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A'van Weekender

A'van Weekender

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Buyer Beware

On receiving my Weekender I noted that the back door was not staying open perpendicular as shown in all advertising material. My dealer contacted Avan who advised and supplied stronger struts, stating that would fix the problem . I used the van 5 times over the next 6 months, during which time water leaked through the seals of the door, then the door would not close .It turns out that the stronger struts had damaged the hinges. Initially I was informed by the dealer that I would be up for the costs of fixing the door !!
EVENTUALLY Avan customer service got back to me, reported that they had sent all parts to fix ...weeks later dealer reports that no parts had arrived ! Then back and forward dialogue ( instigated by me) continued. I got the feeling that I was being a "nuisance". This all started In Feb, my van is still at the dealers waiting to be fixed ! In the meantime I have cancelled 3 trips, not a WORD of sympathy or acknowledgement for my inconvenience. Next battle is to get them to supply a warranty on these repairs.
Yes the Avan Weekender is "cute" and many people admire it. My advice is don't go with AVAN , if there is a problem; YOU WILL REGRET dealing with them. Check out other reviews of AVAN products , there are not many positive ones .

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I have a Weekender ordered through AlburyWodonga RV. How long do they take to be built?
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hi, depending on the dealers requested delivery date i should be aproximatly 4-6 weeks