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A winner with Mum, Dad and the boys

Our two kids are almost two years apart but this pram has been great for both of them from the day our second was born. We had a BJ CM single pram for our first and loved it so much we bought the double. It fits in our smallish car (Astra), can adjust the recline and sun canopy to suit each child, and plenty of room underneath (sometimes a tight squeeze to get in/out from underneath, but not a problem). Wheels are smooth, sometimes a bit bumpy on grass or gravel, but it's never for long and is manageable. Gets through most doorways, I wouldn't take it into small clothes shops (not that i'd want to). I agree that the seats do not fully sit upright but this has never bothered my now 2 year old, he loves going in it for walks and has always gone to sleep easily in it. ...and we got it brand new for a good price on eBay :)
Quality lightweight double pram, comfortable for babies and toddlers, easy to push, good storage space
Could benefit from better wheels (but that would make it heavier)

Great pram but found too wide

Great pram that is easy to fold, great hoods and can lay seats down separately.
Found that seats do not sit completely up do my toddler always seemed to slouch. Also found that the pram was just too wide so ended up getting the strider compact that I found a lot slimmer and easier to go into shops with. This pram worked well on smooth surfaces but not good going on walks where ground was little rough.
Hoods and easy to fold
Too wide and bulky

A must when you have two children or twins

I love the city jogger prams and strollers. Although I bought a strider with my first child as I couldnt afford the City Elite, I needed a double pram or stroller when my second child came along earlier than I expected. I found the strollers or prams that had one seat in front of the other, heavy and bulky looking. Whereas even though a side by side stroller is usually wider, the city mini double stroller still fits through most door ways, has a decent storage bag underneath and folds down to near flat when putting it in the car boot. It is also easy to assembly or pop down and is very comfortable to steer with front suspension when going over rough road or paths. I also loved the extended hoods that nearly completely cover your child from the sun or heat in Summer.
The easy mechanism used to fold the stroller down and the extended hoods.
A little wide for some aisles or doorways but still better having a side by side so the kids can look at each other with plenty of room still instead of being in front or behind with less leg room.

Great stroller but somedays when I'm shopping I wish I chose something smaller

I do love the jogger as one of the lighter ones on the market and the easy folding it offers I have no complaints. I also love the fact that I could put my newborn in it without purchasing any bassinet as the seat is adjustable for the baby to lay flat. The only issue that I have with this stroller is its size. yes it is the size of a standard door way but if you are planning to use it mostly for shopping it's not the greatest I find myself always wondering if I’ll fit in some of the shopping isles and wishing I opted for a stroller like one of those three wheelers with one baby in the front seat and the one bellow the plus side is that it has an excellent large storage basket bellow.
My babies have lots room and the hood also is a very good size for sun protection
The size, it does feel bulky but not as bulky as a bugaboo donkey.

Love the city mini

After using and loving the City Mini single for our daughter, we naturally decided to purchase the City Mini double when we had our second child.

The price in the retail stores were quite expensive so we ended up buying over the internet and saved a few hundred by doing this (also got the purple colour!). Accessories are sold separately and are also quite pricey, although I have bought a universal stroller caddy and rain cover which work fine with it and were significantly cheaper.

I love that it is light and so easy to fold, and it fits into the boot of our hatchback. Another plus is that I can adjust the hoods and recline of the seats separately so that I can have my 2 month old lying flat with the hood fully extended, while my 2 year old sits upright with the hood folded back. We take this stroller out shopping and for walks. It is really easy to steer and we are yet to find a door it does not fit through! We are very happy with our purchase.
Lightweight, easy fold, easy steering, large hoods
Expensive, have to buy accessories separately, storage basket can be hard to access but not really an issue for us

Hi - we are keen to purchase the city mini double also and have been trying to find the cheapest online. Where did you end up buying through. USA seems to have them much cheaper but often won't ship to Australia. Thanks for your review!!Hi Thanks for your review. I am also wondering what website you bought in on in the US. Your help much appreciated.Try Amazon in the US but for the best price and international shipping select the seller as Amazon also.

Haven't had such smooth run before

I love this pram. My kids are 16 months apart and after a lot of research & talking with people with double prams we decided to go for it. It is light enough for a small person like me to pick it up easily and put it in the car boot.

Its super easy to fold and surprisingly fits through most doors (even my GP was shocked). The basket underneath is a bit hard to reach if both kids are sleeping but otherwise, I couldn't have asked for a better one.

The wheels are very smooth and makes going around very comfortable. I hardly used my last pram because it was way too heavy & hard to push but with this one, I'm always out & about even with two kids.
Easy to fold, light weight, perfect size to fit most door or shopping aisle, easy to manoeuvre
Very expensive & nothing comes with it, you have to buy everything separately

I hate this pram!

At $850 this is not a cheap option for ferry around your twins or 2 children of different ages.

I have been so dissapointed in this pram, and curse it everytime I need to drag it out of the car.

After just over 12 months of use one of the front wheels broke. I called the company requesting service and was told because it was over 12 months all they could do was offer to sell me another wheel.

Now the second wheel has also broken, so everytime I get the pram out of the car the two front wheels fly off into distant corners of the carpark. If I walk any faster than snails pace one of the front wheels shudders and rattles and then locks up.

Other things I hate about this pram:
- The straps get twisted.
- The under carriage basket is nearly impossible to access and can't hold much before it drags on the ground.
- The seats recline too much even in the highest position, my kids hate sitting in it because the seats are always in a weird semi-reclining position.
- COvers can't be taken off for washing.
good folding mechanism, not as heavy as some double prams, can get through most doorways
expensive, poor quality, bad service

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as much as i agree with what you;ve said ... LOL those bloody straps haha and the basket ... i liked this pram 1. i could lift it ... was the only pram we could find that i could lift ... 2. it fits through every normal sized doorway (being patient and a tad bit of strength)... 3. it did fit into my small Ford Laser boot but i had simular problems ... basket was way too difficult too get too and small, i hate putting stuff on the roof of a pram ... and the straps must of been designed by a man !! lmfao hahah jks

Made my life so much easier

I purchased this for my boys who are 13 months apart, it was a great pram easy to use light weight fits thru a standard door - huge independent canopy's have never had an issue with the pram and have recommended it to many people. Have recently sold it and replaced with the city mini single pram.
Everything - looks good, light weight, simple fold

Compact Fold Twin!!!

Awesome, Full feature pram that folds so compactly it fits behind the third row of seats in a people mover!!!

Was purchased for its compact fold and it didn't disappoint yet it still has all the features of a larger pram.
- Excellent Hood coverage
- Independent recline & Hoods
- Tall seat back & hood height clearance
- Suitable from birth
- Easy to Steer with 2 heavy toddlers.
Compact fold, Excellent Hood coverage, Higher weight limit
Expensive, No included accessories.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I was wondering if the seats recline independently and can the seats face Forward as well as back. Thanks
3 answers
Yes, the seats recline independently but only face forward. I love my city mini double, I have had so many double pushers over the years but this one is so easy to steer and fold, I don’t know what ages you are looking for but I put a belly bar on my stroller and it added a bit of security for my kids - both aged about 18 months at the time - it really is a fantastic pusher.Thanks for your reply.Hi Oonie, Anndee is absolutely correct! The seats are forward facing only and are suitable from New Born but you can also use compact bassinet/s from New Born to approx 6 months. Each seat and canopy are independent of each other. The Belly Bar is a great tip, babies starting to sit up love using them to hold onto!

Hi, Am trying to decide between the city mini and the newer, gt model. Am a little worried the wheels on the regular city mini won't be good on grass, bumpier ground? Anyone that has used both and can offer some advice would be appreciated.
1 answer
The gt definitely handles grass and various terrain much better! It's also more padded and comfortable as the child gets bigger and heavier. I would definitely recommend the gt if you'll be walking on grass and rough terrain :)

can the 2010 model fit the capsule adaptor?
1 answer
As far as I know you can't get capsule adapters in Australia, you'd have to get them from overseas, I'm pretty sure they fit the older models as well but couldn't tell you 100%!


City Mini Double
Price (RRP) $699.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Max User Weight 22.5 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleNo
FeaturesLocking Front Wheels and Suspension
Weight12 kg
Folded Dimensions28 x 76 x 78 cm

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  • GTIN12: 745146124103

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