Avanti Sausage Maker

Avanti Sausage Maker

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Fiddley but it works OK

We have been unable to buy the variety of 'gourmet' sausages that we enjoyed so when I saw this manual sausage maker on sale online at Kitchen Warehouse I was keen to buy it. The local KWH kindly ordered the maker in when I couldn't find it in the store. It was available online only. Good price - $39.95 which is 40% off the regular price for the complete 1kg maker. I also bought the Mad Millie sausage casings at KWH for $24.95. The product comes dismantled in a box. There is some assembly required which is fun as there is no instruction manual provided. Fortunately I worked it out fairly easily and was also able to search online for recipes and various tips about making the sausages.
The sausages came out pretty good. I used the largest of the 3 meat funnels provided but I would try a smaller one next time. I only used 500g of meat (it takes 1kg) plus flavourings as a first try and got professional looking sausages with a few splits in the casing and other false starts. There was some wastage of the meat as the stuffer sits flat against the funnel end and the meat in the funnel can't be pushed into the sausage casing. I recovered that meat and it became a burger. I also discovered that some meat had squeezed behind the stuffer plate, enough to make another burger. Overall I think the sausage maker will see quite a bit of service over the years. It is aluminium and quite solidly made. Very happy and keen to fire up the BBQ and see how the sausages cook up.

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