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Avon On-Duty Roll-On Deodorant

Avon On-Duty Roll-On Deodorant

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The first deodorant in my (very long) life of using deodorant that I've had a reaction to.

I was given this deodorant a few months back, and recently decided to try it, despite being very happy with my usual one.
I develop an itchy rash within hours, which lasted several days. I stopped using it within 24 hours as the itch drove me nuts. The rash was bumpy and angry for days.
I decided to give it another try as I don't like to waste anything and wanted to give it the benefit of it perhaps being another cause, as I've never in many decades of deodorant use, ever had any type of reaction even to the cheapest of deodorants.
Very disappointing as I was hoping due to the label stating it is 'aluminium free' and specifically formulated for sensitive skin', that it would in some way be less harsh than other deodorants.
Fragrance was nice.
Caused an itchy rash.

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Avon On-Duty Roll-On Deodorant
Release dateFeb 2012

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