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B.Box The Essential Baby Bottle

B.Box The Essential Baby Bottle

2.4 from 22 reviews

Convenient and worth it

I just bought this bottle recently. I inspected the bottle and learned how to assemble and disassemble it before using it with bub. So far, Im happy with my purchase. I didnt experience any leaks from this bottle. I made sure the silicone o rings are in place and screwed the covers tightly. Probably the only down side was some lids are difficult to unscrew but otherwise good product especially my 1 year still drinks milk in the middle of the night. Will consider to purchase again soon.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bbox for kids.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

B.Box bottle brush

The B.BOX bottle brush it the worst brush I have ever used it's not tough it broke after a couple of uses. I could tell it wasn't going to last long after the first use. Thought I must of got a dud so silly me brought a 2nd and I can tell this one isn't going to last long.


The idea is great but not in practice. I ordered two of these bottles from Australia (I'm in NZ) and I've had problems from the start. One issue was an easy fix. The bottles were from different production lines which meant that the thread on the caps was not interchangeable between bottles. They were leaking or wouldn't screw on. I contacted BBox and they responded immediately. Problem solved or so I thought. Now when I fill the bottles up little bubbles come up from the formula dispenser. The water starts leaking slowly into the dispenser so that when I do try to mix it it has already formed sticky clumps and won't mix. I've actually watched the dispenser part move up into the bottle on its own or it just leaks out the bottom. I'm assuming the rubber bands are at fault. I bought them to save me the hassle on the go but after another failed attempt at using both of them yesterday I'm going to go back to normal bottles. I've wasted so much formula and when your baby is screaming and the formula just won't mix it's just not worth it.

Great bottle but formula does not fit.

My son needs 4 scoops of s 26 gold, however the dispenser only mangers to fit only fit three. When I have tried to fit more it does not close properly. In addition it is very difficult to mix the formular once ready for use!!!! The compacted formular is very difficult to mix. I was disappointed as well!!!!!! The bottle itself is good.

Bottle leaks

Purchased two bottles direct from their website and tried to use the bottles as a regular bottle minus the formula dispenser. For one the top cap didn't screw on properly at all. Both leaked very badly from the bottom. Contacted customer service and received prompt response and replacements but yet again both leak at the bottom due to ill-fitting bottom caps. The Silicon insert which goes inside the cap is supposed to prevent leaks is causing leaks as it's too thick causing a gap. It totally fails in its most important function. Ended up leaking milk and allowing water in when the bottle is submerged in water to warm.Flawed design. Don't buy this at all. It's a nice concept but poor execution. They need to test their product again as the bottle without the dispenser leaks big time.

Terrible leaks!

Leaks every time I've used this, tried everything to get it to work, complete waste of money.
Contacted BBox for guidance or refund/replacement they wouldn't admit it was even an issue. I foolishly purchased another, yep leaked - stay away from this product. Reviews show this is a known issue that has not been corrected. Not happy!

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I since email Bbox who replaced the bottle with other products. Was since given another as a gift and reluctantly used it only to be pleasantly surprised - this one works very well.

Great when out

At first I thought it leaked like other reviews but I contacted bbox and they replied straight away with an answer. Make sure the o-ring in the bottom screw on lid is in the correct position. I didn't when first out of box and it was in wrong place. Now it's great to use.

Baby loves this

This was the 4th and last bottle I tried with baby, she refused the bottle for 6 months until this one, it could've been her age as well but this bottle was a winner, I agree that the formula doesn't dispense very good but there is a trick to it by tilting the water in and out of the opening slowly.
The annoying thing that happened with me is I bought a second one about 3 months later and I was having leaking issues with them, it wasn't til later on I noticed the lid threads were slightly different so now I have to match them up to the right bottle so they don't leak. Also the measurements rubbed off quite quickly, maybe the dishwasher doesn't help this.

Love love love it dont no how I survived before

Bought this to try out works amazingly my son loves It. The only bottle he will hold himself. Doesn't leak if you make sure the cap on the formula dispenser is on perfectly and tight however that can be tricky. Am going to go buy more now that I know how good these are! Only down side is all the pieces to wash.


The bbox leaks badly. It is not user friendly too. I was going off innovative baby product blog. Ended up trying the mixie bottle from bubpals and I love it. I can fit my avent nipples on it too. The bbox looks huge too. Buyer beware! Do your research first.

bottles leak real bad

I purchased 3 of these bottles and was so excited when they came in. Went out for the day and when I went to get a bottle for my baby, all 3 bottles had leaked into my diaper bag. Thank God I brought backup just in case. I'm so upset that I gave this company $75 for a worthless product.

Leaks like crazy

Bottle leaks uncontrollably from the bottom powder dispenser every time bottle is tipped up to feed baby. Massive waste of money, really disappointed. Really wish we had read reviews before buying. At least we only got one of them. I am also really unimpressed that the b box company have had these same reviews for years and not fixed the poor design.

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Please contact us on customerservice@bbox.com.au and we will try and assist you.

Not user friendly

I was really excited to receive these, but they didn't perform as expected. Bottom leaked formula all over restaurant when I went to use it for the first time. Also the formula wouldn't mix up, it just got gummy. On the plus side, when I emailed the company, they were willing to exchange them for a different product and were very nice.

Great idea, but the formula doesn't dispense right

I bought these recently and I am hugely disappointed. I wish I had looked at the reviews and discovered the problems prior to buying these expensive bottles! My 6 month old baby requires 3 scoops of formula, which the dispenser JUST fits if you squash down the lid. When I tried to dispense the formula, it just gets stuck and the formula DOESN"T release into the water. I have done this twice, both different methods, and still a fail. The only good thing is that it is a big bottle. Waste of money

Hi Steph, We are sorry you're dissapointed with the bottle and dispenser, the dispenser is designed to hold up to 5 scoops depending on the formula. Please email our customer service on customerservice@bbox.com.au and someone will get back to you. ThanksI have emailed the customer service team as you have suggested. Thanks

Don't waste your money!!

Worst bottle ever!! Don't buy if your baby suffers from colic or reflux. Leaks, the top pops off whilst shaking the contents, made of very thin poor quality plastic. In theory a great bottle but poorly executed and horrible customer service. Was easier to just carry the formula in a separate dispenser.

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Hi Mummy to Two. I am sorry to hear you have had such a negative experience. Please contact me personally and I will try to get to the bottom of what has happened. dannielle@bbox.com.au

Perfect for night time feeds!

Best thing I would say is preparing the bottle just before I go to bed with sterile hot water (not boiling), popping it into the bottle bag beside my bed and when my son wakes during the night I just have to push the formula up and shake. So quick and easy and cuts down on me getting out of bed to prepare a bottle and less crying time. I use them as normal bottles during the day and then if I have to go out I just have to fill the dispenser and turn the water upside down (so the water doesn't come out) and go. Its a lot less mucking around especially when you're trying to juggle 4 things at once.
Only drawback if you want to find one would be they are not everywhere so I had to order mine online. Would definitely recommend though. Haven't had any leaks at all but can understand the cleaning thing but that because there is so much in general since having my baby boy :)
Quick and easy for the tired mummy in the night!
Couldn't just go to Baby Bunting or similar.

Thank you baby bottle!

We started using this new baby bottle when we went travelling with our baby daughter. We needed to have bottles ready to go but didn't want the formula already mixed in and didn't want the hassle of having to carry a bottle, sterilised water and the formula. This allowed us to just carry just one simple bottle. Loved it. Now we are using them when ever we go out and it saves us having to throw out milks that our baby doesn't end up having as now they can't go off!
Milk will never go off and don't have to carry so many things just in case my baby wants a milk


We purchased 2 bottles to take away with us and save time having to mix the formula when out and about. They were worked great - prepared them in the morning and have them ready to go when we needed them. Bottles were easy to dismantle to clean. You just need to make sure the formula dispenser part is dry before reassembling and refilling
makes feeding easy when out and about, good colours

Don't waste your money

Oh, where to start. I didn't like these AT ALL. They are made out of a different kind of plastic to the avant bottles, which I didn't like, kind of like the cheap Kmart ones. It takes quite a while and a lot of shaking to get all of the formula and water mixed, which isn't good when your bub wants their milk NOW as they often do. They say the bottles can take teats from most leading brands but I found they often leaked around the screw on lid bit. You have to have them screwed on TIGHT and because of the weak kind of plastic it doesn't always work. And they also leaked out of the teat. Because the lid to the bottle is high and doesn't press down on the teat like the avent ones. And there are too many groves for the formula to get stuck in, making cleaning a pain. Its easier just to carry boiled water in the bottles and use the avent formula dispenser.
The funky colour
Leaks and the time it takes for the formula and water to mix.

Leaks make them useless

I bought two of these bottles thinking they would save space in my bag and time when making formula on the go. Unfortunately they leak so much they are completely useless. I contacted bbox and they sent me several lots of replacement parts all of which leaked just as badly. Waste of money


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Mine is leaking as well where can I get it replaced?
2 answers
Please email us at customerservice@bbox.com.auI emailed the company directly and they offered to send me a new one. Since I had two and they both leaked, I told them I wasn't interested in a third. They let me choose another product for the same value.

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