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Avanti Explorer 3.0

Avanti Explorer 3.0

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just purchased the Avanti Explore 3.0 first ride was really good did about 70km on bitumen bike tracks and finished the ride on a 10km mountain bike track that was hard packed dirt trail with some wash outs the bike handled both with ease so far so good will update as the more i ride it
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Hi, I just bought an Avanti Explora 3.0 (2012) bike. I wanted a bigger seat so the store owner fitted a different seat with a different seat post. Should I have kept the original seat post. Will this affect the value of the bike should I want to sell it in the future?
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Iam no expert on that but i would assume that it would have no effect at all on resale value but i could be wrong i hope that was of some help and for the record i have done about 5oookm on mine with no problems