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Baby bunting stores are refusing to give me a full exchange or store credit for an item that was purchased 3 weeks ago, even though the item is unopened with the receipt. The item has gone on sale so now I can only get credit for the sale price which is $50 less than what was paid. Is this against fair trade?
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If you miss a required fortnightly payment on your layby what will happen?
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I bought a bassinet Saturday the 8th, the bassinet was 15% off and a friend has just sent me a message saying that it’s still cheaper else where. This is really frustrating. I didn’t think I would need to find a better price with the sale on. Is there any chance that you price match a few days later? If not I can return it and go purchase it somewhere else.
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I just wanted to know if i can exchange a gift that i got from my baby shower? It is brand new untouched packaging. Howeber as its a gift i dont have a receipt for it.
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Do you know who or when it was purchased? We are able to search through our receipt history if we have specific details. If the person can send through a bank statement with date/time of transaction we can look too. I hope this was resolved!

I've got a lay-by on a Bassinet to attach to my pram but I've just been gifted the exact same one so I'm wanting to if I'm able to change the bassinet to a second capsule base instead?
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We are happy to assist you with this request. On your next visit to the store, please speak to one of our team members to process the adjustment for you. Regards BB.Good luck with no receipt love ;) oh and I hope who ever u got it from has a baby bunting card they won't exchange it with out proof of purchase even if it's all in the box and the label screams out baby bunting.

Why do I need to pay full price on sale item when I layby it? And not get my 5percent off for loyalty card.
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Susan i have never had a layby at baby bunting before so I couldnt' answer this for you. Certainly a question to be asked of the store I would think. I would be annoyed if I couldn't layby at the special price or receive the 5% discount. Definitely ask the question. I do believe its not the lay by that stops the discount, they have a policy that your loyalty card can't be used on already discounted prices. From what I have noticed their computer won't apply it. I have purchased several discounted items and this is what I believe I observed

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