10. I was advised verbally by [name removed], who I have subsequently found out is the owner of the company that it would be delivered 23/10-24/10 I emailed the company on 25/10 querying when the car would be delivered and did not receive a reply.
The owner of the car “I contacted ‭[details removed]‬ on Friday 26/10/18 at 1720 and I was told my vehicle would be arriving in Darwin by the weekend 3/4 of November 2018. I called the same number last night and was told they didn’t know where it was and I said I would be calling back at 1430 today 3/11/18, I did so at 1437pm. I was told rubbish that it will now be coming but next weekend. She also advised that she did not know the whereabouts of the car but it was somewhere west of Cairns".
I then rang her and I advised that my son had suggested that maybe we should inform the police of the missing vehicle she just said that we should go ahead if we wanted to. Spoke to [name removed] who said he was the owner but have since been told by [name removed] in "customer service" that he is only the owners husband and a truck driver - he advised the car was still on the Gold Coast about 11/11
The car was eventually delivered damaged 15/11 and advised by [name removed] that they would look after the damage. Much toing and froing over a number of weeks being hung up on by [name removed], the 'owner' to be told by [name removed] that there is a $2000 excess even though [name removed] had advised that it was the faulty airbag that had damaged the car and another car.
I have asked [name removed] a number of times who is the insurance company and was just advised that they use a Broker who allocates the insurer He would not reply to that even though I said if the car is being repaired in Darwin who is the insurer and I then asked who is the $2000 excess paid to - surprise surprise the company. And what happens if the repairs are not that much we will refund the difference - yep believed that!!!
They hide behind T&Cs. Yes I was remiss by not looking at independent reviews. I also asked [name removed] how I put a review on their own website he advised to email through the Contact section. I bet that will not ever appear on the website.
Please contact Consumer Affairs with any complaints and DO NOT EVEN CONTACT THESE COWBOYS


The worst company around very in professional the owners are being watched by the government.
They never deliver on time it's always late the company operates from there house .

Do not use!

If your here, looking at reviews, it’s probably too late. I didn’t look st the reviews until after I’d paid my $900 and hadn’t received my car. Lie after lie about where my car was and when it would arrive. I got a run around from numerous staff members until eventually I sent someone to the original depot to look for my car.
It was still sitting there, after they’d told me on numerous occasions that it was loaded on the truck and on the way. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the car in their care any longer and collected it from the depot - no refund. $900 down the drain, [name removed] even swore at me and sent an aggressive email telling me that there would be no refund. They didn’t do the job, they lied and lied and lied, and who knows how long the car would have sat there for and what condition it would have been in on arrival. I’d rather lose $900 then trust my car with them, especially after reading all these reviews.


I had 2 cars transported from Melbourne to Cairns last year and one arrived with a massive scratch down to the metal, from one end of the car to the other, the car was left unlocked and unattended at the 'depot' I had taken photos of my car being loaded on the truck in perfect condition, I'm sure this helped, after being told to get quotes, Joe became uncontactable, his office staff were rude, I was given the run around for weeks on end, I eventually did my own research and found out they are insured through NTI insurance, a smaller company of CGU, autotransporters have an obligation to have lodged the claim within 14 days of notification, I involved the insurance ombudsman, pointing out dates that shows they were out of required timeframe, the matter was then resolved immediately,I even picked the best repairer in Cairns and paid absolutely nothing, you do not have to pay their excess! I also helped a lady in July take this company on and problems were resolved immediately, they have a really dodgy history, please contact the insurance ombudsman so we can put these cowboys out of business

Kermit lololol obviously family..... 0 Star $$$$$ 2000 You Have To Pay If They Damage Your Car.$$$2000

Kermit maybe Little Miss Piggy has damaged your brain cells .. no one wants to hear your preaching. So obvious. We know what our out come was with this company ....damaged cars. Maybe we've got to write our reviews in Hebrew for you to understand.. preach somewhere else. $2000 excess I have to pay..They tell us they're not liable for damage they inflict. 19 km extra on the odometer these people Joyride powerful cars... Got 2 cars transported for Melbourne to Queensland to find both cars had under carrage damage. And one car with smashed in the front and rear. Towbars were stolen. 20 inch wheels on one of the car were all gutter rash. And damaged. 3000 down the drain.
I rang the company to get my car fixed and they told me that I had to pay $2,000 excess. Otherwise leave us alone. That's the response I got. [name removed] picked up my cars from Melbourne address didn't have use of his left arm and was driving a manual truck with his right arm only including changing gears. I was told that the cars were going to go straight to their depot in Broadmeadows. But [name removed] had personal things to attend to so he took my car's to Cranbourne. Dodgy driver. Who is unfit to drive trucks... Do not use this company as the yard is full of damaged and junk cars this company does not deal with high-end cars. My car has received structural damage and now we have contacted a lawyer. And this matter has been taken further. I will be on the net for as long as it takes and if they change there name I will match it to the same depot they use.
Also I will keep people informed on the contact numbers and I will let people know the new business name. This company has not grown to 15 trucks. They sub contract low class drivers at a cheap rate from all over the place. I was very disappointed in the condition and how unmaintained and damaged the trucks are and left me feeling very concerned. The way he was treating my car's while loading them onto his truck was not acceptable ..... The interstate truck they subcontract is a bomb. This company does not own depots all over Australia they subcontract corner highway carsales storage yards. There is no depot in Bundall Queensland. Its a beaten down ex car yard on Ashmore Rd corner. ... Where the cars are butted up to one another bumpers. Take a drive and have a look everyone. I wish all the best of luck to anybody that uses this company. Because you will need it. They keep changing the business name. Please please keep the posts and reviews coming so we can bring these swindlers down. Thank you everyone for your reviews. Perfect.

To aaa transport or aa transporter's what ever you wanna call your swindle!!!!!!
You were better off paying the $2,000 to get my car fixed on the damage that you inflicted, on property that doesn't belong to you. We could have both moved on and good reviews would of been something of a good outcome for rectifying your issue. . Now it's going to cost you a lot more time and money and worry and heartache and stress. Subcontracting 15 trucks driver's is not owning 15 trucks you uneducated mouse . And subcontracting car sales and storage yards and local tips that other people own isn't owning depots all over Australia fool . That's not owning depots. Lol you are a joke and obviously failed in life
I hope you're enjoying the knock on effect of your mistake. This review is another knock on affect. . Aaa aa
Everyone has the right to know how you cannot conduct a simple business by hiring proper intelligent administration that can actually communicate with humans over a simple call. You all need to go back to school and learn how to answer a phone and communicate with people intelligently!!! And hire normal people who can actually tow a car without damaging it ya crap
550 views. 550 loss !!!!
That's life , put up with it you rat dogs.
Doggy dogs. Every dog has there day

Ćar transport

I got a quote to del my car from gold coast to melb, they said it will take about a week but it took close to a month. When it finally arrived it had several dents & scratches in the body & a cracked windscreen. They said it was all there, The car was brand new. I will never use this company anymore. My rating for them is a 0.

Absolute disgrace never go with these hobo morons screwed a car worth 350k payed $2700 and it got pu

Payed $2700 from Adelaide to Sydney car ruined mud all through it truck driver said it was a $600 job NEVER GO WITH THESE DODGY FOOLS.

Legal action will be taken.

Do not use auto transporters.

So far it has taken 3 months, yes that’s correct 3 months and I have still not received my car. Every time I ring I get lied to.
Eventually about 2 months in they admitted they didn’t know where my car was so I tracked it down, was easy still hadn’t left...
It was to come from WA to QLD. Not the moon qld

I have had to buy another car for my wife which I will have to sell if this one ever arrives.
I am now letting the authorities deal with them...
Avoid at all costs!!!

Great service

Like many reviewers, I’ve read lots of reviews to move my car from Perth to Brisbane. I decided to go with Auto Transporters and I was not disappointed. Great price, great booking process and got my car in the ETA date.
Well done team!!

Watch out for this lot

I received an email quote on Wednesday afternoon. A quote for $3000. When I phoned on Thursday morning to confirm the bookings the price jumped to $4800. No reason given but when I asked why, they got nasty over the phone and I quote "if you don't like the price go elsewhere".
So I have and for a cheaper price.


Made me wait all day and I lost a days wages been telling me they can’t contact driver for 3 days not very good business like that and I’m not hsppy

I would love to punch them in the face!

Constant lying on time of arrival. Stories always changing. Not professional at all! Extremely rude on the phone. But I'm the idiot I should've looked at the reviews before I booked with these scum bags.

Awesome Experience

Best transporting company. The car was delivered within the time frame, no damages and would recommend to anyone. A pleasure to deal with, other reviews are incorrect in my opinion.

Disgusting service - interrogative & abusive

I contacted this company on the 03.12.18 and was quote $1,400 inc gst to transport my car.As the next few days went on I was hounded and pestered by phone to pay the amount up front in full otherwise I wasn’t going to get the job done due to the time of year. Out of worry and being pestered significantly I reluctantly paid the mount in full on 13th December after being told that the amount has now gone up to $1650 including gst because it was getting closer to the date. I was not sent any contract or terms and conditions and did not sign anything. (Silly me)

Once I had paid IN FULL a few days later I was then called on 17th December and demanded that they collected the car NOW as the “train had come in” and if I wanted it to be delivered on time I would need to give up my car today with the items packed in and ready to go otherwise they couldn’t guarantee this would happen.

I was not ready to give up my car 10 days earlier than what I had agreed and paid for in full as I had personal commitments all over Christmas which meant I needed my car to drive to family events. I was in the car with my partners mum and my partner who heard the conversation and were very shocked at the level of service not to mention the interrogative manner who were also concerned for me that my personal items would get there or not.

I advised the man on the phone I wasn’t able to accommodate right now and stuck to my guns and told him again that I had agreed and paid for 27th pick up date and delivery first week of January which is what I still require. The man on the phone reluctantly agreed and ended the call abruptly.

On the 20th December my plans changed unexpectedly and therefore I advised aaa transporters immediately. I was told I was not entitled to any kind of refund at all and not offered any kind of solution. They kept all my money they hounded me for.

Disgusting attitude, treatment and lack of service from start to finish and how they treated me let alone the lack off diligence with the administration, contracts and terms and conditions and now they are keeping 100% off my money for something that I never even used. This doesn’t seem fair or right. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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Instead of trying to influence new customers - why don’t you resolve and fix the existing problems you have ? What are you going to do about my $1700? I have made a complaint to consumer affairs who will be contacting you if they haven’t done so already. Being in business myself for more than 13 years I know that the ultimate definition of a good business is: “DECENT COMPANIES RESOLVE AND FIX THEIR MISTAKES, BAD ONES DONT”

Without delays

Must be honest my brother Jared told me about this transporting company that he used.
I was looking for a car carrier to transport my two vehicles.
I Always look at a number of companies to compare, which I also product reviewed all my options.
This company did not have great reviews as I told my brother but compared from the other major Transporters this one I thought was good for the age of the company.
I also called to discuss the reviews and was comfortable with the results and decided to give them also ago.
I had sold my vehicle from Perth trade-in to be delivered to Melbourne and pick up my new vehicle I purchased from Melborne to be delivered back to me in Perth .
From the time of booking and to have my vehicle delivered to me in a 11 day turnaround I was completely amazed for the time of year.
Their driver called me a day before delivery to inform me that it was on its way , was a blessing before Xmas.
I would normally go off my reviews for judgement, but in this case goes to show I went with my instinct and was very pleased.

Don’t use them

Used this company to transport our caravan from Vic to Cairns. Had to pay up front for pickup. Was picked up from Vic early September and didn’t arrive in Cairns until six weeks later. The van was left on the Gold Coast for about five weeks. Their excuses ranged from mechanical problems to them waiting on a flatbed truck. At our wit ends we told them we would report it stolen if we didn’t receive it in the following week. Low and behold they rang and said it was on its way. A few days later it turned up. Was supposed to pick the van up from their depot. The depot had no record of the van coming to their yard. The driver then rang and said out of the goodness of his heart he would deliver the van to our home which he did. He told us he borrowed the car from the depot (lie). It came up on a flatbed truck (lie). I believe, in my opinion he towed the van up to Cairns from the Gold Coast. The front of the van had black soot all over and particularly on the right where his exhaust pipe was situated. The worst of all was that I believe, in my opinion that he slept in our van and definitely used the toilet. When I confronted the women in the office she gave me some rubbish about toilets in vans splashing out as you drive. For one thing that has never happened in all my years. The toilet was disgusting with urine all over it and on the floor. He obviously didn’t know how to flush it. The RV centre in Vic assure me that the toilet canister was completely empty and cleaned prior to pick up. The Van floor and cushions on the lounge we’re also very dirty. Which the RV centre advised were spotless. This all was denied by Auto Transporters and was told that they had a receipt for the drivers motel. Please please please don’t use them unless you want a whole lot of heartache.

Absolute joke

Worsy company ever. Transporting my car from WA to Melbourne and it took a month. After the first phone call they were unreachable. I paid around $1200 for express delivery and was promised 4 days.

Kept lying and saying its on the way its on the way when it wasn't. I cannot believe I didnt find the reviews for this company. The issue is ladies and gentleman these people were initially named auto transporters but now they are AAA transporters so I couldn't find any reviews and then found out this information when i searched up their ABN.

Please dont go with this company - they are quick to take your money but thats it. Lies after lies after lies. Some nonsense about quarantine issues which delayed them. Rude staff when you talk to them, they never call or email you back. My car was in a depot (not owned by them) in Perth for 3 weeks until it was picked up. Even the guy at the depot is sick of them and is not dealing with them anymore.

Credit where its due however, I had stuff in the car which was absolutely untouched (I was very worried about this)

I wouldnt wish dealing with these guys on my worst enemy. So much stress for a month for nothing. I was so done with these guys I did even bother asking for a partial refund or compensation.

Avoid at all costs! Car took 4 weeks to arrive.

This company was the worse to deal with after the initial phone call. They didn't collect the car at appointed time then rescheduled until the next day. The car sat in Melbourne (from Sydney) for at least a week.
There was no communication at any time. They were unreachable by phone or email and never returned contact.

huge waste of money. better to pay 4200 extra and go elsewhere with a company that can track your cars whereabouts at any time.
They didn't deliver to the door as promised we had to collect it from their yard.


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Questions & Answers

Does anyone has a contact for productreview.com.au? So we can ask them to update the company name?
1 answer
all you can do is submit a enquiry via their contact form or on facebook

Hey Mick! My car got picked up on the 14/03/2019 and is still 4000km away more than 2 months later. They even smashed my windscreen and didn’t care to tell me about it. Took me to organise someone to take pictures at their yard to locate my vehicle and find out about the damage. No keyboard troll here, all true and documented
1 answer
Funny how over 50 people are keyboard trolls and yet ONE person, who, we know who it is, speaks highly of this unbelievable company ...give us a break Mick! Your post is just too obvious dont you think? Andre and so many others have and are going through hell over all this!

Police today tried to get AAA transports to release my vehicle from their Smithfield, NSW yard. Unsuccessful There is a financial dispute between the yard owner and AAA transports and the yard owner does not release any vehicles until he has been paid. If your vehicle is in Sydney and AAA transports tells you it's on its way - they are lying. Fair Trade NSW case number: 9770154
4 answers
the police told me that it was a civil matter and i couldn't do anything through the policeJoshua P check private messages at top of page on this site..went you a pmAnyone got their car yet? We are going in 10 weeks now!