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2.5 from 31 reviews

Finally fixed

After getting two other gate companies out and being told it can't be fixed automaticsolutions found the problem and fixed my gate highly recommend Brisbane branch great service

Don't use this company

As a electrian that installs electric gates I have used Automatic Solutions on 2 occasions ( I know my fault ). The first I purchased 2 sliding gate motors with keypads, obstical sensors and remotes for 2 seperate jobs. The power output of the motor would not run the keypad or sensors buying them as a package you would think them to be compatible. After numerous phone calls explaining about the incorrect output voltage ( might as well been talking to my deceased Grandmother ) I returned the units to the Canningvale branch to be tested. Two weeks later I'm told I need to purchase a power converter for each unit to run the accessories. Meanwhile my clients are getting frustrated at my service. Second time purchased swing gate motor and controller after installing the units the controller would not time out on fully open position causing the motor to continue running up to 20 seconds after gate has stoped putting pressure on the motor. Returned the control panel back to the branch for testing. Six days later after I rang them I was told the unit tested fine. Picked it up and bench tested it before installing in front of the clients and still the same problem of not timing out. Save your self a lot of stress and stay away from them. As in previous comments good at selling but no customer service after purchase.


After being convinced that this was the company I needed to service my system for a $250 callout for the first half hour they could not even keep agreed appointment time. The technician turned up 2 hours early even though I had confirmed in the morning the agreed time of 3pm. Consequently, I was not there. I was told my PCB board was 'fried'. The board looks fine. So what did he test. I wanted to be on hand knowing a little about electronics. I will be going elsewhere.

Dreadful Company, steer well clear

Slick salesman to get you in but after market service dreadful. Bought every item as suggested by Perth salesman at Canning Vale, confirmed installation by Automatic Solutions wasn't necessary, no problem with the warranty etc. Gate, installed by professionals, has been unreliable from almost the start, difficult and expensive to obtain service from Automatic Solutions. Gate has severely damaged a motor vehicle and verified as malfunctioning by independent witnesses, Automatic Solutions answer, we didn't install it. Gate is covered by warranty but try getting it out of them. Automatic Solutions Tech attended but refused to remove faulty unit for testing, repair or replacement. After Automatic Solutions Tech refused to remove the unit, Automatic Solutions then require unit to be returned to point of sale for testing for warranty.

Do not use this business.

These guys are a scam.

After getting your money, you are nobody. I am still fighting to get my money back after failed to provide the correct product ordered.

I found these guys to be fantastic

I recently had a custom gate made and installed by guys from the Brisbane outlet and am really happy with the finished product. Easy to deal with, good communication and the guys that installed were polite and tidy.
I'm really glad I didn't read this review page earlier.

Electric gate openers - not working

I would not recommend this company at all. I wished I read these reviews before I ordered my electric gate openers several months ago. Even when Automatic Solutions sent out a technician no one had told him what was wrong and he could do nothing. I still don't have workable electric gates months after ordering.

May 27th 2017 Update: Shocker

I ordered electronic gate openers and they do not work. I have emailed to complain but no response. When I call they say they are chasing things up - but I don't hear anything back from them.

Sliding gate install

Very professional, workmanship of the custom gate was outstanding and the install was second to none. Any questions I needed to ask the guys were more than helpful.

Wrong Gate Supplied

I purchased all the equipment for my sliding gate from the Automatic Solutions Sydney office for a DIY installation, I'm an electrician by trade with years of automation and installation experience. Went through all the details of what was required with the franchisee and his assistant for the gate, and supplied a detailed CAD drawing with all dimensions clearly marked, so there would be no errors. I needed the gate to be custom built due to the site slope and the fact that cattle may push against it, so it had to be steel not aluminum as per their standard gates. Due to the additional weight of a steel gate and opening up hill I was advised to pay extra for the HD 1200Kg motor which made sense, even though this meant slower opening.
I had to chase them continually for updates and a delivery date as there was no communication from AS. Then when it was finally ready they got the design style wrong, so back to the drawing board. When some weeks later and many calls later the design was correct the gate was delivered.
It was then when unloading it from their ute I wondered why it was so light? It was aluminum, not steel as ordered and paid for as well as a additional cost for a larger motor. By this time I was over it, and told them to take it back but they insisted I keep it, which I finally agreed to after having to argue over the phone via the delivery guy for a discount credit for the wrong material. Their mistakes but apparently they thought I should still pay for what I didn't receive??
The whole saga was bad experience and I would not recommend anyone use these guys, look around for alternative suppliers!


Automatic Solutions indicates it operates all over Australia and has a dedicated number on there web site for Darwin, beware they do not have any one to service there products here. I have had nothing but trouble with there sliding gate motors even though they offer a 7 year warranty, and obtaining warranty with them is like having your teeth pulled. I will never do business with this company again.

Beware of these guys.

Beware of Automatic Solutions. In my experience, their product is unreliable, customer service poor and they will not back the product a moment beyond their 12 month warranty. Sales staff are very pleasant and cannot do enough for you. That was the end of the positive dealings we had with them. Read on for factual details....
We had this company design a solar powered swing gate automation system for our existing gates. We agreed on the system and price and the gates were installed. Two weeks after installation, problems occurred with the gates malfunctioning in windy conditions. After repeated visits and initially being told we'd need to alter the gates (that they had designed the system around) the circuit board was changed. Soon after that, the photocell sensor beam failed. More diagnostic visits, with little communication as to when they would come out and the sensors were replaced. A few months later, the battery failed. More inconvenience and lack of communication as to when the technician would actually be coming out. Battery was 'reconditioned' but problems persisted. Solution was an additional battery (at our expense- $185). Problems continued and eventually a new, larger solar panel was installed (that overhangs the boundary fence). We had not had a period exceeding 6 months where the gates worked consistently.
Bang on 6 months after the installation of the larger solar panel (16 months after the system was initially installed), the gates and intercom system lost total power. Called Automatic Solutions to be told I needed to complete their authorisation form and provide my credit card details. Manager/franchisee [name removed] then informed me that the system was over 12 months old and therefore we'd be charged for the visit. Wouldn't have it that the system had never worked for longer than 6 months without breaking down. Having previously researched my rights through Consumer Protection and knowing that the warranty is meaningless; the gates need to operate for a 'reasonable period of time', I explained this to [name removed]. Only after this, he then suggested that as we had not signed up for their annual service plan, the lack of maintenance would be the cause of the problems. Would not hear that surely given the number of faults and visits, his technicians would have performed these 'maintenance tasks' in the process of fixing the gates. I told [name removed], that I would then lay a formal complaint with Consumer Protection. He responded with "That's ok, we've dealt with them before".
Complaint was laid, service technician came out (for free! Minor victory) and isolated the problem to a fuse, but would not replace the 35c fuse and get the gates operational, because "My job is to make a report on the problem". Report suggested that the blown fuse was a result of lack of maintenance. [name removed] then sent me a second request for my credit card details, so that a $150 fee could be charged to fix the gates. Consumer Protection gave up, as AS would not cooperate.

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