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AVON Skin-So-Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Minimising Lotion

AVON Skin-So-Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Minimising Lotion

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Another great product from Avon. It worked well and left my skin smooth and soft. The fragrance is not to bad especially when you compare it to other hair removal creams which are quite putrid. The price is pretty good and it is often on special with Avon.
Nice and convenient. No pain. Quick and easy to use.
Nothing that I could think of. It isn't readily available. You have to purchase through a rep and then wait for it to be delivered. Would be nice if you could get it in supermarkets or chemists like other hair removal products.


This Avon Skin So Soft Hair Minimising Lotion was a great product. It is so affordable - I bought it for under $5, is easy to use and the hair regrowth took around 2 weeks. This is pretty long compared to shaving, wax strips and other hair removing lotions. It also didn't affect my skin in any way - I have sensitive skin.
the quickness and ease of using it
it smelt a little bad - like burnt wax but otherwise, it was great


It left my skin so soft and moisturized and just as it said it removed the hairs. The price is reasonable for the product.
I was abit apprehensive about an avon product but, then I tried it and was It did everything it said it would. This product has not been tested on animals.

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While this product 'may' not have been tested on animals. Avon have begun participating in animal testing again.


I have found this product to be very effective in miniming regrowth on all areas of the body and am impressed that it does not have the unpleasant smell of other hair removal and minimising products I have tried. As for it being expensive...I buy a lot of avon and it is best to buy anything that you want while it is on special, and everything comes up on special on a pretty regular basis, so ususal shoppers will get the hang of it.
Actually does what it claims to do. Moisturises and makes hair removal more effective. No animal testing.


i found that this item worked i didn't think it would i was sceptical but gave it a go and was total blown away when after a week i noticed i hadn't shaved for a few days and it was all because of this, i also got the under arm deoderant i found it worked as well, it didn't take long to notice about a weeks time you do realize your notr shaving as much.
The scent is very light and not over powering, there is an initial tingling sensation but that only lasts for a little while.
over all a great product that actually does what it says it will do.
got it in a pack so it was cheap , and it works
on its own it is quiet expensive

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how does it works;;;

Questions & Answers

Being a minimising lotion, does it actually remove the hair or just slowly reduce it?
1 answer
Slowly reduce it over time

I have a bottle of skin so soft hair minimising lotion and am not to sure how to use it can anyone help please?
1 answer
I dont know either the instructions are in EVERY LANGUAGE except English!

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