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Disgusting prices and rubbish service!

Rubbish and unknowledgable service now on multiple occasions. Items are over priced+++ and I have even been encouraged by staff to find a lower price from other stores just so they can price beat it to get the sale. I have also been refused a price match as it was “too cheap” from a well know competitor. I would rather support any other store that actually price competitively from the start.

At Osborne Park they are liars...

On the 2nd January 2019, my wife and I bought an Ingenuity baby bouncer, a bit $$ for what it turned out to be! We bought it kind of in a hurry, wanting to take advantage of the extended period for the boxing day sales, ending on that day. We bought the product knowing that on the website it says “easy returns”, plus the cashier- at the counter had encouraged us to return it if we changed our mind or have a problem with the product.

All fine up to this point.

With all the festivities and the holidays plus a funeral of a relative, life got busier and we didn’t open the bouncer box until Friday 11th of January, 9 days later. We put the batteries in and started the automatic bouncing function of the bouncer, oh what a surprise it didn’t perform as we expected and how it looked on the youtube video we watched before purchasing it, it barely bounced at all, oh the disappointment.

So the next day, my wife and I went to
Baby Bunting Osborne Park again. We were served by the same cashier . We explained the situation and also let her know the article was in perfect unused condition and ready to be re-sold again. She didn’t bother looking at the condition of the product or checking it, to our surprise she simply said that change of mind is not a valid reason to return it! She refused to give us a refund or store credit. We explained that under the Australian consumer law we were entitled to a refund within a month of having purchased it
and also the website states “easy returns” for change of mind if we are not satisfied, which it was false advertisement, especially if the product is unused and in re-sellable condition.

The next step was going to speak to the manager, the cashier went by herself and manipulated (lied) when relaying the information we gave her on purpose. She told the manager the item was purchased more than ONE MONTH AGO!! And that it was used and in not re-sellable condition!!

We had the receipt, the date on it (from 10 days ago) and the product in the box just right there at the front counter where she refused to verify it’s condition!!

Although the manager realised and told us the cashier had lied to her, her decision of not refunding the product was influenced somehow by this person, hence creating a momentarily cognitive bias. We appreciated the manager for apologising publicly to us in front of other customers and also showing her disappointment in front of that person for being lied to.

This is not the first time we have encountered this negative attitude from this cashier, normally her face looks clearly unhappy, everytime we have been to the counter to pay for any product bought there in the past.

My questions are, why be in a job that brings you unhappiness to the point of lying hence affecting customer service? Wondering if she has the same rude attitude with every customer?.
People like this shouldn’t be working in customer service or in retail. It is sad that we live in a society where the people in the retail industry don’t help other people especially loyal customers like us.

From now on my wife and I sadly have decided stop purchasing at Baby Bunting. We will go to bigger retail store like Kmart and Target, where returns are much easier.

Luckily we didn’t buy the more expensive bouncer $$$ we were planning to buy from the beginning. We would have been stuck for no reason with a super expensive purchase just like we are now.

The staff clearly do not care about the customers...

I went into Baby Bunting to spend $2500 on my products. The products were loaded in their system. They assured me I would only have to call and give my name and I could book in my car seat fitting and pick up all products together. When I called the girl was dissmissive and said we never store details in system and I wouldn’t have a clue how to find it if we did.

When I was in the store. I watched phones ring out constantly...
staff chatting rather than serving the next customer. There was a long line of angry looking customers to one checkout person.

They staff are prickly with their assistance and asking for help is a rude interupption to them.

I had asked a lady with long brown hair and glasses (keys attached to her clothing) she looked like a Manager... for help as she was free and available at Bentleigh store. She appeared to be so offended that I would dare ask her for help, she said one of the ladies here will help you once they are finished. They had long lines of customers and this lady was free...

Absolutely do not recommend Bentleigh Baby Bunting. All three experiences attending the store have made me walk away feeling annoyed. This is the first time I have ever posted on a review platform... yep that annoyed!!

Poor customer service and delivery

On Boxing Day I ordered a cot mattress and a bassinet mattress protector. On the 2/1/19 I received the cot mattress. I did not receive the mattress protector but realised it would be coming in a seperate package. I waited over a week for delivery and never received it. I contacted baby bunting and they were prompt and looked into it with the couriers. Another week passed and I contacted them again to see if they had found my missing package. They responded saying they were “still checking with the courier”. Over a week later I received an email from baby bunting stating that both packages had been delivered and they had proof from the couriers. The attached delivery dockets had my signature forged on both. They stated that they are now closing the case. I’m very disappointed with their customer service as it has taken almost a month for this to be followed up and it’s still not sorted! By now I’m sure my package has long gone! I’m a first time mum and this is my first experience with baby bunting. I will never purchase anything from baby bunting again!! I will not recommend baby bunting to anyone!

Returns policy is ridiculous

I recently purchased a car seat and two fitted bassinet sheet sets. When I received my order I realised the bassinet sheets do not fit the bassinet we have as they are too small. I contacted baby bunting and asked about returning them. They advised me it would cost me $11.25 to post them back for a return. I live 3.5 hours from the nearest store. I paid $20 so you do the maths. It wouldn’t have cost more than $3-4 in size/weight to post it back through aust post but they have their own return policy. Flat rate. Very disappointed. Will not be shopping with them again and will not recommend to anyone. Unsatisfactory customer service!

Great customer service

We purchased a car mirror which turned out to have a small crack on it only evident once the packaging was removed. The lady who served us at Baby Bunting Maribyrnong was helpful, friendly and made exchanging the product easy. Customer service at this store is great.

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Hi Sam, glad to hear that we made the exchange process an easy one for you. thanks for sharing your shopping experience with us. See you instore Regards BB

Sweet dreams halo mosquito net

I purchased a sweet dreams halo mosquito net for my nursery, reading the information on this product i thought it would be perfect as it looks stunning.
I spent hours trying to set it up, thinking I was doing something wrong since there was a massive whole in the top for mosquitos to get in. I called the blacktown store who told me thats the way it is !! and if i wanted a refund id have to take it back in re-sellable condition. I had this product for 3 hours. There was nothing wrong with! I just didnt have the poles zip tied or the net back in the plastic there for a refund could not be done.

38bweeks pregnant and trying to find someone who could fix this was not on my agenda.

$35 later the nursery is complete with a practical item.
Never again will i shop at baby bunting !!

I've tried to find the original details I read online to screenshot and send an email about their false advertisement but its no longer there.

What is the point of making a mosquito net to protect baby from mosquitos if there is a huge hole !

Online ordering takes far too long to be shipped

This is the second time I have done an online order with baby bunting and been very unsatisfied with the length of time it takes for them to ship your order. I will never order online through them again. Takes far too long to receive order by the time it is actually posted!

Amazing Service

I went into a baby store for the first time ever last weekend. I was looking at some things i had already researched online.
I spoke to a lady there whose service was just beyond what i expected. I told her i was there for the first time and the amount of information she gave was amazing. I wanted to know if a car seat would fit in my car, she took it to the car and checked for me. Answered all my questions about it too.

I then moved onto other items i was researching, prams (which she demoed), cots, pillows and other things, I ended up getting my wife a pregnancy pillow which she is happy with. Overall, i spent over an hour getting assistance and my first impression of the store is very positive.

I note many of the reviews are negative service, maybe i got lucky. I couldn't have asked for more and will be back!

Tried calling today with a question, but it goes to an automated message menu with seemingly no way to actually speak to someone. Whats the point of having a phone? I can get trading hours on the website....where your phone number is as well. -1 starHi Harvey, we appreciate the time taken to express your shopping experience. Yes we can certainly understand how overwhelming it can be the first time walking into one of our stores. However it seems that the team member did a great job in providing you with a service that not only was it friendly but it was personal & tailoring it to your needs; great to see that the pillow was appreciated by your wife. It would be great to know which team member it was & from what store so that we can commend her on her excellent customer engagement. Please provide us with this detail via Facebook through & post as a private message. In regard to the phone service, it seems like you weren't aware that after you hear the trading hours you are instructed to press 2 to get to speak with someone. Please understand that not all customers have access to the internet & may be restricted in someway to read the times so it is important that trading hours can be heard over the telephone if needed. See you instore. Regards BB

Really happy with our purchase

Baby Bunting Myaree store

We purchased a cot mattress and high chair recently and was really happy with the purchase. High chair was on sale and so was the cot mattress.

The sales lady, Dianna was very helpful and knowledgeable on the cot mattress and took time to explain to us the differences between the types available. We’ve been before and spoken with other sales but they were not as knowledgeable.

Overall very happy with the service and product so far

Poor customer service

Drove hour and a half to nearest Baby Bunting store to buy a baby seat from gift registry. Online the carseat did not say it had been "fulfilled", so we arrive at the Taren Point store and are told at the counter that it has already been purchased. I asked why it hadn't been marked off the list and her reply is that "it was probably bought a couple of minutes ago. You missed out!" I walked around the store trying to buy other things. I asked for a baby bath and was told the one and only tub was recalled. Oh wait there was one other one...a grubby white display one!!
I asked if they had a cot set and without checking or even looking, the staff member said"reps fill the stock so if it's not on show, we don't have it", and walked off.
Where is the customer service? My husband is a Store Manager and I have worked in retail for over 35yrs. We were both disgusted with the lack of service offered.
We spent over $400 only because my daughter in law set the registry up there. And by the way, out of the items we bought 5 hours ago, some are still not showing up on the registry as "fulfilled".
One very disappointed customer.

Booval customer service

I bought a swing 3 months ago. It all of a sudden became very loose and not what I payed the big $$ for. So I took it back to my closest store in Ipswich booval on a Saturday. I asked what will happen with it as I wasn’t even going to get that answer if I didn’t ask. And she said the manager isn’t in until Monday and she will decide whether it’s to be fixed or replaced. I agreed.

No phone call on Monday. So I rang. ‘Oh yes hi amber, your swing is here, we’re very sorry about what’s happened, it should have been dealt with Saturday, I dont work Fridays and sat ‘...Yada yada all that Jazz. Eventually after telling me her life, she said come pick up your new swing. We’ve decided to just replace it for you.

So I drove 40min to the store, got my ‘new’ swing put it in the car drove home. Got home took the swing inside and opened opened the box.

The Seat cover cushion was all folded up no plastic cover or wrapping and just shoved in. still had an old plastic tag in it where I had previously ripped of the warranty.
Then I remembered making a chip in the center pole with my ring, found the centre pole low and behold a chip. So there where definitely parts of my old swing in this box.
Then came a little red bag with a staple that looked like it should have had nuts and bolts, it was empty and ripped in half, the nuts and bolts where in a snap lock bag from Woolworths.......
A mark on the head support that wasn’t previously there.
I pest controlled my garage and accidentally sprayed the box. It was the same box

Did baby bunting seriously just give me back my swing mixed with someone else’s, or We’re they just careless and scratched and marked mine.

Either way I ended up with a swing much worse of then I handed in and hadn’t been fixed, I know it wasn’t fixed cause the reason they gave me a ‘new one ‘ was because they didn’t want me to have to wait to send it away and be returned.

When I rang to explain what happened, she assured me it was not my swing, and my swing was in the bin. I assured her it was my swing, countless evidence above and more I cannot be bothered to write example ‘the battery head had a mark where we accidentally stabbed it with a screw driver.

Then she said...... ‘ it’s not your swing I wrapped it myself and put it in the box ‘
Isn’t this a new swing why are you wrapping it and boxing it.

Once I questioned why she was wrapping the swing and why it wasn’t already done at the factory. She proceeded to tell me, ‘ ohh...the swing that you gave us is definitely in the bin, the brand new swing you have now, a couple bought yesterday and decided they didn’t want and returned it, so Now you have that one’ ...

So I’m sitting at home looking at my swing...definitely my swing. While listening to a lady at baby bunting saying ‘it’s in the bin, and your got a second hand one ‘
Btw. There was barley a thing wrong with my old son wing it was just loose. And I thought needed tightening.

If it where my swing that was returned and fixed I wouldn’t have a problem. But they returned my broken swing under warranty, denied it was mine, told me it was brand new, and when I told her why is there marks and scratches got told it wasn’t brand new and someone owned it previously.

What a joke.

I Kept arguing how unprofessional this all was and I used to think so highly of baby bunting, she then put me on hold, came back 15 minutes later and said if I go to the Helensvale store I can get a brand new swing of the shelf. And yes she was talking to me like I hadn’t already just purchased a faulty swing.
She also insisted I open the box and check in store that the right item is inside before I buy. How ridiculous.

So now I have to go to Helensvale tomorrow to exchange the same sing I already exchanged to be fixed, to be replaced buy a dare I say it ‘new swing’ let’s see if this actually happens.

Good range, expensive, hard to get service.

I had to look around everywhere to find somebody to help me in store when I was heavily pregnant.
The range is great but the pricing isn’t competitive unless stuff is on sale.

Terrible customer service

I never give a bad review but this one really deserves one. We purchased the baby car seat at the expo and was told that we could pick up at one of their store on the same day close to our area as they don’t have any stock for sale on the floor so we contacted the the store and they said yep they have and we can pick up now. So we went to the store with the fully paid receipt and ( called IAV to make sure stock are available at the Maribyrnong store) BUT was told cannot pick up straight away as we need to wait for call and get a code from the head office to tell us when to pick up ( no information was given about the picking up procedure at the expo, double checked with the seller to make sure that it can be picked up on the same day?!?!). The worse part is the shop staff complained to us with a high tone almost like screaming about the staff at the expo and try to blame it back on us for not being told by the staff/manager at the expo, we are just the buyer and we fully paid the products on spot but the feedback was a total disappointment! No wonder the reviews are really bad, because they are!! If we knew, we would’ve bought it elsewhere that we went after with $2 cheaper (they sell $469, we get $439, Baby Mode Store has $437) and no fuss, they offer for reimbursement but it would take as long as we would get the car seat. First time buyer and this is what we get, A Big Total Regret!
Thank you

Worst customer service

I had two faulty sleep bags I purchased from here and within a week the stitching had started to come undone. Called them to see if I could bring them in and swap for new ones. Was told yes but because they didn't have them in stock I would have to put a deposit on to hold them when they came in. That wasn't a problem until they then told me because they were no longer on sale I would be refunded for the first bag I purchased then would have to pay full price for the one I was exchanging it for. Absolutely disgusted. This also took 40minutes on the phone and 3 different people to finally get to this answer. Will not be shopping here or recommending it again.

Terrible Service

We booked bugaboo cameleon 3 pram over a month ago and sales told us should wait around 2 days. But we wait for a long time and even came into store every weekend to ask how's going, they all told us it would come soon. Eventually we called again and be told there was no stock anymore and can give us display one, that's terrible service, we ordered the brand new pram and paid for full price, and they even expected us to accept display version. Never come again!

Kawana waters staff care more about money then your babies life

This shop cares more about dollars than your babies life! Recently, we purchased a CNP Brands Childcare Snuggle Time Bedside Sleeper which we've been using for approximately a month. When i assembled it, it seemed unstable, I followed the instructions and thought that just must of been the product and left it at that. More recently as our baby has gotten older and able to move more he has ended up sliding into the side wall of the sleep almost suffocating him. This occurred on a couple of occasions so I inspected the co-sleeper further. It appeared to be on a lean so I put a level on it and it was on a tilt. I ended up having to put chocks under the legs to level out. Yesterday we were informed that the co-sleeper was a recalled product we went to Baby Bunting to discuss either a refund or replacement option. The rude staff at Kawana Waters BB told us they couldn't do anything without manufacturers permission and proceeded to give us a phone number to call to sort out ourselves. I called the manufacturer and they were absolutely useless and said they can't do anything either. We were forced to leave the store with a product that potentially suffocate our baby and neither Baby Bunting or the company CNP brands gave a stuff about the safety of our bub. Absolutely terrible care on each of there sides! Definite lawsuit on there hands if a baby was to suffocate...

Lay by Policy

Misleading information, staff unaware of policies and give different information every time. I placed a lay by that I needed to cancel. I contacted the store and was informed that if I were to cancel my lay by I would incur a 20% cancellation fee on the deposit. They said that I can see if there is something I would like to transfer the funds to another item I can use those funds to place a new lay by. There isn't anything I need. I have called back again today and told that if I cancel my lay by it's 20% of the value of the item. Meaning $85.86 in cancellation fees. My deposit was $120.00. This is highway robbery and disgusting. You are only informed of the terms and conditions upon placing a deposit and issue of receipt.

Illegal conduct at Belrose store

I was told by staff that I was not entitled to a replacement pram for a faulty brake. I explained that under Consumer Law it states clearly that for a major fault the customer is entitled to a repair, refund or replacement. Staff decided to ignore the law and I was forced to have my pram put in for repair while I have a 3 month old newborn and the loan pram I was given was faulty and I almost had an accident on the escalator because the pivot doesn't work on the wheel. I called yesterday as a follow up of ETA on repair and again citing my right for a replacement. Staff were extremely rude, passive aggressive and gave me an ETA of 12pm today to find a solution. They were happy to recommend the $1400 pram in the first place and happy to receive the money for it. Illegal conduct should never be tolerated therefore I am making a formal report today to Baby Bunting Regional Manager as well as lodging a report to the ACCC. Disgusting.

Worst customer service

I’ve tried contacting the store via phone, online enquiry and Facebook. No response. Happy to take my money for a layby which has been fully paid but refuse to give me an estimate for the goods to get to store. Wont respond to my online enquiries or call back.

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Hi Ashleigh, as you can appreciate our customer care team work diligently to provide a response to all our customers in a timely manner. Although we are in catalogue, & the traffic is quite high we apologise for the delay in our response time. Please provide a snapshot of your layby receipt displaying the layby id # along with the product that you are still waiting on via private message and we will follow up with the buying team & come back to you with a response. Regards BB

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Questions & Answers

Baby bunting stores are refusing to give me a full exchange or store credit for an item that was purchased 3 weeks ago, even though the item is unopened with the receipt. The item has gone on sale so now I can only get credit for the sale price which is $50 less than what was paid. Is this against fair trade?
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If you miss a required fortnightly payment on your layby what will happen?
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I bought a bassinet Saturday the 8th, the bassinet was 15% off and a friend has just sent me a message saying that it’s still cheaper else where. This is really frustrating. I didn’t think I would need to find a better price with the sale on. Is there any chance that you price match a few days later? If not I can return it and go purchase it somewhere else.
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