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Baby Jogger City Mini Double

Baby Jogger City Mini Double

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LOVE LOVE LOVE this pram

I absolutely love this pram but I have a disabled four year old who still needs the pusher and a newborn so when my 4 year old is at kinder (which is the time I usually save to do things out and about) if I wanted to use this pram, I would be pushing a double pusher with only one child in it, which is not ideal. I bought this pram online from the USA and was a bit worried that if I needed to use the warranty I wouldn't be able to but I have had the pram for 2 years now and it has been in use solidly for almost all of that time, I have only put it away now because of my newborn. It is incredibly easy to push and manouvre around and I haven't had any issues with it being too wide to fit through doorways or shopping centre aisles. I think the only thing I don't like is the shopping basket and how hard it is to access but with a couple of think king hooks I have solved that problem. I love how easy it is to fold, the kids seem really comfortable in it and its super easy to clean.

For Nanny

Easy to maneuver, if a woman in her 60s is able to fold this pram and put it in the back of her Holden Cruize while juggling two children aged 5 and 18 months then this is the pram for you. Every penny well spent and worth it.
From the large shopping basket to the extended hoods and the way the kids sit nicely into the seat.
If I had this as an everyday pram I would like seats that recline flat but you can't have everything.
Very Sturdy and easy.

City mini double

Purchased second hand after having a single city mini gt. Well impressed. Fits in car just as well as single. Fabric clips off easily to clean. Bright red fabric has come up like new. Just waiting on capsule adapter, which you can’t buy in Australia & then will be 100% happy

Pram is ok if looking for something middle range and not too pricey

I found this pram sometimes was hard to manoeuvre as the latch on the front wheel kept falling down.. I also at times found it quite cumbersome and heavy. Bonuses it is easy to fold though isn’t a light lift. Build quality is fine for what it was, I just found personally too big and heavy. The other bonus is I was able to use this from 6 months stage and that there is plenty of storage room. Great double pram if price is a consideration just don’t go thinking it will be as good as a single Citi jogger pram.

Very durable

This pram is very durable. It has plenty of room for the baby to move around. It's very easy to fold and carry. I'm very happy with the build quality as it is quite durable. We even used it for travelling. The wheels are quite smooth to push and easy to move around.
So if you looking for stronger build, and easy to push pram, this might be the one

Love it

Absolutely love this pram. I use it for my almost 3 year old and 8 month old and it's perfect. Easy to steer and fits through most doorways nicely. The separate hoods are great and quite big providing lots of sun protection on long walks. It is super easy to fold down and not as heavy as it looks

Can't physically fit into supermarkets

This pram is great. Easy fold ( have to use two hands but still), really compact to fit in your boot and light, nice looking, huge sun canopy.
The cons- I cannot physically get this into any supermarket which is a big deal as a stay at home mum if you cant even pick up milk. I have never had a side by side pram before though. It also seems a bit short for my two year old but he is tall. He just puts his feet in the foot well and is pretty happy. Shopping basket is basically inaccessible. Kids sit on the pull bit to collapse the pram. Doesnt seem that comfortable.
I bought this pram second hand. Looks like its around the 2013 model. Wish I could keep this pram as I love it for all its other features but the not fitting anywhere except kmart is a killer.
Seems like the frame is pretty solid and would last forever.
I imagine this pram would be good for someone who just does trail walks or something but the wheels are small. Seems pretty smooth over bumps.

Got two less than 3y? You need this pram.

This pram is a lifesaver. It securely holds two kids from newborn upwards. It has easy straps and is maneuverable.
Added bonus that the side material between kids is substantial which means that toddler has a harder time poking newborn In the eye. Also has handy ankle height wheel covers for when people just won't get out of your way

brilliant, versatile twin pram!

This pram is perfect for all occasions. I never have a problem fitting it through any doorway and its always easy to manouvre. Being a keen jogger I was looking for something light weight that I could push along on my runs and this fit the bill. Highly recommend it!

One of the narrowest and least cumbersome double buggies

We had the single Mini GT buggy and when we realised we were having our second baby just 18 months after our first we did some research then bought this double buggy. And we're so glad we did! We get a LOT of use out of it as it's actually relatively petite for a double buggy. It's only 3kg heavier than our single one; it's narrow enough to fit through most single doorways, and it folds up just as easily as the single counterpart. It also has decent basket space which was important for me as with two little ones I'm usually carrying a lot of stuff!

I have friends who have bought front-and-back strollers and found them difficult to manoeuvre on to buses etc so I'm very glad I opted for a side-by-side. Plus my two kids both get to look out which they love. I'd definitely recommend this stroller to anyone who wants to easily take two little ones out and about.

Surprisingly light and compact once packed

He recently welcomed a 2nd baby so needed a replacement for our single Baby Jogger Mini GT. We've been happy with baby jogger so decided to get a bigger one.

It has the same easy mechanism for collapsing, where you just pull the strap and the pram collapses in on itself. It then is quite compact and fits in the back of the car easily.

Each seat can be independently lowered / raised, which is good when you have a toddler and newborn.

Overall, very happy with it.

Perfect for those with Twins!

When we found out we were having twins, we had to upgrade from our single City Jogger to a double. The experience we had with the single was exceptional. So how did the double go?

PERFECT! It has been a life saving when having twins. Easy to cart, easy to store in car, and easy to open and close. Highly recommend this product if you have twins or if you have two children you need to walk around with.

PS - There is additional storage room at the bottom due to it being double pram!

Almost a five star!!!

Buy it. Buy it, buy it, buy it. You won't regret it. This pram is nearly faultless. My only gripe is that the basket can only really be accessed from the sides. I have a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old in it with no issues. I can steer it one handed without issue. Easy to manouvre, simple to fold and carry. Love that you can unsnap the whole seat fabric and basket for washing. Only thing not to love is the price!!!

The most practical TWIN pram

This has been a god send. plenty of room for twin babies right through to toddlers, good storage underneath. So simple to fold up and light enough to lift into the car easily. Wheel design allows it to turn on the spot and it fits easily through any doorway, our longer tandem styled pram went to the pram graveyard because it got stuck in lots of places. Great shade via large hoods... and as anyone about to have twins will soon find out these hoods also hide the babies from the endless number of people who seem to think it's ok to just walk up and talk to your babies just because they're twins!!

Great pram for twins and a toddler!

We purchased this pram a few months ago when our twins were born. We bought it new, which could have been expensive, but received a great discount as a newer version had been released.

We love this pram! It folds easily and is quite compact and the wheels can be removed to make it even more so. This is important for us as we needed to be able to fit it into our Hyundai i30 wagon along with a wheelchair and three car seats!

Love the extra large hoods, which cover our babies well, even when the seat is reclined. Not only protecting them from the sun and wind but giving them great privacy as identical twins babies can attract a LOT of attention.

Our two year old toddler loves riding in it as well. The straps can be adjusted and the back of the seat is really high so it's still comfortable for bigger children. When we are out and about we can have one twin in a baby sling and the other twin and our toddler in the pram. We are hoping to get a toddler skateboard attachment soon, which we have been told should work with this pram as the back axel is straight unlike some other prams.

The basket, whilst large, can be difficult to access when the seats are in the reclined position. It does require a bit of wrestling to get the nappy bags out.

So far, with twin babies and a toddler, this pram is working really well for us and hopefully will last us for the next few years.
Stylish, modern design; large hoods for protection and privacy; easy to fold and maneuver
Basket can be hard to access when the seats are reclined

Great Pram! Fabulous for my 2 heavy boys!

I have had a strider plus for 3 years, it has been a good pram but when my second son was born it became extremely heavy! (he was down the bottom on the toddler seat) so i just purchased the baby jogger city mini double! Love love love it! Its light, its roomy, enough room for things in the basket and pockets behind the kids. They can lay down as far as they like or sit up! Not just 1 or 3 levels. It looks great, my son is 20kilos and is 3 (yes a big boy) and my other son is 4 months and 8kilos. There is no pulling to one side, its easy to go for power walks, ahhh im so happy with this pram! Anyone looking for a twin pram should definitely go this pram! It holds 45 kilos total! Thats awesome. I just need to get plenty of use out of it before the 3 year old starts walking next to me.
I also just paid $399 for it as they are reduced as they are changing the label/logo! So that was awesome too!

Perfect for baby and toddler

I bought this when my second child came along after happily using the City Mini single for 2 years. I bought a secondhand 2010 model from eBay (along with rain cover and sun cover) and it still looks great and works perfectly at half the retail cost. The whole seat can be taken off the frame and washed in the washing machine, and the canopies and plastic windows can be hand washed. I wanted to replace the bottom storage basket and bought a new one for this model from Baby Jogger directly, fuss free.

Both my 2.5 year old and newborn comfortably fit, with each having their own strap settings, seat position and canopy. It has ample storage behind each seat and underneath. The wide, rubber padded handle bars make it easy to manoeuvre and I am yet to find a door I can't get through. While bulky, its still easy enough to fold up for the car.

I hesitated to buy a double pram because they seemed so over-the-top and expensive but it has been essential and I haven't regretted it for a minute. This is a quality brand and buying secondhand from someone who has cared for theirs well is a win/win way to go.
comfortable for children of different ages, easy to use
after 4 years the velcro is peeling a little but the previous owners stored it outside so...

Easy to use qood quality pram

I like the one-pull foldable system. It steers and turns very well and feels light but sturdy. Good space for the kids and underneath for groceries. The hood folds down quite low for shade as well. Material is good quality. Good shock absorbing wheels at front. Straps are easy to use.
Folding system

Waste of money.

I purchased the city mini double after extensive research. Biggest mistake l have ever made. For the price tag on it, l would call this pram completely rubbish. I dont know where to start with all the problems l have had with it. The funny part is the warranty only covers you for the frame, and nothing else. I find that ironic as we all know nothing happens to the frame because if it did, they would have to do a recall on the product wouldnt they. The wheels are rubbish, you take five steps and the wheels dont turn you have to push some lever near the wheel to get it going for another five steps. Storage? What storage??? The rubber grip on the handles is another joke. Fell apart. The list just goes on. Do not waste your money on this pram it is rubbish.

Wheels, storage, rubber handles, fabric list can go on forever.

Umbrella stroller on steroids :)

I love my City Mini Double! It's perfect for quick trips to the shops or school drop offs/pick ups! I needed a small lightweight stroller that's better than umbrella strollers but not big and bulky. Well this pram is perfect for that!

The seats are roomy, the weight capacity is around 23kg per seat (!!), the seats recline flat so perfect from birth.

Canopies are huge with 2 peekaboo windows, adjust individually. I absolutely love the canopies, one of the best features of this pram.

The wheels are EVA 8" wheels which I thought would be pretty poor but surprisingly they handle everything pretty well! It does get a bit bumpy on grass or gravel but it's not meant for rough surfaces. It feels very smooth on footpath, concrete, shops etc.. There is also front suspension and the front wheels lock. Wheels also pop off very easily if you need to remove them for even more compact fold.

The handlebar is rubber, not foam which is much better because it lasts longer and feels more comfortable to grip. It doesn't adjust but it's at a really good height. There's also a bar in the middle which I find is helpful because you can attach a single parent console or a Mummy hook.

The basket is hard to access, this is the only downfall of this pram.. I find that the only way to carry my nappy bag is to hang it on the handlebar which you're not supposed to do. But the pram doesn't feel like it's going to tip even when my twins are not in it.

Foot brake is really nice, easy to do and feels secure.

This pram is very lightweight. In fact, it weighs less than my umbrella stroller! I find it very easy to fold and throw in the boot. And the folding mechanism is brilliant, super easy to do when you're in a hurry.

There is a runaway strap and a locking strap, I've never had to use it but it's there in case I need it.

Love the storage at the back of the seats - big mesh pockets which can fit a lot in!

Love the 5 point harness, very easy to adjust (clip on to the fabric on the seat).

All the fabric on the pram is machine washable, just un-snap it from the frame, get the back boards out and throw in the wash. Comes out looking like new, just make sure to put straight back on to the frame to dry so it doesn't shrink. But apart from machine washing, the fabric is very easy to wipe down if you're out and about.

Comes in different colours, although pretty hard to find funky colours in Australia..

Accessories are nice but too expensive, also the pram is way too expensive (in Australia anyway). I think $850 for something like this is just way overpriced. I got mine second hand for a much more reasonable price because how can you justify spending this amount of money for something that's almost like an umbrella stroller.. The belly bar can fit on different models (GT and Elite) which is handy for me so I don't have to buy extra ones.

Narrow enough to fit through all the doors, checkouts, shopping isles etc.. Very happy!

Overall I think this is brilliant, I would never go back to [censored word removed] umbrella strollers, you really can't go past Baby Jogger quality!

Basket access, expensive, doesn't come with accessories

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Questions & Answers

Hi I was wondering if the seats recline independently and can the seats face Forward as well as back. Thanks
3 answers
Yes, the seats recline independently but only face forward. I love my city mini double, I have had so many double pushers over the years but this one is so easy to steer and fold, I don’t know what ages you are looking for but I put a belly bar on my stroller and it added a bit of security for my kids - both aged about 18 months at the time - it really is a fantastic pusher.Thanks for your reply.Hi Oonie, Anndee is absolutely correct! The seats are forward facing only and are suitable from New Born but you can also use compact bassinet/s from New Born to approx 6 months. Each seat and canopy are independent of each other. The Belly Bar is a great tip, babies starting to sit up love using them to hold onto!

Hi, Am trying to decide between the city mini and the newer, gt model. Am a little worried the wheels on the regular city mini won't be good on grass, bumpier ground? Anyone that has used both and can offer some advice would be appreciated.
1 answer
The gt definitely handles grass and various terrain much better! It's also more padded and comfortable as the child gets bigger and heavier. I would definitely recommend the gt if you'll be walking on grass and rough terrain :)

can the 2010 model fit the capsule adaptor?
1 answer
As far as I know you can't get capsule adapters in Australia, you'd have to get them from overseas, I'm pretty sure they fit the older models as well but couldn't tell you 100%!


City Mini Double
Price (RRP) $699.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Max User Weight 22.5 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleNo
FeaturesLocking Front Wheels and Suspension
Weight12 kg
Folded Dimensions28 x 76 x 78 cm

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN12: 745146124103

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