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1.6 from 40 reviews

I would love to punch them in the face!

Constant lying on time of arrival. Stories always changing. Not professional at all! Extremely rude on the phone. But I'm the idiot I should've looked at the reviews before I booked with these scum bags.


Gave me multiple lies on the whereabouts of my car.
Told story after story to get me off there back, never returned my phone calls.

Staff were rude and extremely short

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How do you suggest compensating me for my terrible experience?


Absolutely disgusting. Quick to quote. Quick to take money. Promises fast delivery. Almost 50 days after paying the invoice, still car has not been picked up. 5 times they told us it would be picked up the next day, still waiting...
Never answer calls or emails but are super quick to answer a text and palm it off to someone else
Got fed lie after lie about why truck wasnt there.
Broken down, hit a roo etc
Very suspicious that there is no address at all.
I googled earthed the depot where I was going to be picking car up from and it was a vacant block.
Demanded our money back after they had broken their own policy multiple times and all we got back was that if we cancel, we wont get money back and that we dont have a leg to stand on as the policy covers it.
We have rang department of fair trading in Victoria. We did there procedures for getting a refund and the company refused and still haven't picked the car up. And still haven't contacted us about picking it up

This company is an absolute disgrace to the australian way.

We have actually flown out and picked the car up ourselves and drove it back at our own expense.

Please everybody who has had a bad dealing with this company, ring department of fair trading Victoria, contact ACCC , ring police of fraud. If they want to make it hard for the customer, customers have rights so lets make it hard for them.
These reviews need to be told to the authorities.

One very unsatisfied customer. Never dealt with such a bad company before in Australia.


Absolutely disgraceful "service"- if you can call it that. I enquired about getting my vehicle from Brisbane to Mackay- I then had no less than 3 missed calls within a 2 hour period. I paid the quoted amount then no response at all from this mob. After repeated attempts at getting an update on my car "you have called bookings" etc etc.. I called Customer service- no response..Had to threaten with Police and consumer affairs to even get a response from [name removed].. "We have had delays...breakdowns etc..." They feed you with lies and lies. They are obviously waiting to shift more vehicles in the 1 load.. I could have Flown down and driven it back if I knew...
DO NOT USE THEM! They may quote you $100 less than a well know company but it is not worth the hassle. I am paying finance on a car I haven't seen yet..

This company should be criminalized

Auto Transporters could be nothing further from a legitimate company. They told us our car would arrive by a certain day (from Perth to Cairns). When it did not arrive, they did not call. I had to call over 40 times to their office. Each time, they were rude and told me they could not tell me where our car was. After weeks of delays and not even knowing what city our car was currently in, I told them we would have no other option but to report it stolen to the police. The manager ([name removed]) told me that if I reported it stolen to the police, he would just drop our car off the flatbed truck and leave it in the middle of nowhere. And we would have to find it. We had no other option but to stop calling in order to get our car back.

We paid up front (which is a HUGE mistake) and had no collateral over them. I was being totally reasonable with him and tried to explain that I am 8 months pregnant and just needed our car for my partner and I to get to the hospital. He still had the nerve to call me name in our conversation.

To be honest, we only chose this company because they were $150 cheaper than another company. But it was the biggest mistake we've ever made. I only wish there was some sort of legal recourse we could take one them for being such a terrible representation of an ethical business.

Not even 1 star validates their service

Yes they lie to take your money then 5-7 day estimated delivery times turn into 4-6 weeks.
Have dodgy past business dealings hence why no names on documents.
Shocking business.


Would appreciate if everyone could share my post.

I recently relocated to Darwin. Unfortunately, we decided to use AUTOTRANSPORTERS PTY LTD to backload our car up to Darwin from Cairns. To say my experience with Autotransporters has been nothing but a nightmare is an understatement.

My car has been damaged since the day it got off their truck! Back in April. The lack of communication from this company REALLY astounds me!! I don't know how they are still operating! Not only did I receive false updates continuously - that's right! One day my car was in Melbourne and had been involved in a truck accident the next it was fine and in the gold coast! But I was also told repeatedly my car was due to arrive in Darwin by the end of the week for 3 weeks straight.

We have had a list of problems which included:
1. Grease all through out my car from the truck driver.
2. Being told to purchase baby wipes to clean the grease off the inside of the car by the greasy handed truck driver.
3. Smashed front windscreen.
4. large dints on the roof.
5. flat tyre (from god knows what) it didn't get on the truck that way!!
6. Torn front passenger seat! (WTH, how could a truck driver manage to tear a customers seat)
7. Weeks of calling Autotransporters head office to find out how we were going to be compensated!!
8. Arriving to their yard, to pick up my car and it was left out the front, windows open, keys in the ignition (riddled with damage).
9. Having to hire a hire car while our car was immobilised.
10. Being told we had to pay a $1000.00 excess to have the repairs fixed and we would not be compensated for any of the other expenses (HIRE CAR).

On the 22nd of July after a number of Disgruntled emails to [name removed] at Autotransporters I finally got a response and was told he had forwarded the quotes to his Insurance Brokers.

Today on the 15th of August!! after a number of unanswered emails - I decided to call the insurance brokers myself - turns out they submitted the claim on the 27th of July and have been waiting for [name removed]'s response since then as they didn't know who was to pay the excess!!

That's 3 weeks of [name removed], mucking around and not answering his emails. Yet again, I sent a disgruntled email and wouldn't you know it - [name removed] appears!

This whole experience has been beyond a joke!! I sincerely hope know one uses Autotransporters - it is cheap and nasty. I can accept paying the $1000.00 excess - because realistically I just want my car fixed. But today I decided enough was enough, I have a right to freedom of speech and to share my experience with other consumers!! Which apparently is SLANDER ??

Watch out for this lot

I received an email quote on Wednesday afternoon. A quote for $3000. When I phoned on Thursday morning to confirm the bookings the price jumped to $4800. No reason given but when I asked why, they got nasty over the phone and I quote "if you don't like the price go elsewhere".
So I have and for a cheaper price.

Disgusting service - interrogative & abusive

I contacted this company on the 03.12.18 and was quote $1,400 inc gst to transport my car.As the next few days went on I was hounded and pestered by phone to pay the amount up front in full otherwise I wasn’t going to get the job done due to the time of year. Out of worry and being pestered significantly I reluctantly paid the mount in full on 13th December after being told that the amount has now gone up to $1650 including gst because it was getting closer to the date. I was not sent any contract or terms and conditions and did not sign anything. (Silly me)

Once I had paid IN FULL a few days later I was then called on 17th December and demanded that they collected the car NOW as the “train had come in” and if I wanted it to be delivered on time I would need to give up my car today with the items packed in and ready to go otherwise they couldn’t guarantee this would happen.

I was not ready to give up my car 10 days earlier than what I had agreed and paid for in full as I had personal commitments all over Christmas which meant I needed my car to drive to family events. I was in the car with my partners mum and my partner who heard the conversation and were very shocked at the level of service not to mention the interrogative manner who were also concerned for me that my personal items would get there or not.

I advised the man on the phone I wasn’t able to accommodate right now and stuck to my guns and told him again that I had agreed and paid for 27th pick up date and delivery first week of January which is what I still require. The man on the phone reluctantly agreed and ended the call abruptly.

On the 20th December my plans changed unexpectedly and therefore I advised aaa transporters immediately. I was told I was not entitled to any kind of refund at all and not offered any kind of solution. They kept all my money they hounded me for.

Disgusting attitude, treatment and lack of service from start to finish and how they treated me let alone the lack off diligence with the administration, contracts and terms and conditions and now they are keeping 100% off my money for something that I never even used. This doesn’t seem fair or right. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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Instead of trying to influence new customers - why don’t you resolve and fix the existing problems you have ? What are you going to do about my $1700? I have made a complaint to consumer affairs who will be contacting you if they haven’t done so already. Being in business myself for more than 13 years I know that the ultimate definition of a good business is: “DECENT COMPANIES RESOLVE AND FIX THEIR MISTAKES, BAD ONES DONT”

Don’t use them

Used this company to transport our caravan from Vic to Cairns. Had to pay up front for pickup. Was picked up from Vic early September and didn’t arrive in Cairns until six weeks later. The van was left on the Gold Coast for about five weeks. Their excuses ranged from mechanical problems to them waiting on a flatbed truck. At our wit ends we told them we would report it stolen if we didn’t receive it in the following week. Low and behold they rang and said it was on its way. A few days later it turned up. Was supposed to pick the van up from their depot. The depot had no record of the van coming to their yard. The driver then rang and said out of the goodness of his heart he would deliver the van to our home which he did. He told us he borrowed the car from the depot (lie). It came up on a flatbed truck (lie). I believe, in my opinion he towed the van up to Cairns from the Gold Coast. The front of the van had black soot all over and particularly on the right where his exhaust pipe was situated. The worst of all was that I believe, in my opinion that he slept in our van and definitely used the toilet. When I confronted the women in the office she gave me some rubbish about toilets in vans splashing out as you drive. For one thing that has never happened in all my years. The toilet was disgusting with urine all over it and on the floor. He obviously didn’t know how to flush it. The RV centre in Vic assure me that the toilet canister was completely empty and cleaned prior to pick up. The Van floor and cushions on the lounge we’re also very dirty. Which the RV centre advised were spotless. This all was denied by Auto Transporters and was told that they had a receipt for the drivers motel. Please please please don’t use them unless you want a whole lot of heartache.

Absolute joke

Worsy company ever. Transporting my car from WA to Melbourne and it took a month. After the first phone call they were unreachable. I paid around $1200 for express delivery and was promised 4 days.

Kept lying and saying its on the way its on the way when it wasn't. I cannot believe I didnt find the reviews for this company. The issue is ladies and gentleman these people were initially named auto transporters but now they are AAA transporters so I couldn't find any reviews and then found out this information when i searched up their ABN.

Please dont go with this company - they are quick to take your money but thats it. Lies after lies after lies. Some nonsense about quarantine issues which delayed them. Rude staff when you talk to them, they never call or email you back. My car was in a depot (not owned by them) in Perth for 3 weeks until it was picked up. Even the guy at the depot is sick of them and is not dealing with them anymore.

Credit where its due however, I had stuff in the car which was absolutely untouched (I was very worried about this)

I wouldnt wish dealing with these guys on my worst enemy. So much stress for a month for nothing. I was so done with these guys I did even bother asking for a partial refund or compensation.

Scam and lies

Unfortunately people don't read or check company reviews until after job booked
Transport 2 cars with them...
damages and delays nearly 2 months

Not returning phone calls very rude staff
I have already checked company name owners

Apparently it's belong 2 people which already have previous bad history in Google as Googled their names online

Do not use auto transporters.

So far it has taken 3 months, yes that’s correct 3 months and I have still not received my car. Every time I ring I get lied to.
Eventually about 2 months in they admitted they didn’t know where my car was so I tracked it down, was easy still hadn’t left...
It was to come from WA to QLD. Not the moon qld

I have had to buy another car for my wife which I will have to sell if this one ever arrives.
I am now letting the authorities deal with them...
Avoid at all costs!!!


Made me wait all day and I lost a days wages been telling me they can’t contact driver for 3 days not very good business like that and I’m not hsppy

Avoid at all costs! Car took 4 weeks to arrive.

This company was the worse to deal with after the initial phone call. They didn't collect the car at appointed time then rescheduled until the next day. The car sat in Melbourne (from Sydney) for at least a week.
There was no communication at any time. They were unreachable by phone or email and never returned contact.

huge waste of money. better to pay 4200 extra and go elsewhere with a company that can track your cars whereabouts at any time.
They didn't deliver to the door as promised we had to collect it from their yard.


Unprofessional & Deceiving

Had the worst experience with this company. If you are looking for my honest opinion if I would recommend this car transporter, the answer will be NO and to choose another company to transport.

1) They are quick to take payment
2) They will not tell you approx ETA at time of booking. This Business will instruct you to deliver vehicle to their depot. In our case it was Cairns. Please note, this is NOT their own and operated depot. It is only a holding yard therefore no appropriate documents exchanged after delivered.

3) They do not have a Customer Service team. They have a lady called [name removed] who does not like confrontation and hung up on me and my clients when we ask too many questions or upset over the matter.

4) They failed on many occasions to give us feedback and actual updates on the vehicle prompting client to be concerned and go through a painful process of insurance claims and police stolen / missing car reports because they continuously lied and provided us with several excuses on the vehicles delay and location.

5) Some of their excuses/reasons for why vehicle is delayed was due to hydraulics problems, backlog of deliveries, truck accident and now they’re waiting for another vehicle and then truck driver forgot to pickup vehicle.

6) vehicle was received by client 6.5 weeks later and was found in a suspicious condition where client advised items within the vehicle appeared to have been moved/tampered with

7) [name removed] acknowledged and confirmed reasons for delay in notifying us about the vehicle delays was caused by their staff not informing everyone. They let this staff member go from Auto Transporters. Also he confirmed that further his staff forgot to pick up vehicle from Melbourne - despite all these problems caused by Auto Transporters inability to handle, they hid behind their Terms and Conditions and refused to offer any compensation not even $100.

Again, I would not recommend my worst enemy to book with them. Extremely rude and unprofessional staff and the amount of dramas caused wouldn’t be worth the money paid. Your better off going with another reputable company and save yourself the headache, time, stress and problems


This company is terrible, they took my money, but the time they took to deliver my vehicle took 4 weeks from Gold Coast to Melb. My car was badly damaged. I will not recommend this company to anyone.

Disappointed at every point

So disappointed with this company. Pick up was three days late with no explanation. Quote and invoice didn't match. Didn't deliver at the agreed time. No one knew where my car was when I was able to get through to them on the phone. Later discovered it was still in Melb two days after the delivery date scheduled it to be in Brisbane. Didn't answer the phone. Only light in the black hole was [name removed]. She knew customer service but that wasn't enough to get me out of the mess this company dropped me into by not delivering my car on time.

No responsibility

Car transported from Melbourne to the Gold Coast arrived three days late and damaged. Make sure you have before photographs of the entire vehicle. You will still be up for their excess of $1000. We found it almost impossible to speak to anyone, their phones constantly went to message bank, and they also do not reply readily to emails. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

No care, no responsibility

Car was picked up from my house in great condition. Arrives destination, car badge missing,1/2 of front panel was completely shaved of paint. Need proof it was them to claim insurance?

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