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Avanti 928S

Avanti 928S

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I have had a 928 for the last 3 years and I can honestly say this is the best purchase i have ever made. The overall comfort of this machine has meant I have been training more than ever and feeling so much better for it. I must also say the warranty that come with this machine was a big thing also. I looked at just about every machine on the market here are no other brand is back with a better warranty than this machine. I have had 2 small problems in 3 years and they were fixed without hassle and very quickly.
comfort, the suspension on this machine is the best I have ever felt in any treadmill. The speed sensors on the arms work really well.
That I cant take it everywhere with me!


I have had this tread mill for three years now and was very disapointed that the motor went in the 1st year, Warranty covered it but I have to pay $85 dollars call out to get it looked at and they wanted $85 to put the motor in. Purchased it from workout world Aspley. Parts took 8 weeks to arrive, was not happy. Over all a good treadmill, but the same noise is happening again and I think its the motor again. Only 3 years old.
15 levels at incline
Noise, some motor issues


Overall the Avanti 928S is along the right idea for walkers. Until Icon Fitness offers Australian consumers the NordicTrack Incline range of treadmills that all go up to a 40% incline (not to mention the superb iFit Live option) a 20% incline or gradient is the best a walker can expect from a treadmill.

Don't be put off by the opinion of one earlier reviewer. If you walk for exercise and weight loss, then you MUST walk steep. It's as simple as that.
This is a good treadmill for walkers because its incline or gradient will go up to 20%.

Walking on the steepest incline or gradient possible is a much more efficient use of your time and a much more effective way to lose body fat than walking on the flat. If you just want to walk on the flat then go outside and get some fresh air!

It's made by Avanti who generally make some of the better value treadmills available in Australia.
With a belt of only 50cm x 130cm it's too short for runners on most of its lower incline settings - unless of course you use it on, or near to, its maximum incline which naturally will shorten your stride length significantly.

Like all Avanti treadmills, there's no Wi-Fi Internet connection, or downloadable workouts as have been available for some time on the NordicTrack and Pro-Form treadmills. (Note that both NordicTrack and Pro-Form are now both owned by Icon Fitness).

To maximise enjoyment, variation, progression and long term use all fitness equipment should come with a wireless Internet connection built in to the machine so that users can upload results, download workout programs, and compete online in real time with other users.


After looking around for some time, I found all the avanti treadmills that I looked at had too much plastic and were overpriced. I was happy to pay good money for a treadmill, but was consistently being pushed by the sales person to buy on finance which I didn't want to do. I eventually bought a refurbished commercial treadmill from a place called Gymcare in Brisbane, best move I ever made, and I know I will be able to get parts if it ever brakes down.

This treadmill has you permanantly walking up a hill, you cannot walk on a flat surface; outdated technology

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How do I get a manual on hou it works and to look after?
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Get in touch with Avanti at: Avanti Fitness IBC Business Estate, Level 1, 29-33 Carter Street | Lidcombe NSW 2141 P: (02) ) 9782 1211

How can i get spare part for treadmill avanti 928?
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Get in touch with Avanti at: Avanti Fitness IBC Business Estate, Level 1, 29-33 Carter Street | Lidcombe NSW 2141 P: (02) ) 9782 1211