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Avon Skin-So-Soft Moisturising Dry Oil Aerosol Body Spray

Avon Skin-So-Soft Moisturising Dry Oil Aerosol Body Spray

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Super cheap when on sale which is a lot. This prodcut does not make the skin feel oily or greasy.The frangrance is not too heavy. I really like the spray on oil. It moisturises without the feel of greasy hands. The size is good and it last a long time- you only need to use a little. This is great for hard to reach places or for the super busy- as there little to no effort inolved in using this. I keep it in the bathroom and spray on damp skin straight after the shower.
Love the spray on concept. I think this is the only product of its type eft on the market.


Fantastic Price - $3.99 regularly on sale.
I love using this on my legs all year round.
It's good on older skin too.
Easy to use as it's a spray can - If it's a hard to reach place you can just spray instead of trying to rub it in
Non Greasy - Quickly absorbs into skin

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