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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

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A lifesaver with 2 under 2!

I love this pram. It handles any surface, is easy to fold up and open up, and both kids seem super happy cruising in it. Long hoods provide great sun protection, and the fabric comes straight off the frame for easy cleaning. Only downside is a small basket size, and it is quite heavy (but this makes it sturdy!)

Purchased in January 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Excellent Pram!!!

Never had a double pram before and weren't sure weather to go for side by side or on top and below.
Now that we have been using this for a couple of months now with a new born and a two year old couldn't be happier. Pram is lightweight, easy to fold, manoeuvre and steer and is easy to use. Highly recommend this product to anyone considering a double pram purchase for a great product and reasonably priced pram.

Purchased in May 2019 at Baby & Toddler Town for $799.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage
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Hi Hunter, Love the positive feedback and that you and that life is so much easier with the City Mini GT Double! Side note: the City Mini GT Double is not a running stroller, in actual fact the only running stroller in our range is the Summit X3! Kind Regards, The Baby Jogger Customer Service Team

Best pram!

We have only been using this for our twins for a few months, but it has been amazing. It is a little heavy (particularly when folding up), and it doesn’t always fit through small doorways, but aside from those minor issues, we love it. It runs smoothly over any terrain (at least any we’ve tried so far), and is easily adjustable to allow our babies to sit or lie back, and to be covered or uncovered by the hood. When our babies were new we also used the baby jogger compact bassinets in the pram, and these were perfect for newborns. It is very sturdy, very easy to manoeuvre considering its size, and we are also impressed with the options for attachments to this pram. We have the drink holder and are looking at purchasing some other attachments as our children grow.

Purchased in July 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage

Best double stroller ever!

I have had my double gt for three years now. It still looks brand new, despite using it 3-5 times a week. My 5yo still fits in it! I can't say enough about the easy fold up, how simple it is to get in and out of our car, the rubber tires make pushing on gravel a dream, and the HANDBRAKE is something I never thought I would use as much as I do. I havent found a door that the double GT wont fit through. And the side by side seats make it easy for my older children to climb in and out of effortlessly. The double GT is worth every.single.penny. I wouldn't hesitate to click "buy" again. City mini truly makes the best strollers I have ever used.

Excellent for the long haul

Wonderful to steer and very simple to use.
If you can cope with a tiny bit more width then you will be greatful in the long run. The seats will easily fit a large child up to 5/6 years. Both seats lay flat and have the most awesome hood.

This came out on top for me. I mountain buggy duet would have lasted about 2 months for toddler comfort (and I don’t want him walking, I want to burn calories). City select out in front was ridiculously heavy to steer and balance when you are outside of a shopping centre. Phil & teds I kept kicking the under seat and the kid underneath whinged.

It may be slightly heavier but it is so worth it. My kids love it, I love it so it’s a win win

Easy to use and fits everywhere!

We brought this after having a single baby jogger and loved the pram. It is great quality and very easy to use even with a heavy toddler! Folding it up is great though you will need a big boot space to fit it in. My babies love it and i wouldnt hesitate to buy another.

Best pram ever!

I originally purchased another side by side double that i ended up sending back it was too heavy and bulky I wasn't sure about the bjcmgt double but I'm SO glad this is the model I've ended up with its perfect.
The storage basket seems a little difficult to access but the key is to access from either side, it fits heaps, only downside is the mesh panels used, one of mine already has a small rip. The storage pockets on the back of the seats are also really useful.
Use and handling is fab, really well weighted. My two are 19 months apart and even with only one of them in the pram it still handles really well.
People comment on the width and say it will never fit through doors, but I've never once been stuck anywhere, it looks a lot wider than it is, don't let it deter you.
Seat sizes are great, still plenty of room for my 3 year old
I can steer it one handed which is fab when i have a coffee in the other hand
Canopies are a great size and the optional vents at the back of each seat keep them comfortable in summer, great feature.
Also great lay backs, I used it with my newborn because it lays flat its not a bucket seat like some others.
Fold is AMAZING one key thing i was looking for was easy pack-up, with 2 kids i just want to get moving as quickly as possible, simple one piece fold and its in my Yaris hatch boot without an issue (which is no easy feat! my boot is nearly non existent!)

100% recommend, don't question it, you'll love it!

Fantastic pram- great purchase!

We bought this before traveling to use with our 3 month old and 2.5 month old. 6 months later and I think it is one of the best purchases we have made in regards to baby products. It is our 3rd pram and I take it everywhere we go. It is easy to steer, folds easily and we haven't had any problems at all fitting through doors etc. we have used it overseas in several countries and it has been fantastic.

Handles beautifully!

This pram is easy to steer one handed, is relatively light weight and has an easy to use hand brake. Not as easy to fold as the single GT version as you need both hands but still the single pull movement. The build is good quality and it fits through most doors I've encountered. Only downside is the small storage basket underneath. Definitely can't put groceries in it or even my large baby bag.

Great buy

I've found it perfect for our 1 & 2 year old & the quality is great. I'd suggest getting the bar attachment for in front of the seats though. The pram hoods protect well from the sun, (comes down pretty low) their legs are the only part exposed to the sun. Very light, easy to fold, fits onto buses/trains quiet easy. If your kids are long or if they fall asleep/travel in prams often then this one is perfect, it has plenty of leg space, seats recline back far so they're nice and comfortable if they pass out.

Perfect if you have a small car!!!

The pram is amazing!!!!! I can easily get it in and out of the car. The weight limit is great also as I can put in my 1 year old as well as my 5 year old. It’s super easy to fold up and glides easily on all surfaces. Highly recommend for mums with two babies.

Love it! Couldn't live without it

I believe this is the best side by side pram on the market. It is so light and very easy to maneuver. The kids are comfortable and can lie flat if needed. My 3 year old still sits in it very comfortably. Very good quality material that is easy to wipe clean and doesn't fade. Can be a little hard to get stuff into the basket underneath. Well worth the investment

Best double pram

I sold my BJ City Select because it was too heavy and awkward to push and bought this instead. It's amazing. It's so easy to manoeuvre - even with two heavy toddlers on board. And it folds down pretty flat for easy boot storage. The suspension and wheels are fabulous - definitely worth spending the extra on the GT (as opposed to the standard City Mini).

Made my life so much easier.

This was purchased for my twins and purchased a board for the back to enable my toddler to sit on there also.

I have found it a cinch to fold and pack away into the car which is wonderful in wet and windy weather. No dismantling or taking off any seats (except for my rear boogie board), you just pull on the two soft handles that are hidden under the seats and with a good strong pull the pram folds in half. All done and ready to be packed in the car within 30 seconds.

It fits through most doorways although manoeuvring around shops is sometimes difficult but that's only due to shops layout. The material has been easy to keep clean and anything wipes off with baby wipes and doesn't seem to stain. Mine is one year old and you wouldn't think it, it still looks brand new and shows no signs of looking shabby.

It steers great, I can still juggle a coffee with three children on board and the handle is nice and soft, it's rubber but feels grippy and comforting in the hands. I purchased this knowing it was one of the only double prams on the market that could hold my children until they're much older and bigger, getting the most use for my money was incredibly important. They are expensive but are well worth the investment in my opinion, I have no need to look for any other pram and will be my final pram purchase in this lifetime.

Highly recommended.

Perfect for our family!

Easy to steer, fold and get into our boot. Sturdy but lightweight to push. I struggled with a steelcraft strider double stroller in all aspects so I invested in this pram as my large 4yo refuses to walk at times (25kgs max each seat so still plenty of time to use) easy for walks, through grass and at the shops (fits standard doorways with ease). Worth every penny!

Great pram

Love the space (easily fits my 5 year old still). Never had issues with wheels. Fits through doors. Is a bit heavy so not the most portable pram but folds easily. Great for rougher terrain. Great sun protection. Such a great quality pram. Highly recommend for those who walk a lot

A lifesaver and ticket to freedom

I purchased this to take my newborn out with my toddler who often otherwise ran away if not in the pram. Having this allowed me to get out of the house and go for beautiful walks at my own pace with both of my children in tow. A little difficult to fold sometimes but much more streamlined than my Bugaboo to fold pack away and unpack. Highly recommend this one.

Don't bother, better double pram options out there!!

I have two kids 15mths apart and needed a pram to cover the majority of our needs. I purchased this pram as i was told (or sold) by the lady in the shop that it was 'all terrain'. It is NOT an all terrain pram! It has no susspension at all and the kids bounce around and hit their heads on the insides of the pram just walking over tiny bumps in the footpath, making it a completely unsuitable pram for even walking around the block. It then makes the pram really only good for indoors but is not really that practical for shopping as the basket is quite difficult to access and the pram is on the larger size being side by side. Overall, really disappointed with this pram.

great sun coverage, the hoods fold out really far (although the velcro on the hoods are annoying as it wakes the baby every time)
Seats easily accomadate older kids as they are quite long
Pram overall seems quite sturdy
Looks pretty good visually for a double pram
Narrower than it appears, can fir through doorways as long as you line up exactly where you are going
Folds pretty compact, fits in the boot of a ford focus easy

NOT an 'all terrain' pram, really only good for indoors
Velcro on hoods annoying, wish they were magnets
Side by side pram great if your kids get along....if side by side makes it easy for the toddler to get access to the baby and poke them and wake them up!
The pram tips backwards really easily which was a surprise, so not really a plus for kids to climb in/out on there own if it makes them pram tip over!?
Basket underneath not really useful for shopping, fits two small backpacks used as nappy bags but no space for anything else and difficult to access
All accessories cost extra. A LOT extra....the belly bar was $80!
Im a very fit person but i found it awkward to lift in/out of the car due to its width

Overall not worth the money unless uou get it second hand. We were definitely 'sold' this pram and i read lots of reviwes that said it was great too. Really didn't suit our needs to just take the kids for a walk around the block and then get groceries.

I have a bumbleride indie 4 which is by far the best pram i have ever come accross, unfortunately i couldn't find the double for sale in Australia or that would have easily been my first choice. We ended up selling the city mini gt and got an uppababy vista......a much much better option for a double pram. More expensive makes life easy!!!

Great all round double

Maneuverability is awesome, fold is easy, shading is great just like the other city mini's.
It fits into my boot of a Suzuki hatch - a very small boot. Most other double prams won't without having to deconstruct the pram first and use some jigsaw talents, unless you opt for an umbrella stroller.
Yes it is heavier than some other prams but that's because I wanted the GT wheels which I think are all terrain (unless maybe you live on a farm). Most of my walking is from home to the park so it suits the streets, gravel, parks and grass. If you're more of a cafe or shopping centre kind of person, maybe go for the lighter wheels instead or an umbrella style stroller like a MacLaren twin pram that'll be a lot lighter for lifting into your shops and car.

I like a side by side seat rather than stacking the kids on top of each other because side by side means they can both see, they can both hop in and out without help, and both have ample leg room (we are above average in height). I have never found a doorway or opening that I can't fit through and every park has gaps in the bollards for me to fit through albeit some bollards have been placed too close together.

I currently have a small baby and a toddler. Both love the pram. It is perfectly fine for a newborn without adding capsules or bassinets etc, save your money and just get the newborn a sheepskin or cotton pram liner instead. It's flat and covered for a newborn and you can watch them through the window if need. And I own a city mini gt single version too (after having tried several other prams first). Can't go wrong with these prams.

I push this pram with a dog and I live on a hill - very easy to handle albeit you do get fitter when having to push it all up hill (don't forget you've got the weight of the kids to push too!). So again, if you're old or unfit or want to reduce weight, try the city mini double without the GT wheels.

If you're price conscious, go for second hand (I did and both were good condition still). Otherwise factor in that you will get decent resale. Or otherwise, try the Valco Snap double - its similar but cheaper.

The negatives to consider is that yes it is heavier than a stroller if you plan to get in and out of car several times a day. But completely fine to lift if just putting it in once or twice - good practice weight lifting for when you have to lift a toddler (the pram is about 14kgs, my toddler is also about 14kgs and I lift the toddler a lot more often then the pram!). The other negative is the access to the basket, same issue as with the single version - it's not really big enough for a large sized nappy bag to push in easily but hey, who wants to carry a giant bag around anyway - just get a normal sized bag or a large hand bag.

If you're worried about the extra add on costs like belly bar and parent console - don't buy them, they may be nice luxuries but they're unnecessary. You can readily buy cheaper generic brand snack holders, drink holders, sun shades etc if you feel you need them (you don't need them!), or shop second hand. I took my drink holder off another brand pram, and I think a belly bar would just be a pain and unnecessary extra weight.

Brilliant plan

I was so resistant to a double pram however with two under two I caved and bought this pram. It is worth every cent. It is so easy to push, fold, assemble, clean and store. I cannot recommend this pram more. I know it looks huge but fit through standard doors.

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Questions & Answers

Where can you get a caddy to fit the double stroller? Tia
No answers

is it possible to get a scooter or seat attachment to go at the back, for a toddler to also hitch a ride? I am expecting twins and have a 2 year old who's interest in walking (running away from Mum) is only tamed by her small little legs
2 answers
Yes. Try both the baby jogger brand or Lascal. BUT I am not sure if seats can be fully reclined and still use toddler board so you'll need to investigate further in that regard. Other option is City select pram that I think is ok for toddler board when reclined or one that has a toddler jump seat such as I think some Valco prams.Thanks RockyV! Much appreciated. The pram model is fixed as it's a loaner but great to hear that there is something out there that will meet our model and need :-)

Can this stroller have two capsules intalled at the same time for twins? Can only find info that describes one side at a time being able to accommodate capsule, bassinet or other add ons. Thanks ☺
3 answers
Hi. I am not sure about capsules as I didn't use capsules with this pram (I don't use my car much). I did use two bassinets with ease though I don't believe you need the bassinets as the pram lies flat enough for newborns. Might be worth a phone call to a baby store or baby jogger Aus.No, the city joggers are unfortunately not compatible with any capsules :(AlinaP above I don't think is correct. You can indeed put a capsule onto a Baby Jogger City mini. Do some googling and check out the Baby Jogger page itself. As for two lots of capsules - not sure.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double
CategoryDouble Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $999.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Convertible No
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleNo
FeaturesSuspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight14.5 kg
Folded Dimensions30 x 75 x 83 cm

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN14: 00745146162105 and 00745146163102

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